Human Design System:

Human Design System :

Skip this step and go straight to Human Design Introduction

For those of us wishing to know about our Mathematical Geometric certainty of our Cosmic Consciousness:

Here is a Rave Mandela Chart and Body Graph :

images (2)

Here is a brief chart of all of the components as a reference point:


Here is a mental picture of the meanings of all the gates :

HD Gate Names on Bodygraph (1)


Here is a typical Body Graph Chart where all the fun begins :


Notice the colors of the Chakras  and notice others are not colored:

Please refer to the yellow colored chart above for the navigation details of the chart:

Now to get your chart and to start understanding who you are and who you think you are : Please go to Lesson 1:

For Private & individual  lessons please fill in the appropriate form:

You can request famous peoples charts too if you know All of their birth details:

Once you have filled your form in and sent it to me Please go to Introduction and get your own personal chart :

So that the fun can begin:

In Light :

Dave Stewart Master of Self Healing:


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