Human Design Lesson 3

LESSON 3 ; A deep look at the overall Human Design and how amazing you are:

Plus a very in depth look at those Open Centers:

Also as an exciting exercise at the end of Lesson 3 we will get to look with your own eyes energy in the air by following a tutorial:

Lets get straight on with it :

Here is an over view of what to expect from Human design and how back-worked Alien Technology helps you understand the matrix of your biology:

RA URU HU had The entire thesis of Human Design  impregnated into his system by a ball of light for 8 days and wrote it all down:

in 1986 and it took him 10 years to get this out to the people,

This is new so settle down to enjoy operating your new vehicle and start beginning to operate it correctly and dont forget to Love yourself.

Use all that you have picked up in Lessons 1& 2 to see how much you understand so far about you, your chart and what it all means:

Now lets have a good look at those open Chakras:

Back with John Martin:

HD Gate Names on Bodygraph (1)

The Upper chart will show you how we start working on your chart in detail:

To keep you in touch with Lessons 1& 2 here is Johns Overview of Aura Types:

And the one we missed the very special Reflector type Aura; who waits for a full cycle of the moon to respond to any given moment:

Here is a deeper look at your auras again with John Martin:

Live out your own Incarnation :

Your final exercise for today is to now try to see energy in the air : here is how to do that!

Lets get to Lesson 4 :

In light



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