Human Design Lesson 2

LESSON 2 : Human Design : What is it like to know how you operate :

How to operate your body as A Projector Manifester or Generator?

A deeper and one by one  look at all your open chakras:


Please open your charts form last lesson and look at your charts for what is open and what is coloured:

Here we shall understand How we are subjected to outside influences with our open chakras:

Follow John Martin as we go on a journey of the open Chakras:

Then pick from the list of videos below noting which of your chakras are open and get used to what that means by checking the short videos:

I suggest you also now go back and look at what all open chakras mean :

The Open Head Centre and Ajna Centre ; I don’t Know and I don’t care: #’s 1 & 2 on your yellow chart:

The Open Throat Chakra : When to speak and when not to : # 3 on you yellow chart

The Open G spot  centre: Who am I? # 4 on the yellow chart:

The Open Heart Chakra: This is EGO: # 5 on the yellow Chart:

The Open Emotional Center :  # 8 on the yellow chart the Solar Plexus

The Open Sacral Center ; The Generator Motor ; the Stomach : # 7 on your yellow chart :

The Open Spleen # 6 on your yellow chart :

The Open root Centre :  # 9 the reproductive area: STRESS

Ok did you enjoy that ?

Do you want more?

Ok Take a break and lets just expand the subject for the next lesson #3 : and you will get an insight to the Heart and how it leads us to all the other Chakras:

It will lead you also to how Human design becomes helpful in your health and wellness and how also it helps you with Digestion and  relieving your stress.

Plus it will lead you to understanding more about the mechanics of the matrix on your own chart:

Showing how the gates and the channels are all linked up:

Enjoy Ra Uru HU On Dilemnas of the heart : and please treat you heart seriously : this is for the open heart and the fixed heart on your chart :

We shall finish Lesson 2 with a top up on Aura but this time from John Martin and what he says about Auras;

Generator and Manifesting Generator:

The Manifester:

The Projector :

How was that ?

See you all in Lesson 3 We will get deep:

In Light



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