Human Design Lesson 1

LESSON 1: Human Design:

Your First introduction to the knowledge of the Matrix :

Understanding what Chakra’s you have and which ones are open and what Aura Type you are and what does this mean?

How to see your Aura and some one else’s and what types of Auras in others and what do they mean?.

The understanding of how to operate your vehicle is essential in relieving all the stress accumulated in ones life:



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When you email me your own personal Chart please take notice of the writing at the top of your chart page :

This may make no sense to you initially but I shall be walking you through this step by step:

Please print your chart out to make constant reference to it: 

The first part in looking at your own personal Human Design Chart Body Graph is to Look at what is white in your chart:

Once you have determined your WHITE areas on your chart please take a note of them and list them on a note pad and list also what they are and we can go deeper as to their significance in “who you think you are” And who you actually are.

Here is John Martin from Human Design Hawaii on What is white on your chart and what is not:

Please turn your volume down as John has his set very high:

Please allow time to digest this information as we will go very deep in this subject in Lesson 2:

Your Aura Type and what it means

What we can do now is also look at what Aura type you are?

Take a look at the top of your chart and you will see Aura Type :

Reflector : Projector  : Generator : Manifesting Generator or a Mani-fester:

On my chart I am a Manifesting Generator  : Then when you know what Aura type you are ;

Follow the video and watch for about 8 minutes all about Aura Types and what it means :

This is important to see other types other than your own, as we go deeper you will get into the telepathy attached to reading your AURA

As soon you will be able to read other  peoples Auras and in any time now in Lesson one You will be able to SEE Auras:

Please watch time and time again until this knowledge is cemented and before we move on :

Seeing your own Aura and other peoples:

As we do move on Lets us think for one moment : Can we actually humanely see Auras?

In this next video : Take some breathing exercises and then do exactly as he says and see if you can see your Aura and some one else’s:

I know how excited I was when I could for the first time ever physically see the AURA in my own hands and feet:

This is how Exciting Human Design gets:

Please ensure you are as relaxed as you possibly can be to enable your body to function at its best:

Go back and try it all again and especially if you did not get to see Auras for the first time:

As a famous spiritualist suggests : For those who enjoy 5 to 10 minutes meditation a day trying to get to know your inner self,

\Try for one hour if it does not at first succeed.

How exciting is that? and this is just LESSON ONE:

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Please add your comments and experiences in the comments bar Top of Page:

See you in Lesson 2 :

In light :



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