HDS Introduction

Human Design is a Geometric Mathematical calculation of the positions of the stars and planets within our Cosmos at the time of your birth ( sub conscious) and 88 days prior to your birth ( Consciousness).

Seen Here in this one minute video:

Your own unique Body Graph chart is recorded and can be challenged Mathematically and geometrically.

Charted and plotted at the time of your conception and also 88 days before your birth.

This is called your own personal unique Body Graph Chart : and you will get a chart looking like this :


To get your chart you will need to fill in the form below or go get your own at the link below :

All that is required is the time, date location and name at birth :

Please be as accurate as possible ( it is not essential to get the minutes exactly correct ).

The more accurate you are the better your chart:

I do this work for free:

So please indicate That you are willing or unwilling to make a small donation for lessons for your own education:

For those of you who cannot afford any donation but are engrossed in the experience and knowledge  that Human Design undoubtedly Offers:

Please get your own chart here and contact me on receipt of your personal chart and mail me your chart by Joining the Jovian Archive below:


Once in Jovian Archive site please sign up and subscribe:


Then send to lightworkersxm@gmail.com

Go to lesson one : https://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/human-design-lesson-1/

In Light Dave


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