E-Clinic : Dr Darko Velcek:

E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing  is being rebuilt on a separate website just now:

It is still on line should any of you need assistance :

Here is a special message from Dr Darko to all of you : 

 ” Take back your power-HEAL YOURSELF”

“We are all enslaved by a few. Nowhere is it more visible than in medicine where only those with a license from medical school have the right to help others. The medicine that is practiced is corrupt, misleading and  it ‘s concept is not to heal but to control the symptoms and further disrupt the health.

Every disease can be cured. The only way to cure is to let the cells do the healing themselves. For the cells to do this, all that they require is clean environment. Read my book “The Owner’s Manual for the Human Body” and set yourself free.


Basically all your treatment is done on line Holistically getting your body in shape to heal itself using Darko’s Advice:

You can either contact me directly at lightworkersxm@gmail.com requesting assistance.

or contact Dr Darko Velcek directly for Treatment Protocols and Consultation on :

darko.vlck@gmail.com Cell +1-721-588-4566

You can download Dr Darko Velcek’s Book Here : Owners Manual for the Human Body


In Light,



7 comments on “E-Clinic : Dr Darko Velcek:

  1. we have a woman who is in egypt currently we would like to bring her here on some soprt of medical visa
    we were wondering if you have ever treated
    have all of the medical reports they are in english
    was wondering if you can help her
    she is so young
    has been sick for at least 7 years
    is not wheel chair bound as her leg muscles are really weak she cannot walk
    im going into new york citythis sunday when i deliver our fresh raw milk to see a nutrtionist to get some ideas for a dietary help for her
    tyhought you may have some input as well
    her father has funds to help her i know you have said youd offer to work for free but we would like to pay you .
    can you help
    my phone number to reach me is
    on sundays i can be reached as i refill my trac phone in the am but if you call after 12noon that would be more sure to get a hold of me
    thanx Dr.D
    kathy from new jersey fromally of new york
    i also think bee venom therapy would work also maybe you feel this as well
    i hope as a doctor you have seen help in this type of illness
    i feel it was a really bad vaccine she got over there,as many still get
    eugenics undercover im sure over there

    • Hi Kathy
      I will speak to Dr Darko tomorrow morning and I will give you instructions how to have a chat with him then, I am in Caribbean and same timeline as you ,So I hope to speak soon. I will let you know what he would recommend in your case, Many thanks for the inquiry and we will do our best to help you help your friend Love and Light to you, Dave

      • thanx dave
        sounds like your near some nice water
        dr d emailed me back he said to email him but i dont kno his direct email everytime i email its posted on the internet to everyone else i dont want that in actuality i really dont want to communicate with him via the internet only phone
        i have a phone and these folks in egypt dont speak our english only arabic
        is it possible also to bring her here to the states via dr d possibly a medical visa i can travel to you we are here in jersey but if she does get here we can travel to you
        when the perosn is in person i can also heal with my hands and prayers from the quran but i dont like to talk about that much just need to get here here possibly via dr d.

    • If you had chance to read my book you would realize that it is simple to help someone with as we call it auto immune disease such as polymyositis.
      The base of this disease is cellular dehydration. As person dehydrates the blood gets more polluted. Cells living in polluted blood will dehydrate themselves. To make things worse is when doctors use medicinal remedies that contributes to further dehydration by suppressing its symptoms ( itchiness, swelling and pain). To help her do not use any medicine. Medicine is used to suppress symptoms and not to heal.
      Please let them contact me through my e-mail and I will help.

  2. hi dr d
    thanx for the timly reply id like toi reply to your personal email not on the webcite
    and also they only speak arabic no english at all
    peace to you

    • also dr d was wondering if you could help bring her here on a medical visa
      i also want to do what they cal ruqua its prayers from the quran i dont like to speak of it too much but i want to have her here in person while you are doing what you do best id like to do the ruqua on her with clay they wont let me leave the country dont know why

      • Kathy I know what Darko will say ,,There is no need < All of our work is done on the internet : we have woken a guy in a coma form malaria who has been brain dead for 2 years : he is fine now needs lots more physical, but fine: ,,it is cheaper they save their money and deal with Darko by consultation with a translator ,,I have many contacts in Egypt who would convey messages, you
        would be best guided that way. in light Dave

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