Apple : Sony : Subliminal Logo’s ? : Does it work ? A deep spiritual look into the effects on our inner sub-consciousness : The effects of day to day advertisements : = Mind Control :

Some Brain food for you:

I Do hope you are ready for some shocks:

Subliminal advertising was stopped in 1954 : It appears that it has not stopped at all :

Lightworkers be aware how you are controlled : 

To enable us to combat Govern ( Control ) ment ( Mind) One has to be up to speed with the spiritual tools we possess and once we know what we have, we can use them to combat with confidence, all the mind control we are subjected to ‘day to day’ by Subliminal messages:

Here are some of your tools:

Your eye details


So with that repeated : 130M Photo-Receptor cells, each one having how many individual atoms ? 

So a blink of the eye has just effectively taken on board in one cup, all the water falling in the Niagara falls?

Your children no matter at what age DO THE SAME:

It is hardly surprising that armed with this knowledge we can bounce back any subliminal advertising and shrug it off as if it does not have any impact on us what so ever :

So here is a test for you alert types: 

Every day Logo’s  Numbered 1 to 5 Let me know if you spotted the messages as they unfold; 

Below these five will be the correct answer for you to return to the logo’s:

Number 1 FEDEX ( you will want to kill me for this one).FedEx

Number 2 Sony VA10 : ( Pure Brilliance)

Sony VA10


Number 3 Amazon ( AmaZing : no more clues)



Number 4  Dodge ( mmm getting a bit more rude now)

satan_sign-dodgeramand Finally Number 5 ( you should get this one)

Oz Yoga jpg


Answer to number 1) Arrow between E and X, You will never ever be able to look at it again with out seeing it:

Number 2 Sony Know that our brain can read mathematics Especially Binary and analogue:

Have you ever wondered why you liked this so much and never knew why?



Number 3 Amazon has a smiley lips showing that it links a-z ( some say it is phallic like, we will get to that later).

Number 4 :



Number 5 Australia mapped in the form of the Yoga stretched body ( very very beautiful and easy on the eye:

Take a break and look at Young turks in a light hearted look at the Sublime.

Now it gets very worrying as when Kids are involved Just look what they are subjected to : 

I cannot believe that these signs are still here today: 

A style


But it gets worse:

coksubminew1And much worse :

Girl ScoutsNow is the time to take this subject seriously or you could allow your children near some of the most disgusting Subliminal work :

I can only say that it is rather disgusting to think that Child Minding services could come up any of with these :

Look very closely:

logo-fails2It is time to ask those responsible for the approval of the above to be brought to account for allowing this in today’s world:

Changing the subject as there are clever ones : 

images cleverand naughty ones; but where do you draw the line?

imagesPlease be aware and do your own research; but ultimately Be aware of your own capability of the inner self; You are far more alert than you could give credit to: This is why  Sublimation are all  part of the occult program of mass mind control : just be ready for it :

Google Images “Subliminal Disney” or “Subliminal logos”  or Sport or Hollywood or anything you want : it is a worthwhile exercise :

Here is the Masonic Illuminati Game card 2/2:


look closer as I will test you now ;

Once you know your own  capability You can be more thoughtful in what you would like to show your friends and family:

Do you now see this one? I do hope so as I could go on forever on what is on Currency: The dollar is littered with satanic occult symbolism’s  and the Chinese and Ukraine’s have aliens on their notes:

Google it:

queens note


Yes even on a Sovereign Crown Note there is SEX in the palm trees: And the queen objected? or Instigated? 

Be wiser :

Namaste Dave

PS I saved the best to last:

Monster drink 666










more goode dicke. jpg




Oh and I think that this back-worked alien technology is very important:

2 apples

Back-worked Alien Technology?

Back-worked Alien Technology?

In Light Dave:

Contact :










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Catherine Austin Fitts_n


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Stev Jobs Crazy

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Enough energy

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Cobra : Understanding the Resistance Posts and GAIA Portal Posts:

Dedicated to Cobra Followers and those who genuinely have an interest in understanding “The Einstein appearance” of Cobra Resistance Operation Posts: Or Mission Statement updates:

This applies to those of us who are undergoing spiritual re- evaluation of our Ascension awareness and capability.

October 1st 2013 : Cobra PostedPandora in progress. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN stable. PP APR approved. M=5.

October 5th : Project 501 report : updated : Project 501 Update:

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has a probability of p=0.8. The alternative beta timeline with multiple MVBNs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a probability of p=0.2. 
Beta strategies have been modulated and need to remain strictly classified. 
There are two major intersection probability peaks remaining.
The previous intersection probability peak within RR2-3 intermediate period has collapsed due to incomplete intel about L1 and L0 anomaly.  
The first major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface, multiple MVBNs being one triangulation alternative and time compression into the convergence point being another one. Shortly before the omega convergence point this timeline anyway converges into an antarionid RM intersection. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with multiple MVBNs and then with RM intersections as soon as possible. 
The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.
Antares in Milky way
Translating Cobra mission statements :

CoBra = COmpression BReAkthrough: Which should automatically trigger in your mind: the earth and someone squeezing it with big hands until it goes pop in between your fingers and thumbs. Or Containment is a word that leaps to mind.

So here is a laymans version of what is going on outside our normal line of vision.

Here is what you must consider if you wanted to break up a 20,000 to 300,000 year war with out violence: ( which in essence is what we are trying to do).

Being human and understanding the (RM in Cobra posts) Resistance Movement and what they have to do, One has to step out of the box and look at the world differently: Resistance Movement does not just mean you and I, there are active but placid ground forces here too and those in other planes arriving.
So to visualize what is about to happen and what is actually happening right now. HVBN & MVBN are mentioned covering the incoming visitors and it is clearly stated interfacing with RM’s on the ground. and even Multiple MVBN’s are mentioned.
Visualize the MIA space station with archontic ships all over the place.
What would you honestly do to breakthrough this occupation of alien forces?
Firstly you would put grids up all over the place to keep track on what is going on and where. ( They did this thousands of years ago and is why we see pyramids all over the globe).
Tunguska being a very negative energy point on earth but lets stick to positive energy.
These points could be mapped and introduced  to time lines that extend well beyond the realms of not just this planet but extend those grids out to the planets as well: Just like the second picture below. We live on a mobile travelling planetary system  which passes through Time a space.
Then you would look at your subjects Archontic, Reptilian, Draco, Gray, Hydra’s, Ebens etc: and you would monitor how these folk get around and what stops them functioning:  In the first instance you would not make it so dangerous for incoming Resistance ( VISITORS) people either , So one must understand that this is not like laying mines or a gas or trip wires or anything like that where by everyone can be destroyed, it is far more sophisticated than that and beyond normal human thinking, unless, like me,  you are prepared to stretch your imagination just that bit further.
You will see Cobra reference XYR’s Well in normal geography we reference XYZ and the GPS system locating grids X= N-S. Y=E-W and Z is from below as above just as my Auto CAD system: Zenith and Azimuth I think they called it at my Yachtmaster school in Astral navigational techniques. The Z grid in Cobra speak being broken in to a-z grid reference points in altitude. The X & Y grids he uses on odd occasions but offers more integral grid/ vortex points : It is my consensus that he goes by a code of energy grid formats which are geo-desic Outer and Inner Earth energy swathes, as my best description. What I mean is there is a sectional beehive in a spiders web format in and  around planet earth.
Just a bit more layman shit before we go code cracking:
Just imagine how you would have to think if you had to develop a tool to prevent our consciousness reaching outer space and telling little secrets to the so called enemy imagine how sophistated that would have to be, and On the other hand, what about receiving bolts of energy from the Galactic center ( Called Omega convergent zones) to keep you safe and recharged so that you can carry on with your daily duties.?? That is more like what is going on just now in CoBra’s Mission statements.
The ethereal time planes  and the convergence of the galactic wave of energy pulsing over head right now and controlled grid line vortices are tantamount to making this earth less hostile because of the current situation here on earth having the following:
1)  Alien controlled cabal ( fake humanoids generally of Annunaki/Replitian origin)
2) Humanoids, those like us who live in slavery ( who are very pissed off and too can be aggressive ((ignorant))to the point of canibalistic)
3) negative factions of the Archons who do not land on earth and use other bases on the  Moon & Saturn etc
4) those living beneath earth with over 50 differing species.
5) and most important of all, Those Indigenous forms who date back years,  globally there are many, Too many to name here.
Exercise to try for your self :
For those who have not seen THRIVE the movie ‘ or Nassim Haramein’s Schwarzschild Proton videos Try this simple exercise:
Cut 2 onions open , One across the equator and one from the root to spout and look at the difference: Now draw a line across the centre and put a time line of 20,000 years on each change ring or wavey line. and imagine YOU are receiving one of these new ring lines right now from the Galactic core. This is where we stand today.

The reason for the mission statements having that   Einstein appearance is simple : It is !!


m= matter and is followed by a mile marker as to the height. See diagram below: as in m=15:33

A graph depicts progress through 2013 and as you will see  it is much slower than Cobra or anyone else had envisioned. ( sounds like the financial situation and the global collateral accounts all over).

Ascension graph_n

M=Body Matter Yes Human Body matter: M=2 or last week it was raised to  M=5 which means zone 5 for humanity it has been up to 10 previously indicating we were getting a right royal rodgering ( done over) and need protection.

M= A human  protection layer and the larger the number the more sylphs you may see protecting the skies: Less we forget, You are being bombarded by man-made weather daily and globally. It is nice to know that most of it is filtered before it gets here: This is where the operations are helpful to mankind.

AT THE TIME OF WRITING 3 lines which form star shapes in CHEMTRAILS are right over head and the sylphs are leaping into action as I speak.

The only problem we ( the average lightworker ) have with the relatively simple equation  E=mc2 is filling the letters with substantive material :

“Energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared.”  So what exactly does the velocity of light have to do with it?

For those mathematicians and Quantum leap scientists among us please see this description :

I always have a problem with  filling the the last bit: Velocity of light but I can do the squared bit. ( chuckles)

Have you ever wondered if Cobra is trying to test us with these postings? maybe even is he working for NASA and giving out the latest top secret intel so that dark warlords can go deep undercover and then come out of hiding and zap people with the Death ray ? If so why would he spend all of his time making impossible to understand mission statements available to the people and spending his entire new life going around the globe opening vortexes whilst in the mean time showing people that we live within Frequency energy and light ? Did Einstein not do this ?

Trust me, this took some time to evaluate: But it is worth it if you go back and read older posts and do some basic research.

Here is some breaking down of the codes which will benefit from your contribution in the comments section above the header:
Matthew Wexelbaum: Thanks for your diligence: on Portal 2012: You are very close but help others to look in the right places.

The whole scenario with all of its twists n turns  also explains abnormal zombie behaviour and shape-shifting too and more and more of this will be come evident as the squeeze intensified both on and inside the planet: here is a great article on it :

Try to visualize earth like this :


We often look up to the sky and ask is that Chemtrails? or is that weather manipulation? HAARP or normal weather?

Sadly there is not much good weather these days since they weaponized it in 1992 :

It is more commonly used to get countries to hand over their finances to Rothschild central banks and most country governments know this but they are threatened with it if they brave disclosure:, but good news is on the way. Do you notice these things ? Sylphs ?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

These angelic strands change day to day  night to night, have you noticed them?

The Ethereal planes and the Earth as an Galactic playground.

Operations : Phoenix, Pandora, Omega Etc ,  ( isn’t it funny all of the listed operations are related to heavy biblical and historical figurines)

CoBra = Compression Breakthrough and Omega Convergence Point can be assumed to be The Event from a galactic standpoint: As opposed to a financial meltdown which is from a Hue Man standpoint -The Event- leading to  freedom from slavery and the physical take down of the Cabal. Oh and some  decent TV for a change possibly, plus all our best kept secrets given out to us in the form of disclosure of truth science.

Dimensional Timelines  Bobra refers to are Alpha and Beta and they Bifurcate ( fork like: Bi meaning 2 pronged ) Hyper Phasically ( self explanatory ) Dictionary : Frantic genetic/kinetic energy in a Proton Neutron Dark energy: IE : Hyper phasic person/ child changes for the better or worse with an increase or decrease of oxygen. The blending of timelines is not in normal human ways of thinking or conversation just now, however this will become  increasingly likely over the next few years.

Other terms and meanings : in January 2013 this was posted L1CLR and people seem to think that its is Level 1 ( which it is ) and Clear which it is not :

You will also notice in many previous posts L1DNR and L2UPR  after the Level is determined ( L0 or L1 0r L2) The next part which can be defined as Upper, Center or Down leading to RR time lines. So they are Levels and read in context with M= values ( Humanic effects) and m= values in miles or small letter values ( non humane but Planetary  etherical layers).

GAIA Portal posts: have you ever linked these to Cobra Posts?

Hue Man as GAIA portal so often calls it>  They tend to only cover what is happening on a spiritual standpoint on the ground which is very healthy & useful.

But you can see and feel the links between the energies recorded:

Higher D Blue Sphere of Light surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe. Sparkles of point crystals shimmer in this High Atmosphere. Standardized protocols have now faded completely from Gaia intention space. Gaia grids have been cleansed of shadow web structures and are now free to operate as intended, without obstructions or restriction. Global resonance at hu-being levels is felt by all residing there. Hue-Beings now find application in Higher Realms. Inner Strength at individual consciousness points coalesces to the “Global Gaia”.

Back to Cobra:

L1 is level 1 and level zero is Human interface L0 and if you look just recently Cobra posted M(L0)=16:38 Now M= Human Mass as in E=(M)c2 and a good article below  explains that human mass changes in death, decomposure or life as we know it: m=0 declared the all clear of the etherical plane on 28th September is shown in the chart above if you look closely and the previous months had m=15:33 and so on ,,which is graphed out nice and clear as above sketch.

All of what Cobra produces refers to Morphing statuses IE Caterpillar to Cocoon to Butterfly in terms of time and molecular status; the more you look into it the more you will see similarities of life and death being ( well that is what we call it)  recorded; as if we were searching for a mathematical formulae for life and death itself : death being at transformation of Alpha to Beta timelines: Alpha being in the morphing phase at varying stages, Beta being the merging timeline with Alpha (Cocoon): So there is no death, just a shift of paradigm.

We are stranded in 3D on planet earth with 2 strand DNA ; we know that  4th Dimension is Space time : 5th Dimension being Proto-phasic ( the crystalline structural humanic change over ). The secrets of our changing ability of our own DNA are withheld from us in The Vatican Vaults and will be released to us very shortly, Just keep your open eye out on how the Vatican is fear morphing away from the subject each day with this new Jesuit pope: Boy he knows he and the entire Vatican is in trouble: When you hear news from the Vatican Just ask : Where are our secrets? and you can cut through the bullshit diversions much more easily , this is the main reason they own all the major telescopes of the world and name all names on Mars, They control what they know about us.

4th dimension you will notice has little alternative media coverage as most jump straight to 5th Dimension and the reason for that is because the transition 3rd to 4th is less dramatic in terms of Human Consciousness than 4th to 5th or even 3rd straight to 5th due to our human design matrix which is in existence today. Many people are managing to get breakthrough knowledge of this in Meditation, DMT exercises or Salvia sessions and mushrooms & Ayahuasca etc, which I find most fascinating.

5th dimensional Ethereality ( if there is such a word) is not visible to the average 3D human. Where as 4 D is more approachable to 2 strand folk with some inner exercise. We are hearing that kids these days are more often than not, born with 3 strand DNA through these Compressive breakthroughs.

The ethereal plane is reachable by our inner communication devices ( our Consciousness beacon ) Our initial problem appears to be our disconnection from one source to the other…The Mind Matrix and radio beacon ( Pineal gland is a receptor and signals outside our bodies which are in-turn initiated outside our bodies just like radio waves). Just like a dog knows it is walkies time. otherwise known as channeling. Do you honestly think that everything you know is locked up in your tiny mind as a micro processing unit?


To understand modern science of dimensions from a  spiritual   standpoint you have to really understand that they ( all scientists) all know that reincarnate souls is a mathematical certainty despite them keeping it under wraps from us :

Here is an article proving that from Dr Katsman :

Back again to Cobra and the significance or morphing timelines:

Cobra’s timelines are in code too: Matthew Waxelbaum comments and I suggest he could be closest on the block: p=0.3  and RR2-3 and so on referring to the length of Period in a % (0.5 =50%) or length of specific time Months in Caps  etc: is in relation to incoming energies from the galactic core: So yes that means incoming timelines: Just imagine sitting on the edge of the plug hole when the water comes feeding in, you may then grasp the pending black hole phenomena and intense energy that is all around us. This energy only ever happens to be visible when one entity makes a gravitational shift IE water – plug hole: This is certainly not a catastrophic timeline as changing the bath water does not mean the bath water is dead, far from it, It is moving and moving  on ( morphing) . Therefore this is more likely to be a very positive timeline as all events in the world lead us to thinking that way, should we not take mainstream fear mongering on board.

If we think out of the box for a moment and consider us Human Beings =M and the outer etherical plane =m and all the technical mileage of the outer crust of the earth and how it affects Human life , we have also to understand that it affects Earth living Galactic life forms too; I do not expect that for the puppet masters Cameron, Hague, McCain, Kerry and many  others. This timeline may not be the kindest timeline to be in if you are in morph status.

The reason made clear this week as Montague Keen said  ” It is time for these people to exit the stage earth” “they are not going to be able to hide their existence any longer ” Which in plain simple Morph language means : Expect more shapeshifting on National TV from the confined elite as they are pinned down and Earth is now no place for the dark Cabal.

And finally Cobra:

This weeks message also contained PP APR approved which is the Pheonix Project:  Automatic Power Reserve Approved and from what I can understand  M=5 which is a surge of support energy for humans on the surface and out to space, 5 being on a scale of M= 0 to M=10. Ten being further away M=0 meaning planetary surface. IMHO.

In just today Cobra’s Latest Post :

We have already seen that he 2 timelines are Alpha & Beta: and Lets work out the HVBN: I know that some of you out there will nail this :
In this post Cobra gives us many clues : HV (BN) and MV (BN)s as he calls them, try you go back to the original post of Project 501:
Capitol letters are an indication of meaningful words or beings as opposed to small letters which indicate something off a graph.
So if we have HV Beings and MV beings what could that mean. and Interaction with RM’s we know is Resistance movement and the antarionids ( guess where they come from) Antares by any chance?
You only need to go on and look for their containment in the Bulletins and to simplify all of this :
Morphing in and out of time lapses or dimensions is nothing new to Galactics (Good or bad) So HV’s and MV’s having the ability to cross into Alpha and Beta timelines is not without considerable reason : So MV’s Must be Multiple Velocity or vehicles. and High Velocity Being modules which could be translated to Mother ships and Spacecraft in addition to those already in place IE: RM’s and us on the ground. The BN for the purpose of this report will remain unsolved, so I await your interjection and help. A copy of this report will go to Cobra for his comments:
In June 2013 Cobra reported Project 501 status report:
So as Cobra’s intelligence briefings now become little by little more understandable and I hope you can understand GAIA portal briefings a little easier now : and More in the future: It should become common knowledge that we are generally fed by people who do have outer contact with beings with no need for time-travel.
The outer contact from our brothers and sisters is coming increasingly evident, the more disclosure YOU and I do, plus  the more healthier it will be when the time comes, and that time is no better than NOW.

PS : Pandora in progress. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN stable. PP APR approved. M=5. Translates to :

More incoming unexpected breaches as this Pandora Project progresses : outer containment has been beefed up due to such breaches: an etheric barrier has now been more than doubled and our founder fathers have accepted a greater power reserve  to be shielded as it is required in these transitional periods during ongoing missions. Isidic sounds like a name for an energy vortex arena.

And a brief breakdown of Project 501 synopsis:

Things not quite going to plan as a revision of current plans are required and need ultimate secrecy regarding Morphing times ahead:

3 Interface points ahead with Resistance movement and Other galactic entities will converge at an undisclosed time which we now know as Omega Convergence point.

The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7

Intersection with the craft and visitors on the planet surface is fraught with interference with existing beings, Only until such time as Project 501 is clear can interface with Multi beings take place, that is what we know as The Event.

Still much work to make and do:

This clearly defines one of the RM groups as Antarionids: Antares any one? Seen here :


That Beta timeline is classified and remains so :

In Light Dave

THE EVENT : LATEST : 14TH JULY 2013 : Cobra: Latest : More details of the liklihood of the event taking place : Plus the Eventometer rise :

Due to this post on Sunday, July 14, 2013 :

LIGHTWORKERSXM EVENTOMETER has now risen from 25% to 28% :

It is time now to get involved: The Event is irreversable:

Please stand by for Office of POOFNESS posts later today and

Benjamin Fulford’s Geopolitical news post tomorrow :

Please also be aware of the latest post by David Wilcock today on “Financial Tyranny !! Collapsing at free fall speed” at

Here is the most important  message from COBRA today:

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Prepare For Change

It is time now to make the next step in creating the infrastructure for the Event on the surface of this planet.
The main reference site with preparedness instructions for the general population has reached a certain degree of completion  and needs to go viral:
Although the civil authority and the Resistance Movement will provide their own infrastructure at the time of the Event, it is very important to have grassroots infrastructure as well. Our alternative infrastructure will fill in the gaps and will ensure that the transition will be smoother and more harmonious.

Six task groups were created: planetary leadership group, healers group, media group, new renaissance group, new technologies group and financial group. All these groups will develop practical tools which can help easing the transition at the time of the Event in their specific area.
If you want to actively participate in any of those six groups, click here:
Our website will be translated into many world languages so the message can spread worldwide. We are actively seeking translators and if you wish to join our translation teams, use the same participation form, stating that you wish to volunteer as a translator:
There will be many projects pertaining to the preparedness of the surface population for the Event announced on my blog very soon and our new website will be the main communication hub for those projects.
Posted by at 1:34 AM 
For those of you who would like to know exactly what will happen during and following the course of the event pleas go here:
Namaste Dave

Erin Rothschild : How deep does the Rabbit hole go? : Kerry Cassidy Interview with Rothschild family defector Erin tells us : Rothschild family Into Torture : Alien control : Globall control : Mind Control : If you want freedom?: Extinguish The Rothschild Legacy of Mind Control :

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Seat belts on please!!!

This post shows you quite clearly The Rothschilds are disconnected with global people and have been for hundreds of years, It also shows just how deeply controlled by Galactics they really are:

This is not as deep as it gets but certainly opens up  what to expect from the deep deep truth of who we are?and why we are controlled? and why we are kept in 3rd dimensional realms? by The Rothschilds.

It is time to break free from this life : Owning your own spirituality will set you free:

Lightworkersxm Disclosure UFO’s Pics and Videos : Send in your images and videos now : If our Governments then we will expose them for what they are : Liars of the highest order : Feature on this site on Sunday 5th May with your own sightings :

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Please send your images and videos or links to :

Here are some of our own pictures here in the Caribbean. 

4 Daylight UFO's over Cole Bay SXM

4 Daylight UFO’s over Cole Bay Simpson Bay  SXM 3 centre right and one Top Left.

cloud angel

Grand Case airport ‘Angel in the sky’: Amazing shot taken by one of our colleagues who had just come from the morgue.

Orbs showing up when you least expect it, 5th dimensional lights Orbs connected at the hip with Sylphs

Orbs showing up when you least expect it, 5th dimensional lights Orbs connected at the hip with Sylphs

Orbs not visible by naked eye but can be easily caught on camera:

And if you have any questions ask the sky LOOK HERE in Pelican Bay a giant Question Mark in the sky:

Taken on River's Balcony, Pelican,SXM.

Taken on River’s Balcony, Pelican,SXM.

And A Brilliant Giant  cloud ship over Saint Barts:  South of our main islands :

Cloudship over Eustatius Island 40 miles to our South in SXM protecting us from Chemtrails

Cloudship over Eustatius Island 40 miles to our South in SXM protecting us from Chemtrails

And here in the Caribbean our own Sylphs coming form the Cloudship (previous image)feeding off the Chemtrails in Sint Maarten.


Look at this spooky moon shot through our Sylphs and here too :

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM? Sylphs all over the place eating Chemtrails.

Chemtrail from center to top left:

Please send your clips and videos of your UFO sitings from  any where in the globe and we will feature them on here :

We look forward to your postings to : .