WHO in the world are Spraying : First Brought You What & Why : Raytheon, BAE systems HAARP ARCO : All these systems owned by The Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Royalty : Weather manipulation at its worst:


Dutchsinse Versus Suspicious0bservers ; Planned HAARP Duality? Or genuine bitching from rivals? Take a look at Ben Davidson’s comments ; You make your own minds up:

The only thing I can say about HARRP and Dutchsinse and Suspicious0bservers is this : So one has to ask this:

Is this a cabalistic desperation attempt to break into duality of light circles?

HAARP is real and used every day and is called something else ( EINSCAT in NORWAY AND UK ) in many other countries and the switching off of Gakona scandal reported last month did nothing to it’s cause and would not dent it’s worldwide abuse and what is more will be a great player in the next idiotic false flag planned very shortly.

It is owned by ARCO which is headed by the British Royal family and is very serious in all it’s guises and plays heavily with Chemtrails and the GIANT SEA BASED RIG HAARP SBX has been seen all over the oceans steering the Hurricanes we see today which makes sure the hurricanes hit cities ‘to order’. There is overwhelming evidence of this and you can actually tell where the machine is and  in which oceans ( there are more than one HAARP SBX) due to it’s fingerprinting . This was finely pointed out by DutchSinse ( Michael) over many years to all the novices on the subject.

Also HAARP had a great role to play in the re-election of Barry Soetoro with Frankenstorm Sandy and appeared to be direct interference instructions from the zionists and Lizzie in the Palace to use the hurricane and vote rigging to combine confusion and chaos as Benjamin Fulford well explained in his Mid November 2012 Bullitin. 

 On face value Suspicious0bservers does not appear in any way spiritual as you will see in this clip and sounds very very egotistical which maybe explains why I turned off his bulletins some months ago :

My decision to stop looking at Suspicious0bservers  Broadcasts was personal and my call about 2 months ago, to see this video mmm makes me wonder and stick to my decision protocol on deciding who is right for me or not.

I only see return threats in this video to Dutch’Since’s supposed threats ; This is classic duality at play and totally unearthly spiritual behaviour of our future : This is exactly how the cabal would like us to respond and behave and fall for the tricks.

So I asked that famous (or hopefully getting famous) simple question a lightworker should do in times of duality and confusion.


DutchSince site is OFF line on Youtube : Suspicious0bservers is not.

It appears that Ben Davidson may well be from a family of Hollywood stars and confirmation of this is important so please help if you can find this out.

DutchSinse offers intelligence and has been stopped and it is important to point out that he worked from the heart and even endured a separation from his wife over 12 months ago continuing his lightwork unabated as he believed in what he was doing so much.

From DutchSince I have learned so much and could write a book about it as you may see in my HAARP link to the side of this page.

Any way : think for yourselves please,

The truth is all coming out now and there is nowhere for the cabalists to hide.

Victory of  the light:

Morgellons disease : The Truth : All you need to know : This is a Bio-Tech Weapon of Fear : How to recognize it : How to get it out of your system : Stay well away from your doctors:



Morgellons : Wikipedia ( Corporate controlled ) suggests that patients ( those who think they have got morgellons) have Delusional Parasitosis.

Here is the opening line in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellons

Where sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present.

They even call it Morgellons Syndrome just to make you believe it your self that you are delusional.


So what is everyone being so delusional about then?


Removal of the fear factor:

I found it no different from any other growth inside the body and it can be treated by common sense  and your own ability to connect with your inner authority and dispel the Dis-Ease just like any other alien body in your system, like a nail or splinter.

The only difference being that Morgellons comes in a crystalline rash form and appears to spread, so just how do you deal with that ?

This is classic dehydration of the cells, this is why we suggest that it is no different from any other infection and once rehydration takes place, your OWN body will reject the dis-ease.

It does exist so sho is kidding who?


Morgellons DOES exist and it is a smart bio-weapon too, So what do the experts think then?

Here is what Leuren Moret thinks:

Morgellons is a nanotechnology phenomenon.  I was one of the Environmental Commissioners for the City of Berkeley when the Lawrence Berkeley Lab came to our commission about 10 years ago to present their new project – the molecular foundry facility for nanotechnology – and had an early opportunity to become aware of the tremendous increase in US funding for nanotechnology.  It is extremely lethal to biological systems, that’s why so much money was put into it by the US govt.  I have full knowledge of the nanotech/frequency apps used to cause Morgellons.  It is certainly transmitted by EMF and creates an electric field where self-assembly (which I have observed frequently) occurs in normal growth and form – nothing new about it since scientists were writing about it over 100 years ago, but is now being used for the mendacious and satanic application which perverts the biological processes that are essential for life.

So lets go through what it looks and feels like and then how it got there and to get it out of your body:

Arms morgellons

The first thing to note is that we suspect most of the population has Morgellons and when you see the lesions you will probably recognize that you have had it once or twice in your lifetime ( only more recently ).


This is good news for any delusional patient, this may just take any sense of freaky ” it only happens to me” feelings  away. After all the last thing anyone needs is a “happy to have morgellons” patient.

These conditions recorded on the pictures above, one can easily suggest that poor diet and good water knowledge is missing from the itinerary which allow this growth to manifest, seemingly out of control.

There is no intention of this web blog site to raise any fear factors, so for that purpose the following details of morgellons will be on video format showing how Morgellons can be easily dissolved by the beholder using some house hold products.

Over 2 years I have been following truthergirl on Youtube about a wealth of materials related to good and bad healthy eating and How she deals with morgellons is as practical as any DIY fixer can do for them selves.

Well strangely enough as a natural self healer this indicates to me that Morgellons is no more “a bio-tecky monster” than Staphoccoculus Dis-ease, ( a series of un earthly boils on the body where you do not need boils) which Colloidal silver and sea salt water kills. I have treated many with stunning results.

I have also removed a section of Morgellons with Tea tree oil but it took about 7 weeks. My next DIY attempt will certainly include DMSO and Colloidal Silver water and Milkweed found growing at the side of roads and in most European gardens ( Dandilions and Daisy’s etc).

IMPORTANT BE AWARE : Complex cases of Morgellons that demand much more involved treatment and cleansing processes do indeed exist, however one would suggest that you do not consider yourself in this league unless you work for the governments of America’s or Europe where Chemtrailing and Morgellons is more prevalent and people are actually targeted, see below. Government Smart Weapon Morgellons attacks.

Morgellons therefore is a show on the body that you have become susceptible to infection due to your own poor quality nutrient intake. IE: Bad Water and Bad food and Bad Air quality.

What to look for and how to be more observant and wiser about Morgellons:

To prevent being in contact with morgellons fibres one needs to be aware of 3 things.


Chemtrails are just one delivery device used in the spread of Morgellons, So pay attention to the lines in the sky : Should you see them, Use a  nozzle to spray Colloidal Silver into to the  lungs via nose & throat or line your throats with honey. The nasal  spraying helps to get colloidal silver throughout your bloodstream faster and fend off any invading fibres that get through the hair follicles. Drink a little  sea salt water when you see Chemtrails over your heads to allow your cells in your body to be re-hydrated in order to process repair procedures for chemical intake:

Chemtrails with Al Gore


Know what food to eat and processed food has been tampered with which has fibres entered in the food chain, stay well clear of processed food and try to eat as much raw food as possible. Monsanto is the main culprits in infestation of the food chain, it leads to most if not all  mass processed food and packaging companies. Dont Forget Agenda 21 is very much in play today and Morgellons is just one part of a complex citizen reduction program of fear and distruction. Learn for your self who MONSANTO’s ( My Satan) trading partners are: this is simple to research.



The third method of delivery of Morgellons to your body is far more bazaar and sinister but no less the truth. Government sponsored smart weapon attacks using morgellons as a target can be issued to those dissenters ( whistleblowers and out spoken truthers of government policy) who can be injected in the hospital during routine check ups, depending on the instructions given by the administers of the fibres. You may not know this has been carried out on you, the first thing that you will experience will be a massive outbreak of morgellons, soon after a hospital visit, please do come to the E-Clinic for guidance.


Most Common Instances:

Remember most of us has had this dis-ease and it is up to you to know it and deal with yourself.

Knowledge of what is really going on gives you the power of self-defence.

The best knowledge we can find on the entire subject is on this film with Sophia Smallstrom which joins all the dots;

You are at war and the best way to deal with a war with insane governments is to keep your self knowledgeable and fit at the same time:



Directed Weapons : Decibel : Rathyeon : BAE : Caught manipulating weather : Are these the perpetrators of Weaponry against normal outspoken citizens too ? DIY solutions against smart weapons in your home:

Directed energy (and aerosol clouds) control our weather

HAARP SBX sea based weather modification unit

( there are suspected to be several of these in commission around our oceans)

SBX Mobile

6/5/2013 — Huntsville RADAR mystery SOLVED = BAE Systems, Raytheon, and DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc.

I highly recommend that you begin this short journey of intriguing new science here:  many thanks to AlabamaTruth for putting this out for wider review.
At this above link, you will see how this story began.
Huntsville, Alabama – June 4, 2013 – In the late afternoon, an odd circular shaped RADAR pulse was seen on NEXRAD RADAR (weather radar).  Several people reported it, and local meteorologists are ‘baffled’ at what it could be.
In the above RADAR screenshots, you can see the RADAR pulse epicenter is just north of the highway.
Upon review of pulse epicenter on Google Earth — a VERY INTRIGUING series of buildings reside at the point of emission ..  nearest coordinates of the pulse center are somewhere very close to : 34°42’58.54″N ,  86°41’8.35″W
Directly at the pulse epicenter is a company called DECIBEL RESEARCH .
Guess what they specialize in?

deciBel Research is a high-technology company that focuses on providing to its DoD customers innovative solutions in:

  • Advanced Radar Signal Processing

  • Advanced Radar Data Processing and Algorithms

  • Imaging and Image interpretation

  • High-Volume Parametric and Monte Carlo Testing

  • Radar Threat Signature Modeling and Analysis

  • Radar Modeling and Simulations, and

  • Systems Engineering

Notice in the above screenshot of the Decibel Research website — they have a picture of the SBX (Sea Based X-Band RADAR based out of Adak, Alaska.  SBX is reported to be associated with HAARP in Gakona, Alaska (missile defense).
Also at the pulse epicenter is BAE Systems.
BAE Systems is the actual builder of the HAARP IRI (ionospheric research instrument) antennas in Alaska..


The Office of Naval Research has awarded BAE Systems a $35.4 million contract to manufacture 132 high frequency (HF) transmitters for installation in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’s (HAARP) phased array antenna system. The contract was finalized April 19 with BAE Systems Information & Electronic Warfare Systems in Washington, D.C.
The HAARP program collects and assesses data to advance knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth’s ionosphere. “We look forward to contributing to this critical program. This is an opportunity for BAE Systems to play an important role in expanding knowledge of the Earth’s ionosphere.
Significant potential applications include long-range communication, sensing and satellite vulnerability to nuclear effects,” said Ramy Shanny, BAE Systems vice president and general manager for Advanced Technologies (AT).
In 1992, AT was awarded a contract to design and build the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), the HAARP program’s primary tool used to study ionospheric physics. The IRI is currently composed of 48 antenna elements and has a power capacity of 960,000 watts.
When installed, the additional 132 transmitters will give HAARP a 3.6 mega-watt capacity. The HAARP build-out is jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
HAARP zapping
Also at the pulse epicenter is Raytheon.
Raytheon is heavily involved in directed energy weapons — way ahead of the now declassified LAWS (laser weapon system) that made the news this past year.
declassified LAWS (laser weapon system) that made the news this past year.
Gwen towers_n
Also, worthy to note the multiple Northrop Grumman locations at the epicenter.
Northrop Grumman, also heavily involved in directed energy ..
So, there you have it, all the big players in the directed energy weapons department reside at the pulse epicenter.
BAE Systems, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and even a company which specializes in RADAR — Decibel Research.  What are the chances?  Seriously, the chances are mind bogglingly high.
Add in the US Army, and several adjacent Department of Defense contractors surrounding the epicenter, and you get a real directed energy weapon fingerprint which can be traced directly back to the companies doing the current development.
In the end, the explanation for what you’re seeing on NEXRAD weather RADAR is simple.  The bright pulse on NEXRAD is an energy emission from another powerful ground based transmitter.
Dr Aquino 8 HAARP vortex cloud
The directed energy, which is actually just a frequency sent out from a transmitting antenna (somewhere in the MHz to GHz range), produces an electron cascade (precursor to lightning) which in turn causes ionization & plasma which returns on the RADAR as a ‘storm’… this frequency induced ionization / plasma is usually seen in bright red or pink heavy returns, like a severe thunderstorm / hail.
I think this Huntsville Alabama pulse event settles the question as to whether or not one Directed Energy system can be seen by / cause interference with another Directed Energy system.
In the Huntsville case, this proves that ‘ghost storms’ can be created on RADAR by other systems , along with producing an actual electron cascade, the mystery pulse also duped the RADAR into thinking a storm is there, when none was actually present.
Here is a full explanation of how radio frequency can be used as a weapon, to influence the weather, look deep into the Earth , and for next generation communication (deep sea / deep space).
Much more research is needed to Study how the GWEN towers were sold and used for not only Telecommunications towers but for Smart weaponry.
Smart meters could be Smart weapons and they could be in your house, targeting you as you sleep.
Organite jpg
The personal defense system needed for such weaponry is not so elaborate as many think :
Pyramids and copper and lead sheilds can be made form most gardeners or buildrs stores.
Also Organite crystal power does deflect man-made clouds easily as our tests have proven.
A blue light will appear on local radars So if you use one do not be surprised if you get a visit from the local military helicopters.
Also be aware of sleeping near electric appliances left on over night and Cell phones and computers.
These are Gwen Towers every where :
All you have to do is be smarter than smart weapons :
Knowledge is power :
In the age of information Ignorance is your choice:

Oklahoma : Manmade Tornado : A False Flag : Politically vetted : As Family Guy airs it’s Fore-Knowledge of it just like Boston

Oklahoma Tornado was Man-Made by a desperate and Violent cabal who are showing signs of losing thier grip on control over YOU:

Point Number 1) Family Guy Aires The Event : Watch as Youtube try to censor the inserts:

Point Number 2 ) HAARP AND SCALAR WAVES SPOTTED BY DUTCHSINCE 24-48 Hours before the event : 

(Before It’s News)

All Light News

Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a devastating series of tornadoes form, and hit the pulsed areas.

Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

 Reblogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


A.Prior to 3pm there, millitary and police went door to door in the area that is now completely demolished.  They told all residence to leave the area and head north.

B.  On there way out they saw multiple bulldozers and wrecking ball like machines moving into their neighborhoods.

C.  One of my friends saw  a huge projector/hollogram output device the size of a building.  He said while driving away he saw this projector turn on and it created a hologram tornado in the sky that eventually blocked out the area that was supposedly “hit”.

D.  One of my friends that was nearby, said that while the hollogram tornado passed overhead, all of the bulldozers and equipment began demolishing EVERYTHING!  He said explosions were also heard.  He said that every person driving a bulldozer and demolishing houses was wearing a yamica and have a big nose.  Also the bulldozers had an israeli construction company on the side.  He said it was very hgard to see this activity going on, because the hollogram tornado was blocking the view mostly.

E. All of my friends are now being told to shut up and not to talk about what they seen.  They are saying that if they dont stick to the official “:tornado” story that they will not receive any type of financial support, relief, etc.. to rebuild their homes.

F.  One of my friends heard a self-proclaimed zionist talking to a shapeshifting white guy.   They said that all the earthquake in oklohoma lately are a result of massive underground contruction.  they were talking about how the Jewish race wishes to expand rapidly and that they are building massive Jewish settlements and Palestinian slave labor camps under Oklohoma…the reason… supposedly   ak-la ham aer, which sound like oklohoma, means “Jews are the best, screw the rest” in hebrew.

Point Number 4)  Political News which always leans to the reason : 

Oklahoma joins 21 other states with petition for secession from the Union

Remember this?

If the so-called ‘Union’ can really produce Harpicanes and artificial tornadoes, how will these and other states get loose while needing emergency funds to help repair themselves.

The states that have petitioned the government to secede are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Nawww, it’s just a coincidence that this horror tornado struck and that Texas is still in the worst drought ever, and that Obombya Regime actually sued Arizona which had horror shooting massacre, and Colorado suffered horrific wildfires and theater shooting, etc., etc., and the list goes on.


THRIVE : Foster and Kimberly Gamble explain in a 9 minute Video : How to Share difficult information with Friends : With out falling out with them :Empathy :Ask good Questions : Listen : THRIVE : The Full Movie :

In Just 9 minutes video : Here is a really heart warming peice for all of you out there who have trouble with people who just do not get it.
I have many many people who speak with me now who have husbands who do not get it, Mothers and fathers or even kids that are not prepared to get the point and they live such lonely lives when it does not need to be that way.
Here are 10 points that make the controversy that much more easier to pass on without being too oppressive and losing ones credibility.

Here is the most powerful wake up film so far THRIVE :
This is the film that does actually change peoples Lives for the better:

Alcyon Video : Strange Phenomena April 2013 : Earthquakes : Financial melting pot : UFO : Meteorites : Boston False Flag Bombing significance : Sink Hole phenomena : Strange HAARP global man made weather throughout the World: What are they planning NEXT MONTH?

Spanish and English Subtitles

Exceptionally made film highlighting much we have and have not already forgotten in April just passed:

Some incredible images and phenomena to seriously contemplate what the dark ones are up to:

Why is the Vatican selling themselves on the outside in new light  when we know the filthy dirt so deep on the inside?

Chemtrials & Geoengineering : Explained by Children to Adults : Look in the sky : Sample the Ground : Sample the air : These children make grown ups look as dumb as they are :

 We have been studying Chemtrials, Haarp and all forms or weather modification for 3 years and feel that people are more awake now about the link to weather modification and food poisoning and the depopulation program by the Ruling losing elite, there fore as we now home in on the exposure, we will not be covering any more on this subject as we enter the THE EVENT :

These children tell us all we need to know and what we should be doing and to be honest I would really prefer to have these kids in parliament than the evil pedophiles that sign off for these Chemtrails that they are getting us to fund.