Oklahoma : Manmade Tornado : A False Flag : Politically vetted : As Family Guy airs it’s Fore-Knowledge of it just like Boston

Oklahoma Tornado was Man-Made by a desperate and Violent cabal who are showing signs of losing thier grip on control over YOU:

Point Number 1) Family Guy Aires The Event : Watch as Youtube try to censor the inserts:

Point Number 2 ) HAARP AND SCALAR WAVES SPOTTED BY DUTCHSINCE 24-48 Hours before the event : 

(Before It’s News)

All Light News

Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a devastating series of tornadoes form, and hit the pulsed areas.

Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

 Reblogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


A.Prior to 3pm there, millitary and police went door to door in the area that is now completely demolished.  They told all residence to leave the area and head north.

B.  On there way out they saw multiple bulldozers and wrecking ball like machines moving into their neighborhoods.

C.  One of my friends saw  a huge projector/hollogram output device the size of a building.  He said while driving away he saw this projector turn on and it created a hologram tornado in the sky that eventually blocked out the area that was supposedly “hit”.

D.  One of my friends that was nearby, said that while the hollogram tornado passed overhead, all of the bulldozers and equipment began demolishing EVERYTHING!  He said explosions were also heard.  He said that every person driving a bulldozer and demolishing houses was wearing a yamica and have a big nose.  Also the bulldozers had an israeli construction company on the side.  He said it was very hgard to see this activity going on, because the hollogram tornado was blocking the view mostly.

E. All of my friends are now being told to shut up and not to talk about what they seen.  They are saying that if they dont stick to the official “:tornado” story that they will not receive any type of financial support, relief, etc.. to rebuild their homes.

F.  One of my friends heard a self-proclaimed zionist talking to a shapeshifting white guy.   They said that all the earthquake in oklohoma lately are a result of massive underground contruction.  they were talking about how the Jewish race wishes to expand rapidly and that they are building massive Jewish settlements and Palestinian slave labor camps under Oklohoma…the reason… supposedly   ak-la ham aer, which sound like oklohoma, means “Jews are the best, screw the rest” in hebrew.

Point Number 4)  Political News which always leans to the reason : 

Oklahoma joins 21 other states with petition for secession from the Union

Remember this?

If the so-called ‘Union’ can really produce Harpicanes and artificial tornadoes, how will these and other states get loose while needing emergency funds to help repair themselves.

The states that have petitioned the government to secede are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Nawww, it’s just a coincidence that this horror tornado struck and that Texas is still in the worst drought ever, and that Obombya Regime actually sued Arizona which had horror shooting massacre, and Colorado suffered horrific wildfires and theater shooting, etc., etc., and the list goes on.



THRIVE : Foster and Kimberly Gamble explain in a 9 minute Video : How to Share difficult information with Friends : With out falling out with them :Empathy :Ask good Questions : Listen : THRIVE : The Full Movie :

In Just 9 minutes video : Here is a really heart warming peice for all of you out there who have trouble with people who just do not get it.
I have many many people who speak with me now who have husbands who do not get it, Mothers and fathers or even kids that are not prepared to get the point and they live such lonely lives when it does not need to be that way.
Here are 10 points that make the controversy that much more easier to pass on without being too oppressive and losing ones credibility.

Here is the most powerful wake up film so far THRIVE :
This is the film that does actually change peoples Lives for the better:

Alcyon Video : Strange Phenomena April 2013 : Earthquakes : Financial melting pot : UFO : Meteorites : Boston False Flag Bombing significance : Sink Hole phenomena : Strange HAARP global man made weather throughout the World: What are they planning NEXT MONTH?

Spanish and English Subtitles

Exceptionally made film highlighting much we have and have not already forgotten in April just passed:

Some incredible images and phenomena to seriously contemplate what the dark ones are up to:

Why is the Vatican selling themselves on the outside in new light  when we know the filthy dirt so deep on the inside?

The Hope Girl ; Fix The World Project : Phase 1 Section 3 : All man made weather war frequency users to Cease and desist and reverse the technology to assist The Human race in Health issues

Phase two will also begin the healing on all levels of those who served in any capacity at any time for the archaic system of war. They are greatly honoured and will be helped, medically, financially, spiritually. First we must bring them home….


  • Shut down all failing nuclear reactors as well as those deemed unstable with immediate effect. All other reactors will be shut down as soon as replacement energy source (already available) has been implemented. Turn off the ones failing NOW. There are companies that have the technology used already by the military of our world to replace all energy straightaway. These companies are ordered NOW to supply those running the nuclear plants to implement what has been used in massive underground bases, bunkers, on the Moon and Mars to humanity so that all have power and heat. This all exists…and we the people are calling forth those that have served in this capacity with their minds and skills to step forward. The funds are there…They will be compensated and honoured and all threats to them and their families plus all contracts forced upon them will be removed and forgiven. All handlers stopping them will be removed.

All peoples and animals in the affected nuclear radiation areas will be moved to safe zones, healed, treated and provided for in a humane and comfortable fashion. Funds are in place for this endeavour, this is a GLOBAL EFFORT called by the people for the people.

  • All oil rigs and companies worldwide operating are to be shut down. Those working on such rigs and companies will be freed from their contracts and compensated accordingly for 3 months to rest and decide what part of phase two they wish to serve, if any. Those willing to stay will be in charge of implementing new devices and technologies to clear and heal the damage done by this process of sucking Gaia’s blood and main source of her balancing of all things. Everything our planet has is in perfect balance and has an effect on all things. Gaia was created in perfection beyond any current human imagination. Her blood is the oil. There is enough oil in barrels to serve all that need it, in the time frame, between old archaic ways to the new paradigm. Those not willing to comply with shut downs will be shut down by the people and arrested and tried for “known” crimes against humanity and our planet. This is their chance to change. There are already mass technologies in place to start healing the damage and this will be implemented. See rest of points and Phase Two will expand this plan. First we must stop and then we can begin…. All those working for said companies will be compensated and given new directives which they may choose to accept or reject of their own free will. No one will be unemployed or left wanting of funds in this change over from Archaic to Future Now. Every soul counts, we are One.
  • Shut down all HAARP machines known and unknown NOW. This is simple push the OFF button. HAARP is frequency and the same frequency used to destroy on a worldwide basis can and will be implemented with immediate effect to heal. The frequencies used to harm can also be reversed on a worldwide scale to heal. Everything you see, touch, feel, taste, is frequency. There are those who know the healing frequencies for the clearing and cleaning of air, sea, and land. These beings know which exact frequencies these are and will be asked to step up and use the technology already present to do so with immediate effect. Those working at all HAARP places will be released from their former contracts and will be asked to help run the new frequencies on these machines. They may choose to accept or reject of their own free will and will be thanked and compensated for their service either way, with a 3 month package to rest and decide how they wish to serve in Phase two, or by remaining and being part of this phase straight away. The main focus in phase One will be the zones worldwide where Gaia and her peoples are in most need. Those not already known to us with the healing frequencies are asked by Gaia and her people to step forward NOW. You will be honoured and compensated accordingly.
  • Clean up all nuclear waste; land, air and sea, plus the people and animals of this planet affected. The machines mentioned above plus other technologies and organic matters that “eat” up such waste will be employed and used with immediate effect, to begin this process.

All companies and peoples knowing such things as well as ALL the companies that supplied the Military with such organic modules as well as those that supplied such technologies are being called by the people for the people to step up NOW. A list has been compiled and growing. All that do will be released from their previous contracts (which are null and void as this writ goes global to the people), and will be issued new paradigms of service for this planet and compensated accordingly.

  • Shut down all machines affecting the planet and her people; negative mind control, sonars, frequencies that are killing and negatively affecting our planets creatures in air, land and sea as well as our mental health and earthquakes. Simple; Push the OFF button…, ask those who were in service to help reverse this process or rest. They will be thanked and compensated accordingly. Either 3 months of rest to see how they may or may not serve in Phase two or those that choose to stay will be instructed on how they may serve and reverse now the damage done with the knowledge they will be given. There is a list of those who can do this and all peoples who know and can help in this area, are being called by their planet and her people for this phase, to step forward NOW. They will be compensated accordingly.
  • Cease and desist all spraying of chemicals in the air, land, and sea, with immediate effect. All companies and personnel held under contract are freed from said contract and will be compensated in the exact amount the contract was for. Those employed will remain employed should they so choose and will be a part of the effort of reversing the process with the organic antidotes.
  • Locate and destroy immediately all biological warfare weapons, viral, chemical and otherwise. Those held under contract will be freed and asked to use their expertise for the good of our planet and humanity. They will have a choice where they will receive thanks for their service and 3 months compensation to rest and review how they may be of service in phase two, or they may choose to stay on for the same compensation as before and help destroy, neutralise and then created healing plasmas and technology for our world in said laboratories.
  • Every single weapon of mass destruction is to be neutralised with immediate effect. Those that are under contract will be freed of said contract and reimbursed. Those employed by said contract holders will be asked to either rest or begin neutralisation of said weapons with immediate effect. Technologies are already available to do this and will be utilised, the people involved are being given a choice if they wish to serve and reverse what they have done. They are free to do so, or leave with thanks and compensation either way.
  • With immediate effect shut down all factories and their respective sites where the production itself or their products are harming the environment and the people working there. Air pollutants, toxic waste, land pollution.  For example plastic bags, and non-biodegradable materials. All companies and factories are listed and known. Those running them know themselves and if not they will be notified and given a chance with immediate effect to close with no loss on income, for they will be reimbursed for their projected losses. The people working for these companies in every single case, will be given a 3 month compensation and provided for with medical care. The areas will be cleaned up and those employed by said companies wanting to help will be given new directives of how to implement systems that are benevolent to our planet and her people. Technologies and organisms will be used to clean the areas and sites as well as the people effected and those in every country willing to participate will be compensated and honoured for this grand task of phase One. Every soul counts no matter how old or young, we are One.
  • Cease and desist with immediate effect the cutting of all forests, natural and farmed trees.

Those companies in the Amazon as well as others around our world (Weyerhaeuser et al) are to halt all cutting. This is a direct order from the people for our planet. All those contracts already in place will be reimbursed; all those employees affected will be asked to either help in the process to replant or given a rest and 3 months compensation to decide how they may be able to serve in Phase two. There are enough trees already cut and being processed to provide our world, in the time frame set up, for such archaic ways of supply in construction and otherwise to be replaced. (Phase two)

Those souls being called to serve our earth worldwide with this replant and healing phase are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated.

  • Shut Down with immediate effect every single slaughterhouse and transport for such purposes.  All employees will be compensated for three months and asked either to rest or care for the animals in a humane and acceptable way with compensation. The cost of feed and care as well as all other aspects for this to be done will be provided until such a time that these animals are placed in sanctuaries existing for each type and are being created.(Phase Two). All those souls involved in transporting such animals will be given the choice to rest and receive 3 month compensation to see how they may serve, or not, in Phase Two. If they choose to be a part of the healing now then they will be asked to help transport in a humane environment and way (together with help from those teams stepping up for this precise part of the phase one) to bring the animals to said sanctuaries. They will be compensated for their part and greatly honoured. Those teams for guarding and protecting the animals are being called forth to step up NOW. You will be compensated.
  • Shut down with immediate effect all commercial farms breeding fish or any form of livestock for human consumption.  All these farms and their employees will be compensated for their projected and calculated losses due to the halting of culling for this harvest. These farms and companies will then be asked and compensated accordingly for the following; Cease all fish farming, and culling of all sea creatures, dolphins, sharks, octopus, whales, squid, salmon, et al. All those involved in Fish, Poultry and livestock farming will be compensated for every creature they currently hold and will then be given the choice and compensation thereof to correctly feed and care for the animals,  to provide sanctuary, until such a time that the sanctuaries near them have been created (Phase Two). Should the current conditions of holding these creatures, be deemed inhumane, these creatures will be removed to another place of keeping that is acceptable to the new paradigm of humanity and our world. Teams will be sent to each place to ascertain the correct freedom and feeding of each soul that chose to come as an animal, bird or fish, in this life cycle. Every single sanctuary worldwide will be given immediate funds to continue their great work without delay.  Every single organisation that works to freeing and guarding exotic animals worldwide will receive funds to continue this, straight away. No more elephants and their tusks AFRICA, no more shark fin ASIA, no more bears in cages CHINA. The people have spoken and those in charge of stopping this will have all the funds and manpower necessary worldwide to free these souls from the torture humanity has inflicted through false belief systems created. There is an antidote for every sickness on this planet, and it is with quantum energy and plants. All teams in place you are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated and so if you wish to quit your current job which helps you to “survive in the old system”, you are now free to help the new paradigm of our Future Now.


WAKE UP WORLD, it is safe to do so, OUR time is NOW………

This is the first release of a series of data results from the “Fix the World Project” More results will be coming in the next few days.

Many early Indications of A massive Earthquake : Tsunami : Some sources who say the same : Nibiru sighted and confirmed: Your Discernment required: Updated 10th Aug : Now this is interesting


Updated 10th August with Project Camalot and Miriam Delicado ( from the film The Day before Disclosure ) she feels like a Very large quake is imminent, Lets not forget she is an alien abductee.


Even as more information comes in related to this post i still recommend that we all meditate with our lovely Gaia and search deep inside of here to look for a resolution to this information So that we have the power to make this catastrophe not occur

It is futile and to be honest to pre-empt dates, even if I did provide earlier than normal indications of something in the offing, what good would it do and who on earth would pay attention to it?

So for the purpose of the records I am a transmitter of information and therefore just the messenger and would like to draw all these alternative conclusions and table them for your own thoughts and make of it what you will. Thus alleviating any panic, as this is mere hear say : That does not say that this is by no means interesting, On the contrary it is unusual to have so many saying the same things.

Earthquakes predictions for the next 2 weeks :

Firstly see the 3 minute news from Suspicious observers here: This is updated to 10th August

Just before we delve deeper into this, please bear in mind these hard facts on current affairs,

1) The Olympics and weird developments in and around the stadiums regarding security, roof top weaponization and unending military build ups.

2) Huge Military Build up of US and foreign troops on US soil especially near Burbank  and all over CA

3) The 2 Black ops killings whose purpose was knee jerk against The Libor scandal (Holmes family implicated) and Steve Greers Film Director’s father killed in Wisconsin attack as a warning on releasing the new disclosure film Sirius, plus also the fact that there has been more multiple shooting sprees on Obama’s watch than any other president.

4) Wild weather, fires, drought, heat records and tornadoes and now it’s hurricane season in US

5) Police brutality and TSA molesting at all time high on underprivileged and defenseless persons throughout US.

6) Financial kaos globally and the LIBOR scandal

7) B.R.I.C.S. breakaway nations introducing new financial system and the G20 failure of the Cabal in Brazil earlier this year

8) The never heard of before court proceedings on The Queen and The Vatican in Canada, Belgium, Holland, Ireland,  Spain ( to mention a few) and the Liens and cease and desist orders served to all central banks BIS and All Federal Reserve Branches.

9) Several ridiculous Executive orders over a 6 month period signed with out congress approval.

10) Banker defections globally and mass arrests and house cleaning in China Korea Iceland & Ireland and the Audit of the Federal Reserve and all strange gold talk “Where is it all” ? From Fort Knox to 9/11 to China and The Philippines and Venezuela.

11) Strange moves in certain areas of the stock exchange regarding insurance companies in particular Westfield’s and Pool Re the insureres of the Olympics.

12) Crop-circles are setting dates and UFO’s are seen globally at an all time high as the planet awakens from a deep deep coma and more and more disclosure on mainstream media shows a massive hike for the light.

13) The massive and widespread destruction of the central USA due to weather anomalies and nuclear fuel plants damaged or under danger warnings Dangerous Electric grid which cuts out in a small downpour ( or is purposefully switched off)

Now lets take a look at Nibiru from Australia and some comments and you can see it in the day too>

With all this and now these articles it is hardly surprising that some one would be suspicious of something big that could happen on coasts from California to Australia in the pacific, but yes , there is genuine concern and some interesting proof of something in the air.

Here is a concerned chappie in Oz ,sounds a little unprofessional but again he has some strange coincidences and soem knowledge of man-made disasters, and HAARP and says it is really bad these days and much military activity.

This has no reflection on best estimates at to whether it will happen or not,  they are  just facts that these anomalies are just and worthy of notice and passed to others for further scrutiny:

Now here is what DutchSinse Thinks too, on his Earthquake watch :

To summarize : Areas of Interest appear to be:

California Coast, Northern Australian Territories, Central North Eastern  US, Puerto Rico region, Turkey Greece and Central Med,  Spain to Poland, Iran to Chinese Russian Border.

Now for something completely  Relative:

Here is a couple of quotes from 2 predictors of Earthquakes on Above Top Secret by proven predictors who have good form:

Ok everyone, you’ve been warned of what’s to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan’s countdown… Sydney’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4’s, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour.”

Here’s more that he predicted that was posted on ATS:

Heres the latest ‘prediction’ from Mitchell Coombes-

“Mitchell Coombes
I have predicted enough HAARP disasters this year to prove that this is real, so please listen and prepare now! The next man-made tsunami created by HAARP will hit the west coast of USA. Magnitude 9.0+ earthquake will last for over 5 minutes. Start stockpiling now so you still have time to evacuate before my 4-day warning that I will give. 


Here is the link to the full article at rumormillnews with some more links:


Stealing the words out of my mouth Rayelan says this:

The Elite like to build up the fear factor. Remember, they are not like us… my guess is they are an alien specie who incarnates in human bodies. I also suspect that the brain activity difference between normal humans and psychopaths may point to these aliens who incarnate in human bodies. Whatever the Elite are, it has been proven to me that they feed on fear. That’s the most tasty energy to them. They also feed on hate, anger, lust, perverted pleasures… all the things that normal humans find repellent.

Whether this psychic is receiving his messages from God or from the Elite… we need to pay attention. Even if the Elite is only wanting to stir up fear, we need to pay attention.

Back to the brainstorming and information gathering:

Now we have a clear indication of a man-made quake WILL HAVE 4 DAYS NOTICE or 105hrs This is due to the complicated and unstoppable HAARP process should the buttons be pressed and the action is been told to us as being irreversible once that button is pressed.

If this is so, one would know this by the XYZ charts on the HAARP site, the location or locations can then be sought.

So if we were to be involved in preempting man-made disaster, like Fukushima last year then here are a few steps and tips to refer to daily just as an early warning indicator.

1) Look to strange records broken on the stock market.

2) Look to mainstream media and strange breaking news and politics specific to the suspected earthquake area IE : California and Australia and Territories appear to be this weeks hot spots.

3) Strange stories of UFO’s in certain regions. ( Highest ever reports on Alternative media globally)

4) Main stream politics concerning breaking financial  news . ( just look at the MSM)

5) More false flag and Black op’s. ( no more please you look as guilty as hell and desperate)

6) Any fear mongering stories. ( all over the news)

7) Old volcanoes opening up and strange earth phenomena, sink holes, dead animals birds , or coastal erosion or unheard of or record breaking Mud slides or flash floods etc. IE : New Zealand this week as in Mt Tongariro.

8) Weird troop activity in concentrated areas. SEE BELOW

9) Typical satanic numbering in dates , times and stats, IE: 8/11, 13/8 what else is there for August? 2012 as 25th /8 adds up to 33.and 14th/8 adds to 22 and 17th can add up to 20/8/2012 =33 and I could go on.

so have we any of the above?

Then you get this government action on Activist post By Susan Posel:

Here is a clip:

Informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future.

Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

Go here for more: http://www.activistpost.com/2012/08/dhs-and-us-military-make-final.html

and then this just in from again DutchSinse:

And just to remind you, should you have any reservations that they cannopt hurt us and they are doing us good ! check this video out of the skies in London and the crazy chemtrailing going on there for the olympics. i think he means August the 9th not 19th maybe he is a satanist (chuckles), This is disgusting viewing:

Could be an interesting fortnight



Royal Families Appraisal: An open assessment of who they are and who they were and what they are up to? And more importantly: What can we do now?

Composed by Dave Stewart 3rd June 2012

Our Royal Families and what are they doing as we speak and

How to build Unity consciousness to bring the cabal down.

I was a royalist exactly 12 months ago June 2nd 2011 then all that changed.

I was hovering over 3 subjects at that time that were crucial to changing my views on life

Firstly I found that HAARP is a global weather weapon run by the US Military and it is being used as a tool for political pressure

This is best explained by an Article by Benjamin Fulford explaining how the HAARP was used to threaten Japan to hand over there entire Financial system to a bunch of American Thugs namely G H Bush and J D Rockefeller

But rather alarmingly it turns out that this weapon is owned by a company called ARCO and BP owns 20% shares

Raytheon and BAE systems are also in on the act of killing people too

Elizabeth II is patron of these companies financially

Rather than be proud of being part of the financial background to what amounts to nothing more than Global Vandalism by Corporate Warfare

One would assume Queenie not to support such a cruel weapon as A madam of her position but more to use it on the poor drought affected areas of the planet as Bernard Eastlund had intended when he invented it in the 80’s

But No as Michael Chossudovsky points out in this article this is nothing more than an experiment of Global destruction that even WMD does not come close to describing and suits an Esoteric Agenda of Depopulation that is well in full swing by the Illuminati

Owning the weather as a Weapon http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO409F.html

Secondly all at the same time June last year,

I was wondering why it looks set in concrete that another financial crash is looming and that areas of the world were all experiencing gross poverty and collapse and the very same people are still in charge of this debauchery.

Victoria Grant ( appropriately named) did something for me that no other 12 year old girl could do

She explained that some thing was wrong and that a 12 year old un educated girl was needed to point out that we live by insane control

The third item at the same time was why all heads of state, all giant corporation owners and mogul media bosses and the highest of high Royalty were meeting in Switzerland in massive military secrecy and the Mainstream Media did not want to cover this amazing event

Bilderberg 2011 was in Switzerland and Queen Beatrix is the figure head and it has been going since 1954

List of Attendees Bilderberg can be seen here http://www.infowars.com/bilderberg-2011-full-official-attendee-list/

I then woke up and the 3 subjects under closer scrutiny gave me realization that we are being manipulated by every means and we are not free citizens at all.

Further research lead me to find out the deeper darker Agenda that we are enslaved with

But through all the doom and gloom I could not help but notice that there is a global awakening going on and that there was a rise in awakening going on to stop this wreckless lunacy that was gripping our planet and that for the most part is where my research leads me today, in awackening our consciousness

As seen in the Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken

However no consciousness can be awake without delving into the complete agenda and it was The THRIVE movie amongst others that really woke me up to the entire global agenda Even  still I remain critical of THRIVE because it fails to discuss this subject of Power control and only touches on USA agendas and not it’s source

European Royalty

Here is the THRIVE movie link regardless of my comments, as it is still ‘everything under one roof ‘ So to speak and should be passed on and made viral

Back to Royalty

It turns out that Royalty Rothchilds Rockefeller’s and Ratzingers are in total ownership of our enslavement and the corruption has been intricate to a degree that manipulation is total in every aspect of our daily lives EVERY THING and i searched for the link between all of these

What possible agenda or group could hold these groups of War lords in one chamber??

Wars were profit machines and created wealth for a few since Nathan Rothschild orchestrated the Battle of Waterloo then lied about the outcome to sell all his shares in the stock exchange

Only to get his insider troops to buy back the low cost shares as every body followed suit in selling their shares on the premise that France won.

Even the British Monarch had to bow cap and tail to Nathan and ask for money

The Rothschild’s ( Red Shield) own the City of London Corporation as a separate country to UK and Britain

It is rumoured that the queen has to walk 20 paces behind the Rothschild’s should she be invited there in that square mile corruption center

here is a quote from Henry Mackow Ph.D

It is accurate to post that Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not independent, sovereign countries. However, these nations are not owned and run by the UK; they are owned and run by the House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate within the City of London Corporation. The head signatory of the Crown Temple syndicate is Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England).

It should not be forgotten that the most powerful financial syndicate in the Western World is that of the European Rothschilds. The Rothschilds, because of their power base inside the City of London Corporation, have a controlling membership of the London Crown Temple syndicate, and they also have executive control of the Vatican and the Mafia though the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy.

In another article here is the Nazi connections discussed in Royalty and why King had to abdicate because of his Nazi Bond

It was also revealed that following his abdication, King Edward VIII had been in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Portugal to create a British revolution, overthrow the Churchill government and regain the throne from his brother King George VI. This was reported in the Washington Post and London Observer in the mid 1990s.

King Edward VIII’s abdication eventually allowed Queen Elizabeth II to ascend to the throne in 1952. Five years before, she married her second cousin Prince Phillip who had siblings with numerous ties to Nazis. Prince Phillip was actually trained in the Hilter Youth and his brothers-in-law became high profile members of the Nazi party. His belief in Nazi ideology is clear when one looks at what he has said on the subject of overpopulation.

and linking to the States

Of the 42 presidents to Clinton, 33 have been related to two people: Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of France. So it goes on: 19 of them are related to England’s Edward III, who has 2000 blood connections to Prince Charles. The same goes with the banking families in America. George Bush and Barbara Bush are from the same bloodline – the Pierce bloodline, which changed its name from Percy, when it crossed the Atlantic. Percy is one of the aristocratic families of Britain, to this day.


Just like the Federal Reserve was set up by a bunch of Eurocratic thugs and criminals to steal every penny of hard working Americans The City of London Corporation was set up to feed the Royals money from the Rothschilds.

The Vatican had the Mafia doing there own mopping up the dirty work and as for recent developments we can clearly see the Vatican is not only a Banking mafia cult it is a jail and a child molesters paradise and a cover for sodomizing priesthood and its leader is the main cover up which is getting exposed by the day

Just yesterday Ireland have said enough is enough from these people and issued notice on the Vatican to clean it’s act up of face the consequences as here issued by the International Court of Crimes against church and state ITCCS


Back to the Royalty & Rothschild’s

A comfy alliance ensued in the 19th century  and mostly mutual Benefit was business as usual for R&R

King and country was set up thus:  the workers worked and paid the taxes and the royal taxes covered the loans the Rothchild’s fed to Royalty

Banksters set the prices and tarriffs and the Federal Reserve was commenced illegally plus the IRS in the states spread financial corruption far across the Atlantic, as a man made financial thuggery virus spreading into ever state parish and community.

As it is today even jumbo jets would be jumbo jets for 40 years , no improvement, feeding fuel revenue to the Oil Royals  back again to the Corporation of London and keeping it’s ageing fleet complete with original ashtrays in the bathrooms still today.

I am most surprised that there is no ashtrays fitted as standard to the new A380

Royalty bought up all the energy companies and created vast profits from technology and the Rothschild’s created the Media and Communication networks and controlled all the information and created the Stock Exchange scam and Federal Reserve

Rothschild’s now had dynasty’s in Germany France Britain Scotland Denmark Sweden Spain and blended with Energy giants in the states

With the weaponry advancing to weather and space wars they could then steal entire Country financial systems as in Japan as Benjamin Fulford explained earlier and  Australia and many others with a simple threat of bad weather and it worked.

And if you so much as mention 9/11 in your news, you had liquefaction on foot as in Christchurch

And if you wanted to Join another currency and ditch the doller , Liquefaction on foot as in Chile

Game Set and Match for enslavement of the masses

This devious act of brilliance formed the basis of modern day poverty and wealth is in your face everywhere you go.

In Ecuador as a typical example of this disgusting practice of drilling for fossil fuels,  Giant Oil companies occupy and poison the indigenous people Running rough shod over native citizens for oil and profit

as seen by ChevronToxico here in the short video, any one with half a heart would be compelled in doing something

Current activists call it the 99% or the 1% and they have it just about right

The Royal Families who are heads of corporations of energy and Oil and flight Companies have down trodden all new technology that came our way , and set it for use with in the Huge Monsterous Corporate War Machine that is in evendence all over the world today

Any new technology which needs to be tested goes straight to the  military and we except that. Duhh

Alien Technology

Since many downed spacecraft have been backworked in technology some of it has filtered through to us useless eater

Teflon Pans for one the mobile phone and computers too

Here’s how it works in modern politcs

You are from  Brazil for example and a craft goes down there (Which has happened ) the US say send it all to Denver Bunker or Area 51 for example and they (The US) will provide your country with benefits of wealth and some new technology from other backworked engineerimg projects

DARPA however (less known) is back worked tele-travel technology through Wormholes and has seen many people transported to MARS

The mars program or DARPA program is 33 year in the making and 3 whistle blowers have bear witness to meeting Obama in Mars and William Stilling being one and Andrew Basaggio traveled with him in the tele-porter on one of those occasions in 1983 Obama has been to Mars on at least 3 occasions I have witnessed reported from NASA whistleblowers.

See here Alfred Webre Interview with Andrew Basaggio and William Stillings here


And see here Alfred Webre interview with Laura Eisenhower Grandaughter of the late president and how she escaped the cloning and forced programming by her family ties here


They even clone sports stars Like Tiger Woods who has been part of The MK Ultra program for profit for years

Often you can tell by strange unexpected deaths in the families of the unfortunate cloned ones just Like Tiger Woods Dadand invariably when they resist their orders invariably there are prostitutes involved again just like Tiger Woods

Here is a link to the Tiger Woods clone story but it does not stop there

The list is endless and I have found one site dedicated to this topic and it takes over a day to get through all the Y’s and Where 4’s in the satanic videos all on this link below.


Back to our Nazi Rulers

The 2 world wars,  Rothschild sponsored of course and was intended to extend the Rothschild’s Empire to Russia and Japan to mention just a few of their pre-requisite conquests.

The Nazi’s under Hitler and the SS were funded by the Rothschild’s and so was Churchill by the Queen and the Corporation of London (Rothschild’s).

The US used to send Fully fitted out Boeing’s to Germany to German specification for war as good business and profit

Which is explained by David Wilcock in his interview last month with The Drake

Nuclear Weapons and the Red Flag to Divine intervention

During and since the second world war There has been a major invention of Nuclear weaponry and Alien spacecraft have been very interested in this new weapon ever since the weapons became used

Initially a huge red flag was waved when Hiroshima went off and the Aliens saw it and started closer investigation and even more interrogation of nuclear war heads on Earth.

As detailed by Stephen Greer in Both Thrive the movie and The Day Before Disclosure by Terje Toftenes

German Luftwaffe complained of many UFO’s following them in 1940 -42 so much so they named them Foo-Fighters

Then Roswell and New Mexico crashed spaceships opened up a new phenomena and led to DUMB’s Deep Underground Military bases being built with thousands of miles of underground link tunnels in USA, India, Russia China and Germany to mention just the major ones Pine Gap is Australia’s most famous named DUMB’s base

Google Earth has some hair curling images over head

In “The Day Before Disclosure” Reports that in 1953  The Robertson Panel  convened to report that any sighting of UFO or spacecraft would be met with silence and intimidation thus, that any reporter of UFO sightings would lose their job and possessions in order to dumb this subject down .

The secret underground bases then began in earnest which have people living down there today never allowed out for security reasons

Phil Schneider reported an Alien attack whilst building these enormous bases when stumbling across an alien resident in one

He was lasered by a Hybrid Grey and came open to the public with his injuries but sadly he and 12 of his colleagues just like in the Osama bin Laden raid have perished since by strange events This is standard practise when working for the cabal.

His incredible story is found here

Lets Bless this man

Double crossing we call it Illuminati Call it “business as usual”.

The Illuminati had big plans to create a massive or many massive Tsunami’s for the Oceans and had planned to move all their families to live inside these bases and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves and starve to death in A man Made Armageddon style attack here on Earth.

Even propaganda saw unusual steps taken to silence alien talk, for instance the  CIA bought up newspapers and called them UFO reporters and ridiculed the subject that no scientist wished to be embroiled in the embarrassment, a classic piece of Mind Control

This is reported by Michael Salla in The Day Before Disclosure

UFO’s are more frequent these days and Aliens are present in this world inside of it and out side of it, and have been here for millions of years but certainly we have  40000 year old cave inscriptions of UFO’s.

No scientists needed as Graham Hancock explains in his 2012 conference

But what has all this got to do with Royal Families DNA?

Let David Icke explain about the Frequency of DNA and Bloodlines

They are a Hybrid Reptilian Bloodline and race brought and formed here and this is the reason they must maintain their bloodlines

So this is how it appears to work

20 Previous US Presidents were related to Queen Elizabeths Family lines including George Bush

19 other were related to the French and Portuguese and Spanish Monarch

This statistic alone warrants odd of Trillions to one to happen in any democracy

The Rothschild’s found funding Royal wars very profitable business

Royalty however used Maritime law to cement their ever increasing grip on the people sheeple of this planet

The Current Total populous of slaves under the British Commonwealth stands today at 1.9Billion and the current hold the Vatican City banksters have a hold on Catholics world wide stands today at 1.3 Billion Approximately half the world population when added together as reported by Benjamin Fulford in his New Financial System Summary January This year

All Royal families date back in time to the Danish Royal Family blood line over 500 years or more

Probably the best information about Royal Bloodlines Rothchilds and The Vatican can be found with these  people

Henry Mackow http://www.henrymakow.com/ “dares to go where most people fear ‘David Icke See constant Updates

Here is the most comprehesive updated article on the royal bloodlines I have seen to date at Alcuin Bramerton



here is the beginning of the article

On Monday 20th February 2012, confirmatory intelligence emerged from Japan (here) that, below the surface, a widening rift in geopolitical loyalties is developing between the older and younger members of the British Royal Family bloodlines. This rift is understood to be developing and extending through most of the European Illuminati hereditary control-structures, not just in the UK, but also in countries such as The NetherlandsSpain andSweden.

What is being referred to as the Gnostic Illuminati powergroup has issued a 31st March 2012 deadline to the Western banking cartel’sCommittee of 300, to cease and desist in its Nazi-continuum (Odessa Group) agenda of financial theft and international exploitation.

The Committee of 300 agenda is being implemented throughartificially constructed financial instruments and money laundries, and through wars, invasions and state-sponsored terrorist atrocities such as the post-WW2 conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and the false-flag attacks of 911 (pre-planned demolition of Twin Towers in New York – more here) and 311 (the pre-planned nuclear tsunami in Japan – more here).


Secret Societies

The secret societies now have managed to create a wealth of unwanted Bureau’s that rule the planet none of which any one person needs or wants CIA FBI CFR NATO UN you name it they are all in the same family

IMF and All Central Banks have bogus owners and all high level people ( (Cabal/ Elite/Illuminati) Own all banks or have a good stake in them

The secret societies alone are final proof of this comfy relationship However it may not be that comfy these days

Today as I write Bilderberg is meeting in Chantilly Marriot Hotel in Virginia US and many Royal Family members are meeting for 4 days with Giants of the Corporate world to discuss depopulation & Agenda 21 , Codex Alimentarius (the new food rules to poisin the populous) and the next US president.

Phil the Geek even quotes to royalist on a tour one day ” if i came back to Earth I would wish to be a major virus to kill the scourge of over population of today” unquote

People saw the funny side of it but never saw the evil intent visible in his eyes He is one of the patrons of just that NWO to kill 6 Billion off this planet and maintain the rest under slavery and mind control.

Great great deception from Royalty and High Power Elite

Phil the Nazi Geek is patron of the very very dangerous World Wildlife Fund which is a disgrace in it’s self but millions of people fall for this scam just like they fall for the Global Warming hoax with one of the worst modern day liars of all Al Gore.

Here is a short article explaining how the WWF uses it’s funding for depopulation purposes


But on the same subject it gives me most pleasure in oposting Al Gore and his Lies one after the other Great Body language of a liar in congress on film ,,oh superb Rep Marsha Blackburn

Monsanto on the other hand, part owned by Bill Gates has over a third of it’s staff who work for the Federal Drug Administration and are also high position of decision making in Government and congress too, WOW how good is that?

So they make the product poisonous, then they approve it and pass it through congress even if it has POISON written on the food

Brilliant way of making money

Other secret societies that exist and meet in complete secrecy are Called:

Committee of 300: Club of Madrid: Club of Rome : Bilderberg group : Knights Templars: Freemasonry Society: Bohemian Grove and the Scull & Bones to mention a few.

The attendees are all the same in most cases mixing Royalty with Banksters and Giant Corporation Chiefs with Military and communications and Press Association that control the news on their agenda mix with the Vatican Banksters and Child Molesters

Most people in these rooms have previous form, which have had at least one official genuine institution after an other, in some part of the world who have found most of these people Guilty of Corruption : Child Sexual offenses: War Mongery  and Murder and genocide.

Given that they control The World  Press Association, The Medical Association The Law and Bar Association and the Military and NASA plus Schools and Colleges and Hospices It appears to be a covered affair and no one appears to be able to break their immunity from prosecution

The mass of child graves found around the globe in Royal Institutions education centers and churches that have the Vatican and Royalty Figure heads Attached to the blood, steps into hundreds of thousands in as many countries as 40 or more.

read here with Alfred Webre on Exopolitics


It appears that there is research of many more cases in Canada in Establishments owned by the Queen and the Vatican but more alarming is the amount of countries who have there own issues at a level of seriousness which each concern many thousand incidents of death torture ritualism and sexual depravity and enslavement.

It appears very likely that these deaths are linked directly to Satanic rituals of Murder and even Cannibalism and Exorcism KKK which stems from the Reptilian hybrid Race DNA and is common in all cases of Secret Society

In one court case Royalty have been found guilty of using Depleted Uranium on folk but the Hague is owned by the Rothschild,  so that is ok

But the Royal family are no strangers to making and carrying out there own rules no matter how obvious you think Diana’s murder was

well she was pregnant to a rag head

Sure Liz’n Phil liked that news

Here is a classic case of Jack The Ripper on  Henry Mackow Ph.D with John Hamer

This is my final  Weird article But to be honest Nothing surprises me any more in This incoherent world

But you only need to read the first 3 paragraphs to know something was going very wrong with the highly influential Royalty, Government and Freemasonry which demanded action , action of a satanical nature.

“It is important to note that the diaries of Frederick Abberline did not see light of day until around 70 years after the unsolved murders. They were in the possession of Walter Sickert, art tutor to Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence otherwise known by his colloquial name of ‘Prince Eddy’.

Eddy was the eldest son of Albert Edward the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra (later Queen Alexandra), the grandson of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria and older brother of the future king of England, King George V and as such would have been first in line to the throne.

Unfortunately, due to centuries of Royal in-breeding, Eddy was partially deaf and of well below average intelligence and was thus shunned by the majority of his cold-hearted family.

Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time was a great supporter and patron of Freemasonry as were all the Royal males of the age (and as they still are today).  Indeed it was the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family (the current British royals) had sponsored the rise of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, originally a Freemasonry offshoot, in Bavaria in the 18th century.   Weishaupt was indeed born and raised in the Bavarian town of Gotha.”


Now what can we do?

Will unity consciousness really help our cause?

Lets all take a fresh breath of air and see what our responsibility is now

Back to the brain,

we all have a Reptilian part of the brain which is now known to control the murder and violence sector of our make up

Best discribed by David Icke in this short clip

It also appears evident that all of these societies no matter how secret,

Adore and worship the Pineal Gland in our Brains looking like the Reptilian Gland but being Geometric center to the human brain and it is revered as the 3rd Eye

Often seen on the dollar Bill and seen as a enormous statue in the Vatican and used through out the ancient times

The Pineal Gland is our secret avenue to the contact with the stars via our Consciousness

It is a stargate

It is the sights in our dreams and sound too The gland is full of fresh water and dmt that can produce light rays and vision just like a laser works with a ruby, but this is impossible to catch as it dies the moment we die so no surgeon can access it for real. they do know it produces it though

The Secret societies know this and try to suppress this by putting Flouride in our tooth paste and fresh drinking water feeding us Plastic products and water in plastic Bottles and even mercury in our fillings in the form of modern dentistry.

David Wilcock Explains The Pineal Gland and is one of the first to disclose this information in this clip here

Cancer and health cure suppression

Generally like wars and hurricanes damage is profit and so too is cancer part of their agenda, as they have been active for many years suppressing cures just like Royal Rife

Chemotherapy well that is just Torture you pay for with your last droplets of money while you are still breathing

“I told you not to go through that body scanner they are cancerous” this being a well known fact for Mothers

Natural cancer cures all known cancers  with natural remedies and colloidal silver water that I make for myself and I am a carpenter

So what the hell do I need the Royal society of cancer & medicine for

One of the best ways to defeat the evil of our supression is to do anything in your power to open your Pineal Gland up and send messages afar.

Most of the thousands of contactees on the planet communicate with the Galactic federation and Andromeda Council  by telepathic means and have not lost that ability which should be  natural for us all to do so too

So our mission is to wake up our selves from the inside out.

It remains to be said that with this Alien war going on and once we see that Royalty Lords and Sirs and Knights are all in on this act and they are who we are up against

A daunting task with out a Pineal Gland working on most 7 billion of us that have not yet been killed by the Criminals who beseige us every day of our lives.

Royalty and Lords of the land, control every aspect of our lives

Royal Societies control Science History, Medicine and Arts and many more So that means All cosmic events too

Royalty controls sport too Polo  Royal and Ancient Golf and Royal Ascot and The Olympics are crudely Satanic “The Zionic games” The Rothschild’s Games they even have the logo’s on the mascots with a third eye (or one eye only) The whole lay out spells Zion form the air

Most accepted Charities are royal based and control the masses in times of disasters who can and are distributing viruses in vaccines globally under the pretense of Humanitarian aid which they caused

Problem Action Solution as David Icke calls it

If you want to sail the world they give you a Royal Yacht Association ticket

They control The Queens Council and Bar Association

they control energy and most modern city Weather and disasters

Have you noticed that many Tornadoes and Hurricanes actually hit cities these days when they used to come ashore or hit fields more in the early days

There is great money in disaster and war and now they have the massive Weather weapon they can get away with almost anything as in Haiti Chile NZ Sechuan Japan Turkey and Indonesia Plus just of late Italy and Spain oddly enough, attacking churches with Earthquakes

But Drought too , given the original inventor of HAARP wanted to use it for Africa for Drought reasons and good intent, it was removed from his grip by way of patent into Military hands and used in Corporate warfare and Governmental Bribery

ARCO the Queens company has a massive gas section and Fracking ( Hydraulic fracturing) of the Earth ( Banned in most countries) appears to be welcomed back again in the UK and France

This is a method of drilling 8000 feet or so and by injecting 596 toxic chemicals in there hole, this fractures the earth and causes earthquakes let alone poisons the ground with gases and toxins

In the US they have thousands upon thousands and rising, Households who can set fire to their water from their taps

You can be sure who sanctioned this action

The fact that since Nichola Tesla’s invention of free energy was blanked and killed off by J P Morgan in the 1920.s we are at current ( pardon me) 100 years behind the times of Free energy Anti Gravity and tele-portation to other stars, due to the greed we are ordered to endure from our Royalty and Highest of high lowest of low Reptilian scum on this round blob of incoherence

The secret technology is for us to use and not for the military we do not need Military with good control and proper straight down the line leadership

It will remian incoherent while we have no active Pineal Glands to make the call We are all spiritual people

Instead we will live and breed with Evil Royal Satanists

My only hope is We are waking up to the reality that is hidden in plain sight.

I continue to drink Colloidal Silver water and cure cancers and cure my self But I have one more secret for you up my sleeve

Distilled water and drinking lots of it, is cleaning my Pineal Gland as it breaks down calcium and flouride

and my dreams are becoming clearer and more visible and more weird ( chuckles)

So I have no idea how long before my Pineal Gland starts humming far far away from here

One thing is for sure I will use it for the benefit of man kind unlike any thing Royalty has done for us over many years

They need to go and we need to be the ones to remove them

We have forgotten who we are and what we have been put here for as explained by

David Icke in this short  masterpiece

“We need to get with the consciousness cavalry,

They are already here and they are not stooping down to our level

We need to rise to the consciousness of the cavalry” David Icke 2010

Now we work on the Mass Arrests of the Committee of 300




Zen Gardner : terraforming of Earth : If anyone needs to know why Mass Arrests are needed : READ THIS ARTICLE

by Zen Gardner

This is about as creepy as it gets. But it’s right in front of our eyes.

Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.

However, those in places of authority and economic power appear to clearly be maniacal psychopaths constantly scheming for new ways to use and abuse humanity and its beautiful home called Earth, or Terra.

As in Terraforming. We’ll get to that.

You name it. Politically, economically, socially, environmentally. It appears we’ve been literally invaded by something foreign to our world and are being systematically abused, dismantled and destroyed.

Just Look at the Nuclear Nightmare No One Notices

Nuclear radiation is now officially off the charts! Never mind the constant death-dealing spray of radiation from Fukus-up-shima, humanity’s being dosed from every which way on this insane planet.

Radiation from decades of nuclear bomb tests, Fukushima showers,  TSA checkpoints, medical offices, irradiated food, depleted uranium used in the war forum and industrial parts and elsewhere, leaking nuclear reactors…it’s pathetic.

And that’s not including the electromagnetic radiation baking anyone near cell masts or GWEN towers, holding cell phones to their ears, smart meters, and living in an electromagnetic smog of crossing powerlines and wifi on top of it.

And that’s all we know about.

And that doesn’t include the chemtrails and other insane geoengineering “experiments”, managed mega oil disasters and the toxification of our water table via gas fracking and other means, never mind the mad wars being waged worldwide, etc.

It’s berserk and has a source.

Read more here


The New World : How we are supposed to behave react and conduct our selves ; The New World and How we see it unfolding

The New World Changes

By Dave Stewart

Light Worker in The Caribbean

25th March 2012

If you ever wondered or said “nobody really knows what is really going on “then please think again.

Here is the list of changes being implemented in and orderly fashion which are concise and for the good of the people, unlike the world we know today

These are occurring as we speak even if it does not look so on ‘mainstream media’, for the New World now being discussed on radio stations globally and all alternative internet news media and the rising 500,000 groups globally aka Paul Harken 2011 .

Here is a collection of how things appear to be going and how they will pan out

Mass resignations from the corporate banking world called bankster’s are the first indication of change

There have been over 400 such mass defections in corporate bank positions in just 30 days this month

Most have not been covered by our Top news channels as they too have been corrupted for many years by the Cabal.

Mass Arrests of prominent people who have enslaved our nations globally has begun, albeit slowly at first, the timing of this important second onion skin unraveling is important so as not to inflame panic on the streets.

Bill Gates, George Bush Snr, Silviano Burlusconi and Timothy Geitner have been confirmed as detained and questioned about their part in the delay to implement the new financial system and have been sent home with marshals in their control and they are not to leave the country many more are expected within the next month and the speed with which it will happen will shock many unaware.

All of their runaway bases have now been rendered ineffective and the ruling cabal will have no where to hide

The Galactic Federation have chosen now to be the right time to forcibly detain those who still resist previous warnings to leave power

Following the release on alternative media on the internet, the following will take place speedily, with just one to 4 days notice:

The retake of media and local business in order for transition and regression to take place will follow:

Mass arrests of high predominance  will begin in earnest and there will be no escaping the feeling that something big is ongoing

Then wheels of karma will cease to revovle and we the people will go into full swing

The Galactic federation will call on all light workers around the globe to spring into form.

The people too will spring into action and claim the constitution back and rule their own parishes again

The introduction of emergency support measures, to shelter, feed, clothe and medicate the needy

Housing for people who have none and accommodation for those persons wrongly incarcerated

The implementation of a committee of constitution control by the people for brainstorming change

All essential services which will be funded by the collateral global accounts have already in most cases been implemented.

The bar association will be re-elected so that law and order to deal with the mass arrests and new change orders and be dealt with without the previous bias toward corporate gain.

Common law implementation of the people “No harm to individuals or property = No crime”

Immediate protection implemented to the environment of Air, Food, Water and Energy

The establishment of a violent free peaceful revolution to the benefit of the people

The Implementation of a new currency and the devaluing of taxes, house hold bills and local fees.

The implementation of infrastructure needs in transport, roadways, fuel and other services of need.

The education of the people in regards military and the call to the people to call on military if needed

The re-education of the military of their rights to assist the community, when called upon.

The establishment of international groups to help the needy in food, shelter and medical supplies

The removal of all harmful corporate companies and the call for local, produce farming.

The introduction of hidden and suppressed technology and the building of this industrial reality

The establishment of re-education of Religion, History, Science and Finance will be in everyone’s needs

The stock up of emergency supplies to oneself and to others and the supply of much needed medication

Those who suffer from the resistance to the reality of how we have been deceived are to be educated.

Harmonious transfer of power to elect mayors and other statesmen of need by the people

Timeline of regression shall be dealt with by the state but all people will be looked after first

Timeline anticipation of some areas will be as little as 30 days but in some cities 90 days to 6 months

A timeline of 4 years has been tabled to establish the new grounds on which to form solid state progress

This will be in terms of Education, Medical and Environmental authorities and the introduction of

Earth friendly energy technologies that can be introduced to all by all communities

The timeline also indicates time needed to repair or heal the environment from the previous destruction

This will include nuclear waste, pollution of crop fields, the water and rivers and sea.

The timeline for the mass arrests to take place has been and is being discussed and the mass resignations are a clear sign to link to the next onion ring, as it were, being pealed back IE: Mass Arrests and The Galactic federation have now today stepped up plans to intervene and speed up this process which has been dragged down by the ruling cabal.

Further assessments of people’s skills and introduction to the new world and how they can be of assistance in the clean up and betterment of all beings will be opened up and offered to people alike

The very essence of family community will be transparent and the basis of all wellbeing of governance in future shall too be transparent in all nature and representation.

Places like Britain and Sweden and Holland may drag behind in the clear up process as the likes of the Royalty and big family gangster names resist their undoing, however these people of power are the very reason for the need for change.

It is they who have us 120 years behind the times in their insistence of use of toxic fossil fuels and it is they who have  suppressed technology and assisted in the depopulation program globally which has brought us all into their media mind wars and enslavement, it is they who who have allowed the process of toxic air pollution and food & soil toxin and medical cure supression and desease to be introduced to otherwise harm free areas of the globe.

Based on the old fable “do unto others as you, wish done unto yourself” or love thy neighbor.

Any further crime will be seen as a crime if it affects any one person, property or possessions.

This will be applied to industry and companies in production of consumables of material needs.

The same policy will be adopted internationally and progress of needy areas with be monitored.

Any one person who has international duty will not be eligible to vote for the home constituency

Global collateral accounts will pay or subsidize infrastructure funds and transport needs

IRS will no longer be needed and no other form of enslavement banking either, Debt will be history and no one will be missed.

Those in need of assistance will get it and the people will ensure that they get just that.

Prosperity packages will be awarded to those deemed to be in need or those who have been blatantly ripped off.

The mass arrested will be judged by the people and their forfeit will be decided by the people

FEMA camps could be an alternative source of internment for those guilty of people crimes.

People will work for the people, with governance, which will be decided by the people as required

This will be for the good of all, in each state, county or parish.

The military will be turned into a peacekeeping force and will provide support for those areas most badly affected by globalization manipulation of old

And Finally:

Now sit down, and enjoy the spectacular display by our star-seeds brothers, sisters and ancestors of the Andromeda Council and The Galactic Federation of light as they mingle with us all, to share some experiences and check on our spirituality & consciousness, as we move towards Our New Golden Age

Efforts will be made to enlighten people on their need for open minded consciousness and respect for the worlds indigenous people and their ‘in depth relationship with the planet’.

Educating those in the principles of why they are here will be essential in raising awareness of our spiritual souls.

“Empathy, forgiveness and compassion stops the wheels of Karma” 2011 David Wilcock