NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE FALSE FLAG BUSTED: Same old fingerprints : Texas Oil company : Police drills on the day : Drilling nekes in the ground same as Japan : Seismograph shows Nukes going off maybe 5 in total in Pegasus basin : and more :

Here we go again : This time we know what to look for : 

Here is the company doing exploratory work: Oh They are from Texas “Skull n Bones” The Bush Family. 

Anadarko and the Pegasus Basin exploratory works ( AKA Nuke planting division):

Here is the ship they brought down to implant the nukes in the sea bed. (Look up it’s whereabouts)

Anadarko-Hires-Drillship-Noble-Bob-Douglas-Under-Construction-at-HHIHere is the area where they are to be exploring :

Anadarko drill jpgHere is the earthquakes swarm :


Here is what to expect form a mother Gaia earthquake:


Now  look at all the nuke explosions : Normaly there is a build up but here we see an immediate spike like a blast.

Here is the seismographs from yesterday:


Here is the Military drills Links:

Nuff said : get these people off the buttons and in Jail please:

Spread wide and far:

Love and Light To Brett and Carol in NZ:






The Event Latest : 25% on the EVENTOMETER : 3 Arrested in Vatican sting : As Bush will be arrested on US soil : All the signs are looking promising as The RV Iraq’s chapter 7 is lifted as POOF said.

Updated 28th June following Benjamin Fulford’s Post and comments from  POOF & Cobra : Plus the latest news : 

It is very difficult not to rate The Eventometer 12% higher and bring it up from 22% to 25% in news from just this week:

Here are some headlines that need digesting  to understand that things are actually happening as Benjamin Fulford said in his final words this week :

Benjamin Fulford”  Let us see if their latest promises for big changes by the Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations actually happen this year. ADDITIONALLY “

The gnostic illuminati have also promised to intensify their campaign to completely overthrow the Western establishment. They have renewed their web-page to indicate this. To this end, big secret moves are being made”.

Is he talking about those who are deliberately trying to stop the Event, like Bush, Obama and Gillard maybe? more on that in a moment.

POOF this week warned us of stupidity on the 4th of July suggesting that gunlaw  lobbyists could incite riots, one to watch for and hope for peace.

So is any of this true? well this is is very interesting.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Lets really hope we have news headlines of Bush (Clintons and Bush already under home restrictions) or someone major next week  like this below : 

Just in : 3 Vatican Officials Arrested in banking scam by Italian Officials:

This is clear antagonism from the fighting Sabbatean factions as Fulford said here last week:  “The Vatican is also now clearly pitted against the Sabbatean cabal and this can be seen in statements by the Pope about financial tyranny. It is also seen in the form of Vatican support for anti-plutocratic riots in Brazil.”


What exactly is going on for real in the financial world ? Karen Hudes tells us clearly :

This has been superbly details for us by Susan Posel here for Occupy Corporatism.

Basel III needs more power to be implemented and action must be taken against the Vatican for breaking that transparency ruling that the Vatican Signed up to when Ratsinger resigned (got sacked) earlier in February this year. Remember:  The Vatcian Bank was allowed to reopen it’s Bank with Basel III transparency laws in place once Ratsinger was removed as Pontiff :

So this is clear that Julia Gillard ( sacked this week in Oz) got her zionist frock ripped off ( metaphor) , She must have been seen as the one who actively purged the release and the progress of  the Bonds and prosperity funding for projects of the future, purely as a puppet for corporation The Commonwealth of Australia ( Royalty)???

Cobra once told me that the Basel III is only a good idea if they have the will to enforce it : 

Also Cobra explained deeply on the Etherical plain, much was in the mix, said this : on Wednesday
Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results and I will have interesting news. 

Now Michael Tellinger and his Lawyers are calling for the arrest of Obama in South Africa with the Ubuntu party, It seems very fitting that Barry Soetoro AKA Obama is in South Africa as Nelson Mandela is close to death.

Just linking that is a mind boggle:

As this is going on, there are massive foreign troops are on training programs on US soil (strange????) : 

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

All in all it means that we have to keep track on the real news as Russia and the non western world seek to exploit SNOWDON as a fugitive on the loose But what exactly are they steering us away from?

Iceland just said this week NO to EURO : wow that is major!! in addition to  also openly offering assistance to Snowdon. 

Weather anomolies:

Expect a run up to 4th July: Some major event or some major weather event ? ( no fear mongering intended) the weather is a real weapon of choice these days and  these events (as man made as they are)  are for real.

Just now I looked on my radar and there is a massive HAARP signiture in between Oklahoma and Wichita : This Giant HAARP ring  appears to be targeting a village called Vining by the airfield ( google it ) and there is a huge dam there too. Please go look for your selves and inform any one in the vicinity to look into the sky for signs.

Also watch out in the sky for tricks like this seen here by DutchSince  and others today : 

Earthquake upticks in US and Philippines and Volcanoes going off in South Central Americas and Kamchatka and Alaska are all signs of an uptick in cabalistic desperation to maintain on to power they simply now do not have.

Calgary has worst weather in any record and sees clouds like this below: 

: Colorado fires have been started : and Tsunami’s in Carolinas all happened this week with another bridge collapse that appears to be a favourite tool for one fighting cabal faction.

What to look out for?

Clear signs of defeat will be from one major Arrest Just one big name will do it and the financial collapse is sure to be the next compromise as the sheeple will go in search for the truth.

Expect more: look up and record the skies the amount of  UFO sightings this year alone exceeds any thing I have been reporting on in 3 years.

Disclosure is very much a part of the event : This ET thing is just a matter of common sense too However when it is supressed just like Cancer cures and free energy You are accused of being dumb if you talk about it : Well that aint so, listen to Paul Hellyer on Full Disclosure here : THIS IS FULL DISCLOSURE:

The EVENT is irreversible. More lies and false flags are fuel de Jour.


Britain Your Next: pedophilia will bring your rulers down next week, the continuous lies coming out of mainstream media and the new police chief  in Yorkshire sent to cover the network up, cannot sustain the bubble it is held in.

Also tomorrow as Benjamin Fulford informed us to watch out for Egypt will be big, as they try to crush Morsi.

Turkey Italy Cyprus again, Portugal Spain Brazil Ireland Now Bosnia Bulgaria Chile & Japan and many more countries are joining in the protesting with revolutions and I think it has just begun as we all awaken to amnesia and robbery of our souls.

The People’s Voice : David Ickes TV station opens this week and promises to be simply THE NEWS:

Get with it and be apart of it all.

The event is happening in your life time, Yes NOW



Oklahoma : Manmade Tornado : A False Flag : Politically vetted : As Family Guy airs it’s Fore-Knowledge of it just like Boston

Oklahoma Tornado was Man-Made by a desperate and Violent cabal who are showing signs of losing thier grip on control over YOU:

Point Number 1) Family Guy Aires The Event : Watch as Youtube try to censor the inserts:

Point Number 2 ) HAARP AND SCALAR WAVES SPOTTED BY DUTCHSINCE 24-48 Hours before the event : 

(Before It’s News)

All Light News

Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a devastating series of tornadoes form, and hit the pulsed areas.

Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

 Reblogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


A.Prior to 3pm there, millitary and police went door to door in the area that is now completely demolished.  They told all residence to leave the area and head north.

B.  On there way out they saw multiple bulldozers and wrecking ball like machines moving into their neighborhoods.

C.  One of my friends saw  a huge projector/hollogram output device the size of a building.  He said while driving away he saw this projector turn on and it created a hologram tornado in the sky that eventually blocked out the area that was supposedly “hit”.

D.  One of my friends that was nearby, said that while the hollogram tornado passed overhead, all of the bulldozers and equipment began demolishing EVERYTHING!  He said explosions were also heard.  He said that every person driving a bulldozer and demolishing houses was wearing a yamica and have a big nose.  Also the bulldozers had an israeli construction company on the side.  He said it was very hgard to see this activity going on, because the hollogram tornado was blocking the view mostly.

E. All of my friends are now being told to shut up and not to talk about what they seen.  They are saying that if they dont stick to the official “:tornado” story that they will not receive any type of financial support, relief, etc.. to rebuild their homes.

F.  One of my friends heard a self-proclaimed zionist talking to a shapeshifting white guy.   They said that all the earthquake in oklohoma lately are a result of massive underground contruction.  they were talking about how the Jewish race wishes to expand rapidly and that they are building massive Jewish settlements and Palestinian slave labor camps under Oklohoma…the reason… supposedly   ak-la ham aer, which sound like oklohoma, means “Jews are the best, screw the rest” in hebrew.

Point Number 4)  Political News which always leans to the reason : 

Oklahoma joins 21 other states with petition for secession from the Union

Remember this?

If the so-called ‘Union’ can really produce Harpicanes and artificial tornadoes, how will these and other states get loose while needing emergency funds to help repair themselves.

The states that have petitioned the government to secede are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Nawww, it’s just a coincidence that this horror tornado struck and that Texas is still in the worst drought ever, and that Obombya Regime actually sued Arizona which had horror shooting massacre, and Colorado suffered horrific wildfires and theater shooting, etc., etc., and the list goes on.

Alcyon Video : Strange Phenomena April 2013 : Earthquakes : Financial melting pot : UFO : Meteorites : Boston False Flag Bombing significance : Sink Hole phenomena : Strange HAARP global man made weather throughout the World: What are they planning NEXT MONTH?

Spanish and English Subtitles

Exceptionally made film highlighting much we have and have not already forgotten in April just passed:

Some incredible images and phenomena to seriously contemplate what the dark ones are up to:

Why is the Vatican selling themselves on the outside in new light  when we know the filthy dirt so deep on the inside?

Man Made Earthquakes In Turkey and Canary Islands : All to Grid Lines : Zoom in and You can see for your self : No natural earthquake pattern assumes a square grid : THESE DO

Since when do recent recorded earthquakes form a perfect Square gridline pattern ?

I suspect you are part of their evil plans and This says it all about depopulation program Agenda 21 and  global  weather and crisis organization:


Remember this is the Island that the Discovery channel says will fall into the sea and create a massive 1000 foot tsunami on the East coast of America.

Here are some perfect square grids of recent earthquakes in the Canary Islands :

And Turkey? This is not as good quality but You can get the message loud and clear :

For those of you who do not know about HAARP and AMISR please go to HAARP tab at the side of this site:




Next Weeks Breaking News : Headlines for Mid March : Hitlery under house Arrest unconfirmed : Cyprus bank run, The biggest ever will start Mon Am : The vatican bank has been Slapped with BASELIII conformity to prevent Corruption : The Queen Cancels more Dates : US Martial Law in NY Brooklyn

Here are some headlines to keep an eye out for next week:

Here is the deal!!

I give you some pointers ,,YOU GO FIND THE TRUTH !! some interesting leads at the foot at the article for you to do your own research and a brilliant world weather weapon video about how they now intend to kill us off with the weather and how they are actually doing it. Enjoy that please.

So do not believe a word I am saying, just satisfy your selves.

1) Hillary Clinton ( and the Clinton Family ) is under house arrest for embezzlement of funds from US coffers as Chelsea buys $10.5M NY posh apartment. China appear to be in on the operation, could prove an interesting week.

2) Concerns over build up to Drill on West Coast US for major Earthquake (” drills mean thrills” these days Aka 2012 Mexico and Washington).

3) Cyprus  The biggest Bank runs expected Monday 16th March , is this the straw that broke the camels back? Don’t forget the Russian Oligarch’s are very big in banking in this little enclave of secrets. 

4) Vatican Bank opened again the day after  Pope Rat-slinger resigned, now has been told to conform to BASEL III or face ceasure.

This is particularly interesting as BASELIII means no more Bankster corruption , just how will the Vatican manage the mafia now?

5) Martial law in the Brooklyn and all eyes are off it in Mainstram media, as deaths and arrests and over militarized policing continues.

6) The greatest cover up of Royal Pedophilia continues on all national news in UK including the home of Pedophilia the BBC: 

As more Government ministers are named and put in the box, plus Queenie Liz closes more state planned visits, wonder what she is hiding from? Any thing to do with the rise in awareness of her antics, and her Arrest Warrant by the ITCCS  for genocide of indigenous children in Canada.

7) The New Pope states that he is for the poor people and he is of the light and will disclose Aliens to us : ( 30,000 dead Argentinian kids will testify to that) amid new Arrest warrants by ITCCS , This pope is already in denial.

8) World weather weapons HAARP and the earths  Military weapons since 1992 are Earthquakes, Tornados, Hurricanes, Volcanoes and Mind Control by Frequency radiation, see here for 20 minute video.

Here are some links for you to stake out and take some notes:

And here is once again the Giant sea based HAARP Weather weapon that steers Hurricanes and there are 6 of them around the world:




Happy hunting news people Now lets hear what you have found this week:

Save the best to last:

OPPT Court cases List ; This is the ongoing BEing and DOing from OPPT (The One Peoples Public Trust) Follow them if you dare:

Read the report from POOF here on OPPT site :

Remember Benjamin Fulford post here within 24 hours will cover most we have outlined above.

See you all tomorrow:



DutchSince : Hurricane Sandy : Weather manipulation Compared with Hurricane Irene: 12 months earlier ; Massive evidence of Hurricane steering and intensification : Must See:

Dont forget HAARP SBX is at sea in 3 locations around the world

It can be clearly seen here in action stimulating Hurrican Sandy to land and intensifying it.

One right in the path of Hurricane Sandy It’s location can be defined by the microwave pulses driving the direction of Sandy


Here is Dutch Sinse version of vents over the passed 2 weeks and maybe over 12 months too



More pictures of sea based HAARP SBX

Many early Indications of A massive Earthquake : Tsunami : Some sources who say the same : Nibiru sighted and confirmed: Your Discernment required: Updated 10th Aug : Now this is interesting


Updated 10th August with Project Camalot and Miriam Delicado ( from the film The Day before Disclosure ) she feels like a Very large quake is imminent, Lets not forget she is an alien abductee.

Even as more information comes in related to this post i still recommend that we all meditate with our lovely Gaia and search deep inside of here to look for a resolution to this information So that we have the power to make this catastrophe not occur

It is futile and to be honest to pre-empt dates, even if I did provide earlier than normal indications of something in the offing, what good would it do and who on earth would pay attention to it?

So for the purpose of the records I am a transmitter of information and therefore just the messenger and would like to draw all these alternative conclusions and table them for your own thoughts and make of it what you will. Thus alleviating any panic, as this is mere hear say : That does not say that this is by no means interesting, On the contrary it is unusual to have so many saying the same things.

Earthquakes predictions for the next 2 weeks :

Firstly see the 3 minute news from Suspicious observers here: This is updated to 10th August

Just before we delve deeper into this, please bear in mind these hard facts on current affairs,

1) The Olympics and weird developments in and around the stadiums regarding security, roof top weaponization and unending military build ups.

2) Huge Military Build up of US and foreign troops on US soil especially near Burbank  and all over CA

3) The 2 Black ops killings whose purpose was knee jerk against The Libor scandal (Holmes family implicated) and Steve Greers Film Director’s father killed in Wisconsin attack as a warning on releasing the new disclosure film Sirius, plus also the fact that there has been more multiple shooting sprees on Obama’s watch than any other president.

4) Wild weather, fires, drought, heat records and tornadoes and now it’s hurricane season in US

5) Police brutality and TSA molesting at all time high on underprivileged and defenseless persons throughout US.

6) Financial kaos globally and the LIBOR scandal

7) B.R.I.C.S. breakaway nations introducing new financial system and the G20 failure of the Cabal in Brazil earlier this year

8) The never heard of before court proceedings on The Queen and The Vatican in Canada, Belgium, Holland, Ireland,  Spain ( to mention a few) and the Liens and cease and desist orders served to all central banks BIS and All Federal Reserve Branches.

9) Several ridiculous Executive orders over a 6 month period signed with out congress approval.

10) Banker defections globally and mass arrests and house cleaning in China Korea Iceland & Ireland and the Audit of the Federal Reserve and all strange gold talk “Where is it all” ? From Fort Knox to 9/11 to China and The Philippines and Venezuela.

11) Strange moves in certain areas of the stock exchange regarding insurance companies in particular Westfield’s and Pool Re the insureres of the Olympics.

12) Crop-circles are setting dates and UFO’s are seen globally at an all time high as the planet awakens from a deep deep coma and more and more disclosure on mainstream media shows a massive hike for the light.

13) The massive and widespread destruction of the central USA due to weather anomalies and nuclear fuel plants damaged or under danger warnings Dangerous Electric grid which cuts out in a small downpour ( or is purposefully switched off)

Now lets take a look at Nibiru from Australia and some comments and you can see it in the day too>

With all this and now these articles it is hardly surprising that some one would be suspicious of something big that could happen on coasts from California to Australia in the pacific, but yes , there is genuine concern and some interesting proof of something in the air.

Here is a concerned chappie in Oz ,sounds a little unprofessional but again he has some strange coincidences and soem knowledge of man-made disasters, and HAARP and says it is really bad these days and much military activity.

This has no reflection on best estimates at to whether it will happen or not,  they are  just facts that these anomalies are just and worthy of notice and passed to others for further scrutiny:

Now here is what DutchSinse Thinks too, on his Earthquake watch :

To summarize : Areas of Interest appear to be:

California Coast, Northern Australian Territories, Central North Eastern  US, Puerto Rico region, Turkey Greece and Central Med,  Spain to Poland, Iran to Chinese Russian Border.

Now for something completely  Relative:

Here is a couple of quotes from 2 predictors of Earthquakes on Above Top Secret by proven predictors who have good form:

Ok everyone, you’ve been warned of what’s to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan’s countdown… Sydney’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4’s, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour.”

Here’s more that he predicted that was posted on ATS:

Heres the latest ‘prediction’ from Mitchell Coombes-

“Mitchell Coombes
I have predicted enough HAARP disasters this year to prove that this is real, so please listen and prepare now! The next man-made tsunami created by HAARP will hit the west coast of USA. Magnitude 9.0+ earthquake will last for over 5 minutes. Start stockpiling now so you still have time to evacuate before my 4-day warning that I will give.

Here is the link to the full article at rumormillnews with some more links:

Stealing the words out of my mouth Rayelan says this:

The Elite like to build up the fear factor. Remember, they are not like us… my guess is they are an alien specie who incarnates in human bodies. I also suspect that the brain activity difference between normal humans and psychopaths may point to these aliens who incarnate in human bodies. Whatever the Elite are, it has been proven to me that they feed on fear. That’s the most tasty energy to them. They also feed on hate, anger, lust, perverted pleasures… all the things that normal humans find repellent.

Whether this psychic is receiving his messages from God or from the Elite… we need to pay attention. Even if the Elite is only wanting to stir up fear, we need to pay attention.

Back to the brainstorming and information gathering:

Now we have a clear indication of a man-made quake WILL HAVE 4 DAYS NOTICE or 105hrs This is due to the complicated and unstoppable HAARP process should the buttons be pressed and the action is been told to us as being irreversible once that button is pressed.

If this is so, one would know this by the XYZ charts on the HAARP site, the location or locations can then be sought.

So if we were to be involved in preempting man-made disaster, like Fukushima last year then here are a few steps and tips to refer to daily just as an early warning indicator.

1) Look to strange records broken on the stock market.

2) Look to mainstream media and strange breaking news and politics specific to the suspected earthquake area IE : California and Australia and Territories appear to be this weeks hot spots.

3) Strange stories of UFO’s in certain regions. ( Highest ever reports on Alternative media globally)

4) Main stream politics concerning breaking financial  news . ( just look at the MSM)

5) More false flag and Black op’s. ( no more please you look as guilty as hell and desperate)

6) Any fear mongering stories. ( all over the news)

7) Old volcanoes opening up and strange earth phenomena, sink holes, dead animals birds , or coastal erosion or unheard of or record breaking Mud slides or flash floods etc. IE : New Zealand this week as in Mt Tongariro.

8) Weird troop activity in concentrated areas. SEE BELOW

9) Typical satanic numbering in dates , times and stats, IE: 8/11, 13/8 what else is there for August? 2012 as 25th /8 adds up to 33.and 14th/8 adds to 22 and 17th can add up to 20/8/2012 =33 and I could go on.

so have we any of the above?

Then you get this government action on Activist post By Susan Posel:

Here is a clip:

Informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future.

Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

Go here for more:

and then this just in from again DutchSinse:

And just to remind you, should you have any reservations that they cannopt hurt us and they are doing us good ! check this video out of the skies in London and the crazy chemtrailing going on there for the olympics. i think he means August the 9th not 19th maybe he is a satanist (chuckles), This is disgusting viewing:

Could be an interesting fortnight



Mass Arrests : Nothing going on? Think again : Banking funny business in the high street: Channelers giving the light : Weird stuff going on globally : UFO’s everywhere : This Update status is Upgraded

The next update will be completed by around 5 pm tonight

For those who wish to follow the update live incrementally go here: it will commence in one hour IE: 12 noon EST 2nd July go here in one hour:

Section A) Firstly in the Caribbean

The first thing now I can report is the banks here are giving money out of cash machines but five cases never got their money

Bastian says “the lid did not open but the rollers turned his cash”,

He basically never got his money and the bank  said “they see the the LID HAD OPENED and PAID THE CASH and have nothing to do with this”.

How can that be?

Make sure you are in the video and they can see you and all that happens when withdrawing cash.

5 cases I have heard on Island have occurred this week

All this is on a par with what is happening in Spain Italy were they actually told their customers they can not get access to their  money for one month and the RBS in UK, issues where no one can access any money at all.

In another incident yesterday  a Light worker here, who wishes anonymous says, She has an savings account that has removed all her savings by way of new bank charges and lloyd’s  refuses to close her account down, so that they can still charge her,  and put her in Debt.

She is writing to tell Lloyd’s that she has closed her account and they are not to charge her anymore, These charges are the banks making and not hers and the decision to close her account is hers and not the banks.

Section A2 )Weather  man made

We see HAARP skies Live right now, the normal Blue is Milky and even Silver looking

and this morning I saw AMISR working over head in streak like demonic strands of high level clouds that seem to be guiding against the weather flow, East to west with strong Easterlies 22 knots here, How is that possible?

But it has been the norm since AMISR was switched on in Puerto Rico some months ago.

So what does more weather manipulation mean ? how can it affect the days results on Mass Arrests?

Firstly the skies have been clear of chemtrails here for 2 weeks we think no reports any way I know that this is not evident in other places in the Earth but it is here Plus for 2 days it has been relatively HAARP clear

So this means In Puerto Rico they are on the button again having 2 days holidays  and they are manipulating the weather again.

So I went to check it out on Intellicast.

I even saw my first ever spotted, HAARP ring in the South Caribbean emminating from Martinique.

Jeez the French are now in on the act.

Where is Dutch Sinse when you need him?

What is more outstanding is that they have a new machine generator in Martinique and you can see by this picture that here it is.

Just press  the tiny play button on the bottom right of this graphic to see it in action and work out the center.

This means the Cabal are once again flexing their weather weapon at us and are very much in control.

here is the link

and just in. the 1400 sunspot anomoly has stopped and Goddard issued a severe alert then cancels it.

Great work Suspiciousobservers those who have not subscibed.

I suggest you do, you get one very important email per day.

After a week only, you will understand all of this.

Finally on the Caribbean

No more activity recently of Military doing exercises  in the sea or on land as others report abroad

Section B)  Channeling and Lightworkers

Steve Beckow 2012 scenario

Just squeezed this in after article is completed but here goes

This particular message is being widely cited in support of the notion that a “green light” has been given and the mass arrests will now occur as a result. It therefore has to be counted among the sources that people are drawing on to lend support to the notion that a green light has been given and that the mass arrests will take place on or before July 4. Remember that fact as well

Steve says this about David Wilcock’s comments on Drake:

Channeled sources are not “me too” commentators. That characterization does not fit for me. The beings whom he lauds in other columns as “management” and “Heaven” are far, far more reliable and far more central to the decision-making process than any insider David is in contact with.


Peter Madoff , Bernie’s Bro to face jail time now too , This is good news

Go here for the latest from Steve’s camp

Cobra says this an highlights are from Kauilapele blog here


  • Real Green Light has not been issued yet. When that happens, action will be taken within 24 hours timeframe.
  • …hints from independent sources… action might indeed take place by Fourth of July… they were just hints and I can not completely confirm this.
  • …mass arrests WILL happen. The Cabal must be removed from this planet and that removal will happen within a reasonable timeframe.
  • …interesting developments in occult economy… Resistance Movement has been playing with and testing the computer systems of the Rothschilds banking casino to prepare for the Reset [see “cyber attacks article“]
  • Many members of the Cabal are now seriously considering “silent surrender” when the Event happens.
  • The Event is a worldwide operation.
  • …USA… through the Positive Military… Canada and Australia… a combination of their… Positive Military and Interpol… Europe… through… positive… Interpol and NATO… Asia… a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society… Latin America… through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America… Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.
  • …the Resistance will give support with Operation Omega Phoenix

Saul says this:

Behind the scenes an enormous amount of progress has been made, while the western mainstream media continue to focus on the economic troubles, the political shenanigans, and the unusual weather that many areas are experiencing. So you are getting a sense that something is up, but you want more – preferably dramatic evidence that the necessary and essential changes for your awakening are happening. Rest assured, they most certainly are, and the physical evidence is beginning to show.

Section C)  Street activity, Military

New article just In Russian Fleet doing Joint exercises in Pearl Harbour

Here they are arriving:

Yeah this has to be added to Russian troops in Denver airport exercises and Chinese troop activity in and around  Syria

Plus that previous action seen in mexico faciltiy

IE: Mexico border base with Chinese seen in Mexican uniforms with 10000 armoured personnel carriers and more

Japanese troops in US also

Plus how many cities in US reporting Military tanks and personnel in the streets like St Louis

massive train movements to San Diego linking upto Fema Jails reported on this site in comments Thanks Wolfpack

Please send links to any of these stories as they come in please

Please date back Obummer allows Interpol on US soil to carry out it’s own investigation back in December 2011

Shall we just say all of  this section is  ‘Weird’ to say the least.

Section D) Other anomaly, globally

Here is a list of things happened this last week

at the time of  the report on Mass Arrests earlier and posts since Drake’s green light #1 article

1) Rio G20 was a failure for NWO they were told we are not giving it any more money and Hitlery.

She left red faced and empty handed.

Putin never even gave it his presence.

2) Hacking of the Rothschild’s casino banking world globally and the others in the States

3) Iceland boots out Rothschild’s thugs and arrests in London of Rothschild’s Casino thugs,

related to ripping Iceland off, plus the 2 jail sentences of top, Iceland CEO banking zionist’s

4) Japan 200,000 on the streets after more Nuke plants switch back on

to see the full article see here

5) All major US bank cartel conducting exercises, indicating their fore knowledge of closure of the big 5 banks of US

6) Neil Keenan law suites and Leins on the Central banks and Federal Reserve and BIS to go ten times bigger, Imminent

7) Drones now being used in US on own people

8) Egypt Morsi Is a sign of more Cabal in action and it is all to do with banking Religion and Military see article here

Section E) Anything weird going on?

1) The Baltic USO Craft is alive and breathing below the sea

2) Gold where has it gone ? Philippines Germany Taiwan China Venezuela 9/11

Ultimately Lightworkersxm have good grounding to know that what ever happens on this Earth

We were all put here to use gold.

Consume it and find it for the Pyramids.


We do believe it is part of our make up

Believe it or not, everything leads back to gold.

and the Illuminati know this and they DO NOT KNOW, OR THINK WE KNOW THIS YET

Just follow the bible ( old Testament only) and books like Lawrence Gardner’s “The Secret of the sacred lost Ark” referring to White Powder gold ( The bread of Life) and The Arc of the Covenant ( compelling reading) and here is a quote from Lawrence

” why should a planet have and use, so much gold, enslaving people to get it, ( workers) lock it up in caves and vaults and never use it, when it is the most important life, disease and DNA curing substance on the planet, Both in nano form and white powder gold form, This is documented throughout history fables and tables and this information is well supressed” today.

It was always called the

‘Fountain of Youth’ and the Bread of life

Look it up ‘shaman an’  and mfkzt’s pronounced mufcutz this is a wowzer

Today here is a new article on Gold

On Germany and US Fed, and where did the Gold go?

3) Phil Schneider and David Adair and more whistle blowers come clean about what is going on below ground in Black op’s

please use the search button and scroll down articles to get to these articles if you have not seen them before

or go here and scroll down for some vid’s


Well find them yourself or have a good look in cities all over the world.

This site admits defeat here

We cannot keep up with them there are too many.

5) Obama’s watch: It does not get any weirder than this : here is a quote today from Edward F Berger

On Obama’s watch, tens of thousands of children are losing their shot at the American Dream, as comprehensive, interdisciplinary, curriculum-based, fact-based schools are destroyed, and partial, fact-adverse and limited curricula schools are put in place. Obama inherited this Bush-era nightmare, but his administration has not stopped it. It will take the complete focus of his leadership to repair the damage already done. If he does not reestablish a cohesive educational system, the dreams of a twisted few will guide the corporate powers and America will lose its promise.

Full new article here

6) Weird weather breaking all the records globally .

So they zap you with a storm or tornado and turn off your power.

Then they zap you with the hot stuff and fry you alive.

Sorien explains better on Zen Haven

Section F)  Conclusion and Status Update 

on Drake and Channelers claims of Green light #’s 1 & 2

 Section A) On land all around us we are experiencing change,

Banks and weather and many other things

WE should all report what we see

This is a massive footprint of what is to come.

Section B) Any one missing this link of what we have been fed by our channelers misses the point.

We would be definitive not so knowledgeable with out them bringing the light to us.

They bring us spiritual feelings of light and hope everyday and they are on the pulse.

What we should digest is ,  that they are our providers of Light  in a very awkward and crazy world,

They offer us a calming effect and a vision that otherwise,  would not have found in our selves otherwise,

and they provide great news too, if you read between the lines.

It becomes plain when you allow them into your vast pool of knowledge data base

Those out here who do not allow them selves articles of the light, remain enjoying the BBC and CNN for news sources , enough said.

Section C&D There is undoubted global street activity Military wise and one could fear it ,

but channellers report that this is part of the beginning of the new begiining

I cannot argue, except add that:  some of it will be dark op’s;

But they are getting smaller as they lose their grip on us here

Section E) Weirdness is all around us but it is not as visible to all of us and this is where the MSM let’s us down

We need all we can do on the internet to expose this on a daily basis as we all wise up.

Aliens are very much a part of our life and have been influencing us here, on this planet, for Millions of years,

Graham Hancock is best placed to let you know more on this site:

put his name in the search box there must be 6  documentaries with him

or go here and scroll down to find him

Final comments:

As Edyth comments we have been nearly 72 hours now since Drake said Green light starts #1

If any of you think nothing is going on around the globe regarding Mass Arrests through out Earth

Please think again

It is happening and for this purpose lightworkersxm upgrade the alert to a new

‘Definite ‘maybe it has already started’

A few tricklet stories of illuminati being held come filtering in.

The Finance Industry, black ops and Cabal Knee Jerk articles appear to be  the biggest clues.

Thousands of Earthquakes in Hierro in the Canary Islands etc

They do not register as worthy of reporting at this stage,

as we need big proof, as this  ( Mass Arrests ) is no doubt a global monster exercise.

This is the  Greatest thing ever, To occur on earth to be more precise.

All time estimates, are out the window

It is just blatantly obvious that something big globally  is ongoing

Keep your eyes and ears and souls open

Find someone to report, in what you see and pass it on

Next update tomorrow evening