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E-Clinic Breaking News : Morgellons Sufferer gets raided : E-Clinic natural remedies removed from Household by Secret Services In Belgium : Covert hospital operations induce Morgellons as Torture under normal anaesthetic : Doctors and surgeons under covert orders:

In a cowardly display of desperation The Secret Services in Belgium raid a Morgellons sufferers house and removed Natural curing agents sent to help remove Morgellons by Naturo-practors here at E-Clinic.

Following a request from Alfred Lambremont Webre back in May to assist with a serious case of Government induced Morgellons, we at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing responded with immediate effect and began a healing protocol with Melanie in Belgium. It was seen as urgent at that time as growth appeared to be in the throat amongst other places which could be easily deemed as life threatening..

Until this morning, the healing protocol is bang on time and Morgellons is being removed as we speak, just as we predicted.

Melanie Broke the news to me this morning that she was in fact raided by persecutors she suspected to be secret services and all new medicines, Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver were removed from her premises in an illegal sting operation against any normal citizen of her country.

The History of this case:

Melanie first appeared on Exopolitics TV with Alfred Webre and her live interactive  section explained that not only is Morgellons in the sky within Chemtrails that it is in fact induced by Government sponsored covert operations at modern hospitals under strictest orders.

The video discussion  of Government smart weapons and personal covert induced torture and interference can be seen below, this video is shocking and shows the depth at which the governments of the G7 will go to deploy their agenda on people who do not fit snuggly into their way of thinking and coherence. Remember : Morgellons can mainly only be contracted in countries that pay for and deploy Chemtrails as the technology is simply not available to 3rd world countries, Morgellons is a Western only inspired Oligarch induced disease.

It is generally unknown to modern medicine and often people who have the crystalline growth coming out of their skin are told that they are suffering from Delusional parasitosis and sent packing, thinking they are going insane.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

In Melanie’s own words she said that she has never had ‘a days illness’ before her operation which was to remove “I had a fibroid in my uterus that needed taking out”. Some time soon after this routine operation “some strange growths appearing in different locations about  my body”.

Melanie was creating an International group which was defending people ( children) against electronic poisoning technology at the time called EUCACH ; link here :

Immediately suspicions were aroused that something untoward had occurred under anaesthetic at the operating table, To her surprise Melanie noticed strange operation marks behind her ears.

Strange Operation marks


Since Melanie has had 10 independent doctors confirm these scars are from some form of surgical works which appears alien to any requests and agreements with the hospital, prior to a totally separate and unrelated routine operation.

Given also that this is the only ever time in hospital it was not unusual for Melanie to aim suspicions at the hospital.




Treatment with E-Clinic:

Again in Melanie’s own words about E-Clinic treatment ” WOW this stuff is amazing  ( Cardioprim and Colloidal Silver ) These creatures that are growing inside of me are coming out of my body and lots of them”  “This stuff works fast”. ” They do not like this stuff ” Referring to Morgellons as ‘they’ and Cardioprim as “this stuff’.

It is one thing to have to sign a form for an operation, it is another to realize that you have become a victim of covert government operations for speaking out about government treatment of children. Melanie is just a normal person speaking out about what she sees as Corporate power control and the carefree manner in which society is regarded in order to achieve profit as it’s number one goal.

Torture and mind control being one of those objectives:

Just like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, Melanie is self driven by her own  inner belief in what she is doing is right and there is a general need for similar victims of state sponsored terror that the average tax payer pays for, unknowingly.

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? Government induced operations of torture?

E-Clinic registration :

Please contact us at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing by filling out the form below or visit us at E-Clinic :

Should you have any illness; Cancer, MS or Morgellons It is all the same to us: What is more important is that you gain your health independence and not be dependent on hospitals, doctors and toxin based none natural prescription drugs.

Melanie is in full agreement that we get this message out to people who may have experienced Morgellons or Similar  Covert Hospital induced illness and torture, as that is all it is:

I would like to point out that even though I am very proud of our Naturo-Practors at E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing , It is an absolute disgrace that we have to deal with such truths of hospital induced torture and illness, and we offer our help and support and light to people like Melanie who have had to endure such evil treatment.

Victory of the Light


I will process your request with our Naturo-practors as soon as is humanely possible: DS



The Magic of The Moringa Tree : A supermarket on a tree : Just what is all this about : Just how Magic is it : why is it kept quiet ?


Wholesale Oil, capsules and tea can be purchased here from our Barbados supplies :

You can eat every part of the Moringa Tree and the seeds and  the beans are delicious n spicy, you can eat the buds and the stems and the leaves too, below is a much needed meal for any passer by.


Amazingly it does not need much water to thrive too and often walked passed in the desert desregarded as a nothing tree: However you had just walked passed a supermarket in the tree:

Healing Moringa

What is so sensational about Moringa ? :

Please watch this for one minute about cleaning and purifying water DIRTY WATER it is so easy and natural:

I will let the pictures do the story telling of this gift :

If you every wanted to thank Mother Earth for the gifts she gives us all, Thank her for The Moringa Tree:

This knowledge knows no boundaries:

Here are the seeds :


Here are the beans :

moringa_tree beans_thHere are the qualities :

Wonders of Moringa

Moringa health n


And here are the molucules :


And here is where is grows naturally :



And Castro knows all about it too:

Castro & moringa

And yes we sell it at E-Clinic in Oil or Capsules or Tea which ever way you want it Wholesale :

For more about Moringa Tree and planting them or placing orders:

Please ask in the Comments section at the top of this post or click on the links above:

Here is why it is supressed : Part 1 of 6 :



Morgellons disease : The Truth : All you need to know : This is a Bio-Tech Weapon of Fear : How to recognize it : How to get it out of your system : Stay well away from your doctors:



Morgellons : Wikipedia ( Corporate controlled ) suggests that patients ( those who think they have got morgellons) have Delusional Parasitosis.

Here is the opening line in Wikipedia:

Where sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present.

They even call it Morgellons Syndrome just to make you believe it your self that you are delusional.


So what is everyone being so delusional about then?


Removal of the fear factor:

I found it no different from any other growth inside the body and it can be treated by common sense  and your own ability to connect with your inner authority and dispel the Dis-Ease just like any other alien body in your system, like a nail or splinter.

The only difference being that Morgellons comes in a crystalline rash form and appears to spread, so just how do you deal with that ?

This is classic dehydration of the cells, this is why we suggest that it is no different from any other infection and once rehydration takes place, your OWN body will reject the dis-ease.

It does exist so sho is kidding who?

Morgellons DOES exist and it is a smart bio-weapon too, So what do the experts think then?

Here is what Leuren Moret thinks:

Morgellons is a nanotechnology phenomenon.  I was one of the Environmental Commissioners for the City of Berkeley when the Lawrence Berkeley Lab came to our commission about 10 years ago to present their new project – the molecular foundry facility for nanotechnology – and had an early opportunity to become aware of the tremendous increase in US funding for nanotechnology.  It is extremely lethal to biological systems, that’s why so much money was put into it by the US govt.  I have full knowledge of the nanotech/frequency apps used to cause Morgellons.  It is certainly transmitted by EMF and creates an electric field where self-assembly (which I have observed frequently) occurs in normal growth and form – nothing new about it since scientists were writing about it over 100 years ago, but is now being used for the mendacious and satanic application which perverts the biological processes that are essential for life.

So lets go through what it looks and feels like and then how it got there and to get it out of your body:

Arms morgellons

The first thing to note is that we suspect most of the population has Morgellons and when you see the lesions you will probably recognize that you have had it once or twice in your lifetime ( only more recently ).


This is good news for any delusional patient, this may just take any sense of freaky ” it only happens to me” feelings  away. After all the last thing anyone needs is a “happy to have morgellons” patient.

These conditions recorded on the pictures above, one can easily suggest that poor diet and good water knowledge is missing from the itinerary which allow this growth to manifest, seemingly out of control.

There is no intention of this web blog site to raise any fear factors, so for that purpose the following details of morgellons will be on video format showing how Morgellons can be easily dissolved by the beholder using some house hold products.

Over 2 years I have been following truthergirl on Youtube about a wealth of materials related to good and bad healthy eating and How she deals with morgellons is as practical as any DIY fixer can do for them selves.

Well strangely enough as a natural self healer this indicates to me that Morgellons is no more “a bio-tecky monster” than Staphoccoculus Dis-ease, ( a series of un earthly boils on the body where you do not need boils) which Colloidal silver and sea salt water kills. I have treated many with stunning results.

I have also removed a section of Morgellons with Tea tree oil but it took about 7 weeks. My next DIY attempt will certainly include DMSO and Colloidal Silver water and Milkweed found growing at the side of roads and in most European gardens ( Dandilions and Daisy’s etc).

IMPORTANT BE AWARE : Complex cases of Morgellons that demand much more involved treatment and cleansing processes do indeed exist, however one would suggest that you do not consider yourself in this league unless you work for the governments of America’s or Europe where Chemtrailing and Morgellons is more prevalent and people are actually targeted, see below. Government Smart Weapon Morgellons attacks.

Morgellons therefore is a show on the body that you have become susceptible to infection due to your own poor quality nutrient intake. IE: Bad Water and Bad food and Bad Air quality.

What to look for and how to be more observant and wiser about Morgellons:

To prevent being in contact with morgellons fibres one needs to be aware of 3 things.


Chemtrails are just one delivery device used in the spread of Morgellons, So pay attention to the lines in the sky : Should you see them, Use a  nozzle to spray Colloidal Silver into to the  lungs via nose & throat or line your throats with honey. The nasal  spraying helps to get colloidal silver throughout your bloodstream faster and fend off any invading fibres that get through the hair follicles. Drink a little  sea salt water when you see Chemtrails over your heads to allow your cells in your body to be re-hydrated in order to process repair procedures for chemical intake:

Chemtrails with Al Gore


Know what food to eat and processed food has been tampered with which has fibres entered in the food chain, stay well clear of processed food and try to eat as much raw food as possible. Monsanto is the main culprits in infestation of the food chain, it leads to most if not all  mass processed food and packaging companies. Dont Forget Agenda 21 is very much in play today and Morgellons is just one part of a complex citizen reduction program of fear and distruction. Learn for your self who MONSANTO’s ( My Satan) trading partners are: this is simple to research.



The third method of delivery of Morgellons to your body is far more bazaar and sinister but no less the truth. Government sponsored smart weapon attacks using morgellons as a target can be issued to those dissenters ( whistleblowers and out spoken truthers of government policy) who can be injected in the hospital during routine check ups, depending on the instructions given by the administers of the fibres. You may not know this has been carried out on you, the first thing that you will experience will be a massive outbreak of morgellons, soon after a hospital visit, please do come to the E-Clinic for guidance.

Most Common Instances:

Remember most of us has had this dis-ease and it is up to you to know it and deal with yourself.

Knowledge of what is really going on gives you the power of self-defence.

The best knowledge we can find on the entire subject is on this film with Sophia Smallstrom which joins all the dots;

You are at war and the best way to deal with a war with insane governments is to keep your self knowledgeable and fit at the same time:



E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing :Send Support and a gift to help continue this revolutionary way of healing: Plus 4 Great new visitor testimonials in this week : Help support the work at the E-Clinic : This is the future of Natural Self Healing and a Work in Progress :

LightWorkerSXM  request to ask for funding to assist in the set up of E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing.

Currently seeking we are about $1000 in conributions

These heart-felt requests that keep coming into the  E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing are merely the labour of love, please if you find any spare dollars you can send to E-Clinic by PayPal then please do so below:

The initial funds will assist in the new web site set up and some other expenses to cover communications in the healing process.

We do expect the E-Clinic to be totally independent following a period of time that it takes to deal with healing issues already in at the E-Clinic. This period is predicted to be 6 weeks. It is for that period our expenses are sought in Donations in interim funding>

Here is PayPal details for your donations :

Then press the “Make a donation” button and confirm on email below .

Please confirm donation details by email to

images (8)

Love sets you free to heal:


E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 1

Had a WONDERFUL feedback from a client’s wife today aged 48 and he 54…24th May 2013:

 Dr Michelle J0hnson report : E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing. Las Vegas.

I had worked with her several years ago for ‘chronic constricted airway disease…’ What a label…Her hubby said I had saved her life, and that he hoped I could do the same for him…no pressure. He has a pancreatic tumor which is secreting insulin making him very dizzy, headachey, blood sugar crashing at the drop of a hat…He also has several painful results of injuries from falling and MVA’s. A major issue is that he has multiple personalities, all with their own chemistry signatures. He has them pretty well ‘controlled’ by will, and they came about as they typically would…terrible abusive father.

So, I dropped off some support for his pancreas (homeopathic and glandular) to his wife who works downstairs from me, and she wanted to share what he told her. I had treated him with Thuja…as it tested very strong and was pretty much a perfect fit. He told her he is ‘happy for the first time in his life.’ He’s not on guard against these other aspects of his personality, he’s not dizzy, he feels stable. I also did some emotion code and body code on him at that visit to release the stuck trapped energies, so I’m sure that helped too….Just wanted to share.
E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 2
Here is “quote of the week” received by one of the visitors to the E-Clinic Tuesday 21st MAY 2013 “
Her child is totally paralyzed and brain dead and needs our imput to revive the brain and body in a fixed and settled program of recuperation techniques.
anonymity  requested from Central Americas: So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role this Tuesday to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. A quote from Jeremy Ayres, Naturopractor at the E-Clinic:  ”If we are alive, we can regenerate!”E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 3Received Karl Muller :General Overall Lethargy and Poor dental health Abscesses and cronic joint pains: Friday 24th May 2013

My Aches and Pains through out body joints and fat : To change just a few diet and habit routines and plug into the Robert Beck  pulsar for 2 months has been an experience of a lifetime ” this is gorgeous” Darko showed me in 2 consultations and I did it all myself.

I needed to learn quickly to lose my old learning. Sea salt water sounded ridiculous at first but it is now every day in me.

“My life no does not need cigarettes and beer it has good food and water, I appreciate my life now Thanks to Dr Darko Velcek” with

E-Clinic ” I do not complain of body pains and tired all the time I thinks my brain is clear now too”. Sorry spelling.

Karl Muller: German in Caribbean:

E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 4

Hi Jeremy
I do apologise for being so late in replying but I was in Germany with no Internet access. 
 Having been personally recommended to contact Jeremy I did so by Skype from England. After three one hour consultations and following his suggested regime I feel like a new person and am confidant that the changes I made to my life will bring the desired result. His methodology has been a real eye opener and a blessing and I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Kathrin Walsh (Germany) 

You can register your illness here if you need to fill out the questionnaire for E-Clinic.

Thank you for your wonderful continued support:

E-Clinic of Natural Self-Healing : What is happening at the E-Clinic This week ? : Various forms of Cancers : Ailments including Bodily Ascension Issues : and Life revitalization : Plus a new Facebook Site opening this weekend on E-Clinic

Here are just some of the things going on in the E-Clinic on Week 1 of opening:

Various forms of Cancers : Skin rashes : Liver and Bowel disorders : Brain Disorders : Teeth and Thyroid issues : Life regeneration : COPD and ALS and MS : Plus  Spiritual Acension Symptoms. 

Register here : For the E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing :


Quote of the Week From a visitor at the E-Clinic :

So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. 

A quote from Jeremy:  ”If we are alive, we can regenerate!”

Anonimity  requested.

The link to the new Facebook site will be found in the link to the E-Clinic Registration form.



The E-Clinic of Natural Healing : open 48 hours : Recieving Complimentary emails : Just for you :

‘This email  just in’ from an inquiry to the E-Clinic of Natural Healing today.

( Anonymity request has been honoured ).

Go to the E-Clinic of Natural Healing here :

Orbs showing up when you least expect it, 5th dimensional lights Orbs connected at the hip with Sylphs

Sending Orbs of Light energy to your son.

To The E-Clinic of Natural Healing (  21st May 2012 ).

There are not sufficient words to describe how it is and what it feels like, to find the next step in a road where spirit is the guide and a strong knowing that we can heal, is the bedrock.  And this is what it feels like to me today – I have found the next step in a process that requires the refinement of spirit to hear the guidance of spirit, and then brings further refinement to understanding our own deep nature as Universal Beings and what we are here for.

Two and a half years ago we lost a son, but we did not lose him.  He decided to live and to continue in his role in the family as teacher.  Just now he is brain-damaged, cannot walk or talk and is a ‘hopeless case’ medically.  Yet, during this time, as the physicians and doctors pronounced this hopelessness over and over again, despite being in full acceptance of his choice to continue in this life or not, we knew: He prefers to live!  And that was that.

From that moment on, we walked with spirit as guide.  Each time we had a need, that need was fulfilled and the process of becoming one with the blueprint of his humanity, has been led by spirit.  The first year we had a hopelessly lame and brain-damaged person that had lost a tremendous amount of bodyweight, with wounds from sub-standard care and with all kinds of oxygen and tubes and things and daily crisis and truly, we had no idea how to deal with this changed person.  Somehow, the guidance came.  The right help appeared every time.  Much ignoring of the medical fraternity had to be done as well, without alienating them.  Because we have alternative treatment and alternative methodology, but we do not have alternative emergency rooms, intensive care units, brain scans and those kinds of things.  It is time that we do!.  It is time that we have alternative crisis units as well.

We were at a stage where we felt spirit needed to reveal ‘the next step’.  I came across the E-Clinic.  Somehow it felt right and I wrote a short description of what we need now.  The answers, the embodiment of the spiritual search is in the process of becoming.  We’ve come a long way with this ‘hopeless case’ who now has no tubes hanging from him, and eats and drinks with a little help, and moves around with a little help, and is beginning to again make talking noises and has a range of facial and hand and arm expressions to communicate with, who has a full range of emotions and displays them.   This ‘hopeless case that should be left to die’, is becoming a person again.

So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. 

A quote from Jeremy:  “If we are alive, we can regenerate!”


This is named  “The message of hope and light”. From Dave, Admin at the E-Clinic.

Within 48 hours of going on Air, Our Spirituality and Aura reaches to those most in need.

The connection described here by the parent of a patient  is quite clearly from a relieved soul and a determined family with a most wanton cause.

We look forward to you joining us in the E-Clinic of Natural Healing :

Remember as one of E-Clinics practitioners Jeremy Ayres says,

” We will do all we can to help you if in return you try everything you can do to help yourselves”.

See you in the E-Clinic.