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Morgellons disease : The Truth : All you need to know : This is a Bio-Tech Weapon of Fear : How to recognize it : How to get it out of your system : Stay well away from your doctors:



Morgellons : Wikipedia ( Corporate controlled ) suggests that patients ( those who think they have got morgellons) have Delusional Parasitosis.

Here is the opening line in Wikipedia:

Where sufferers have the delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present.

They even call it Morgellons Syndrome just to make you believe it your self that you are delusional.


So what is everyone being so delusional about then?


Removal of the fear factor:

I found it no different from any other growth inside the body and it can be treated by common sense  and your own ability to connect with your inner authority and dispel the Dis-Ease just like any other alien body in your system, like a nail or splinter.

The only difference being that Morgellons comes in a crystalline rash form and appears to spread, so just how do you deal with that ?

This is classic dehydration of the cells, this is why we suggest that it is no different from any other infection and once rehydration takes place, your OWN body will reject the dis-ease.

It does exist so sho is kidding who?

Morgellons DOES exist and it is a smart bio-weapon too, So what do the experts think then?

Here is what Leuren Moret thinks:

Morgellons is a nanotechnology phenomenon.  I was one of the Environmental Commissioners for the City of Berkeley when the Lawrence Berkeley Lab came to our commission about 10 years ago to present their new project – the molecular foundry facility for nanotechnology – and had an early opportunity to become aware of the tremendous increase in US funding for nanotechnology.  It is extremely lethal to biological systems, that’s why so much money was put into it by the US govt.  I have full knowledge of the nanotech/frequency apps used to cause Morgellons.  It is certainly transmitted by EMF and creates an electric field where self-assembly (which I have observed frequently) occurs in normal growth and form – nothing new about it since scientists were writing about it over 100 years ago, but is now being used for the mendacious and satanic application which perverts the biological processes that are essential for life.

So lets go through what it looks and feels like and then how it got there and to get it out of your body:

Arms morgellons

The first thing to note is that we suspect most of the population has Morgellons and when you see the lesions you will probably recognize that you have had it once or twice in your lifetime ( only more recently ).


This is good news for any delusional patient, this may just take any sense of freaky ” it only happens to me” feelings  away. After all the last thing anyone needs is a “happy to have morgellons” patient.

These conditions recorded on the pictures above, one can easily suggest that poor diet and good water knowledge is missing from the itinerary which allow this growth to manifest, seemingly out of control.

There is no intention of this web blog site to raise any fear factors, so for that purpose the following details of morgellons will be on video format showing how Morgellons can be easily dissolved by the beholder using some house hold products.

Over 2 years I have been following truthergirl on Youtube about a wealth of materials related to good and bad healthy eating and How she deals with morgellons is as practical as any DIY fixer can do for them selves.

Well strangely enough as a natural self healer this indicates to me that Morgellons is no more “a bio-tecky monster” than Staphoccoculus Dis-ease, ( a series of un earthly boils on the body where you do not need boils) which Colloidal silver and sea salt water kills. I have treated many with stunning results.

I have also removed a section of Morgellons with Tea tree oil but it took about 7 weeks. My next DIY attempt will certainly include DMSO and Colloidal Silver water and Milkweed found growing at the side of roads and in most European gardens ( Dandilions and Daisy’s etc).

IMPORTANT BE AWARE : Complex cases of Morgellons that demand much more involved treatment and cleansing processes do indeed exist, however one would suggest that you do not consider yourself in this league unless you work for the governments of America’s or Europe where Chemtrailing and Morgellons is more prevalent and people are actually targeted, see below. Government Smart Weapon Morgellons attacks.

Morgellons therefore is a show on the body that you have become susceptible to infection due to your own poor quality nutrient intake. IE: Bad Water and Bad food and Bad Air quality.

What to look for and how to be more observant and wiser about Morgellons:

To prevent being in contact with morgellons fibres one needs to be aware of 3 things.


Chemtrails are just one delivery device used in the spread of Morgellons, So pay attention to the lines in the sky : Should you see them, Use a  nozzle to spray Colloidal Silver into to the  lungs via nose & throat or line your throats with honey. The nasal  spraying helps to get colloidal silver throughout your bloodstream faster and fend off any invading fibres that get through the hair follicles. Drink a little  sea salt water when you see Chemtrails over your heads to allow your cells in your body to be re-hydrated in order to process repair procedures for chemical intake:

Chemtrails with Al Gore


Know what food to eat and processed food has been tampered with which has fibres entered in the food chain, stay well clear of processed food and try to eat as much raw food as possible. Monsanto is the main culprits in infestation of the food chain, it leads to most if not all  mass processed food and packaging companies. Dont Forget Agenda 21 is very much in play today and Morgellons is just one part of a complex citizen reduction program of fear and distruction. Learn for your self who MONSANTO’s ( My Satan) trading partners are: this is simple to research.



The third method of delivery of Morgellons to your body is far more bazaar and sinister but no less the truth. Government sponsored smart weapon attacks using morgellons as a target can be issued to those dissenters ( whistleblowers and out spoken truthers of government policy) who can be injected in the hospital during routine check ups, depending on the instructions given by the administers of the fibres. You may not know this has been carried out on you, the first thing that you will experience will be a massive outbreak of morgellons, soon after a hospital visit, please do come to the E-Clinic for guidance.

Most Common Instances:

Remember most of us has had this dis-ease and it is up to you to know it and deal with yourself.

Knowledge of what is really going on gives you the power of self-defence.

The best knowledge we can find on the entire subject is on this film with Sophia Smallstrom which joins all the dots;

You are at war and the best way to deal with a war with insane governments is to keep your self knowledgeable and fit at the same time:



E-Clinic of Self Healing : IS NOW OPEN : Contact form here : A Focused guide to your health independence :

Global E-Clinic for Self Healing is now open 19th May 2013 :

MAKE VIRAL by posting this link


We will now take instructions from YOU the public, no matter where you live and no matter what illness you present to us  !

For first time visitors please see the short videos and Testimonials below the Contact form :

Dave and Elaine ( LWSXM Admin ) will take your details initially and discuss a course of action with you which will involve contact with our practitioners to determine which method of YOUR Natural Self-healing process best suites the conditions you present to us.

Initially our 2 Natural Healing practitioners will help YOU heal your current Illness and set you and your body up for your own self-healing in the future, this demands confidence building with support and guidance, offered to you all along the way.

We will do everything we can to help and guide you to heal yourselves if you promise in return to do everything you possibly can to make that happen. Quote : Jeremy Ayres.

Upon evaluation of your details, a donation request will then be sent to you to help fund your first consultation which will structure your foundations in releasing to you the knowledge of your self-healing process.

This will help sustain our team building at E-Clinic for Natural Self-Healing as a Not For Profit Organization and will demonstrate a level of awareness of the responsibility to heal yourself which can be passed on as knowledge to benefit  generations to come.

Darko Velcek says  ” Clean your microscopic cells first, then you give your self the chance to become a self-healing person” and maybe contacting you.

Here is a 3 minute Introductory video to Global Self Healing E-Clinic with Dave and Darko:

Our Practitioner Jeremy Ayres Says ” Your not sick Your Tox-sick” and may be contacting  you :

jeremy ayres web pic

Jeremy Ayres Naturopractitioner:

Register Your illness here : Please mention any meaningful religions and health time frames that will help enlighten our evaluation.

Our Admin will be in touch with you directly the moment ( within 24/48 hrs) of receipt of email.

TESTIMONIALS : Updates will be posted here in the near future by return from clients as we receive them:

Here are some client testimonials from Jeremy Ayres Practice :

Thank you THANK YOU!! After years of suffering with dizziness, and thousands of dollars to the best doctors locally and abroad, and being told that she had vertigo and had to learn to live with it, as there is no cure, I am so pleased to report that after just 5 weeks of visiting your clinic, my Mum is a NEW human!! She says she feels alive again, and can function normally again!

She no longer spends entire days as a prisoner in a recliner chair, but she feels well enough to cook, sweep and even return to the gym. She is even talking about driving her car again! The dizziness and fear that she had a brain tumour that was not being found, which was crippling her, has dissipated, for after all, feeling so ill every day something had to be wrong! Well something was wrong, she was dehydrated to cell level and full of toxins – she is well on her way to recovery – but even if no more progress is made going forward – my Mum, who had NO quality of life, is ALIVE again – Her own words!!! I know that every day can not be a good day at her age, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that she will ENJOY a quality of life that will bring her some joy for the time she has left in this world!

Thank you Jesus for introducing me to Jeremy, and at a time when I was desperate to help my MUM, as this left me open to new ideas!! Thank you Jeremy for giving me my Mum back!!!

If you are suffering or know someone who is, you may want to encourage them to visit the Pain Free Clinic to see if they are able to help them!


Between the Super Silver, the castor oil rub and sunshine and the warm friendly atmosphere at your clinic, what looked sure to be an infected and definitely painful gum, receded in two days . Thanks so much for your help and I am feeling so much better it’s amazing to me that just the small things I have done have made such big differences. Thank you so much Jeremy.

All the best

Thanks so much for your help and I am feeling so much better it’s amazing to me that just the small things I have done have made such big differences. I am now only on one medication (blood pressure) instead of 4 or 5 and have not used my inhaler since I talked to you. Thank you so much Jeremy.

Please remember : “We will do everything we can to help and guide you to heal yourselves if you promise in return to do everything you can to make that happen”.


Chemtrail Flu Antidote and Potions: Sea Salt Water and Baking Soda : Colloidal Silver Water Nasal and Breath spray : Honey and Apple cider vinegar : Electro-magnetic Pulsar : Short video on How to defend your self form airial assault from Chemtrail flu:

Here is a very interesting short video on How to look at defnding your selves from Chemtrail flu :

To download Dr Darko Valcek’s Book

“Owners Manual for the Human Body”

Go here :

Also Mentioned in the Video is Dr Jeremy Ayers for those near Barbados :

Please ask for consultation on your own health control from Jeremy :

At The Pain Free Clinic In Barbados Here :



Free Energy : Natural Health Cures : Beach Meeting : Rainbow Beach Bar : Grand Case : This Weekend Long : Bring what you have to show and sell :

Following the success of the Portal 2012 Conference with our Visiting Presenter Cobra Here in SXM last weekend and with revitalized energy following it, Light-Worker-SXM  have now an informal meeting of minds all week end long At the Rainbow Beach Bar in Grand Case. Come along take a free beach chair with the family and join in the fun.

Getting ready for the season and a view from My apartment balcony

Getting ready for the season of Light Worker Beach shows at weekends  and a view from My apartment balcony.


Come along to the tented display stage and show what you are doing to improve life on Earth.

So far confirmed items to be at the tented display at the weekend we have confirmed:

1) Colloidal Silver and Gold demonstrations. The Best Natural Anti-Bio-tics and Anti-Inflammatory water drinks.

2) DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Fibro-myalgia, Arthritis, Water on the knee, Tooth Abscesses.

3) MMS Magical Mineral Supplement For curing All Cancers.

4) Moringa Trees  Purify water and every part of the tree is edible and healthy.

5) Ferrite Torroids and where to find them : Free Energy : How to make free energy Yourself.

Now that what i cal free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer

Now that what I call free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer

6) Neodimium magnets and Copper Pipe : Anti Gravity in your face.

7) Solar Concentrated Steam and water pump model construction in action. Free water energy from the sun.

8) Graviola Fruit,  Sour Sop, Cancer curer and preventative.

9) Milkweed Straight of the road at Grand Case. Cures many skin ailments and warts.

10) “Good to go ” products display cabinet, natural earth friendly cups and plates and cutlery, Natural decomposing process. Confirmed.

Bring what you want for the display to the tented area with print outs of your work and  a description of how it works.

But most of all Bring yourselves at any time in the Weekend,

Starting after 9 am till late this coming Saturday and Sunday,

Also Wanted Light Workers To help recruit guests to come to see our wares on the beach for the day, Please contact me 559 2775 , cannot think of a nicer job.

My apartment will have open door for allday visitors.

See you there.

The Rainbow Beach Bar and Captain Frenchy’s bar on the beach at Grand Case. Saint Martin. this coming Weekend.


Colloidal Silver : The natural antibiotic : with Over 120 devices sold and now in Grand Case : Aquaponics and using Colloidal Silver in the water : Also from Barbados a friend asked “Does it help with Fibro-myalgia? guess what the answer is from Natural News?

Again ceaseless in it’s limits in killing off bacteria and body bugs.

Colloidal Silver yet again heads the charts in cures of bacteria and germs.

Here is the latest article on Colloidal Silver and top anti-biotic with no side affects.

And another great article here :

With over 120 machines now sold in SXM alone and now as I stroll the streets of Grand Case in Saint Martin people are now becoming aware of it’s value our simple devices are used in cats and dogs and plants as well as inside our bodies.

This is how I make my own colloidal silver units.

So much so that we are experimenting it with our Aquaponics  farms as you will see below in a special infected pool water article.

Please call 1-721-599-2775 for your Colloidal silver water maker here is the link to my video:

When asked by Dianna from Barbados

“Please can you tell me if this works on Fibromyalgia?”

Here is what Natural news has to say about that:

(NaturalNews) Fibromyalgia is a misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed condition. It is characterized by widespread chronic pain involving multiple “tender points” in the upper neck, back, shoulders, and hips. Treatments, such as painkillers, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and the injections of anesthetics are rarely effective. However, many may find relief from nature and alternatives as opposed to mainstream drugs and treatments.

A natural alternative which may heal fibromyalgia is to take plenty of colloidal silver (start off with 2-4 ounces per day and maintain at least an ounce a day until you achieve satisfactory results) and plenty of proteolytic/digestive enzymes to dissolve the fibrin (take up to 5 or more capsules two to three times daily on an empty stomach).

Here are some additional options:

Curcumin, magnesium, blackseed oil (Nigella sativa) and herbal oleander extract are all powerful immune modulators which may help. Magnesium deficiency has been associated with Fibromyalgia and it is estimated that as many as 80 to 95% of us are deficient in magnesium.

Tony Isaacs on Natural News!

Learn more:

We wish you luck with these clues Jacqueline, your money in now not going into big Pharma, save your money for other things, We know you have one of our Lightworkersxm Colloidal Silver makers.

Please use it every day meticulously until you feel electrically charged.

And just for you here is the very latest from Colloidal Silver from officials that know natural medicine.

Here is the latest articles from Natural news and Dr R Becker

The author of body Electric Dr. R. Becker, noted in his studies a correlation between low silver levels and illness: Those who had low silver levels frequently were sick more often with colds, flu, fever and other illnesses. He said he believes a silver deficiency is the reason for the improper functioning of the immune system and that silver is critical for the destruction of bacteria and viruses. Becker’s experiments conclude that silver works on a wide range of bacteria without any side effects and without any damage to the cells of the body. Colloidal Silver and healing: Becker also states that the silver ion was doing something more than killing disease causing organisms. It was, he observed, facilitating major growth stimulation of injured tissues. When human fibroblast cells, which are common throughout the body, were exposed to silver, they differentiated. That is, they changed into an embryonic general cell, able to multiply at a great rate and then change into the specialized cells of the organ or tissue that had been injured. Even in patients over the age of 50 years, tissues healed as easily as a child’s tissues.

Colloidal State and Cancer

Again Becker concluded that in the presence of silver ion, cancer cells change back to normal cells regardless of their location in the body. He concluded that the presence of silver ion regenerates tissues and eliminates cancerous cells as well as eliminating other abnormal cells.

Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has used silver in his cancer cure methods for many years. He records that he has successfully cured patients who had been diagnosed by other doctors as terminally ill.

eColi Powerless

Swimming pool water purification: Silver is widely used to purify swimming pool water, and it does not sting as does chlorine. A dramatic demonstration in Nebraska recently placed 250 liters of raw sewage into a pool containing no disinfectant. A standard measure of fecal contamination is the count of Escheri coli (E. coli) and organism found in the human intestinal tract. The count soared to 7000 colony forming E coli cells per milliliter of water. Subsequently the water was flushed through a silver electrode array, which totally eliminated the E.coli within three hours. Follow-up tests also shown the water to be completely free of other one-celled organisms. Hydroponics testing: Tests in a hydroponics greenhouse showed that Colloidal Silver is absorbed and used by the living plant as are any other minerals. Hydroponics is an ideal gardening method having only one problem: Viruses, funguses and bacteria tend to thrive in the plant nutrient fluid. Colloidal Silver is proven to kill every one of the pathogens, and without any consequence to the nutrient medium or to the delicate plants. In addition, the plants ingested the silver through their roots, thus becoming a source of the silver minerals for human consumption.

Overdose testing

In laboratory tests since 1985 researchers knew that overdose testing needed to be performed. One lab technician involved in the project from the beginning, volunteered himself as a guinea pig for the first project. He consumed 1 liter of water dosed with a high concentration of Colloidal Silver for a period of several weeks. The chemistry of his body fluids was monitored, as was his general well being (colds flu headaches etc. ). He was especially observed for any change in skin color to see if the technicians skin would develop a gray pallor of Argyria. He had no change of color in his skin, felt more vigorous and alert and experienced no aches or colds etc. Others in the laboratory repeated the test themselves finding the same results.

Further FDA-certified lab tests

NutraSilver has been tested in independant labs around the world.  The Pastrue Institute in France and many other USA labs as well.

If you would like to see their lab testing, you may see them here. For specific illnesses, you can find more information here.

It is very intresting here I have conducted experiments on my self as listed above and here is my results

Colloidal Silver in my eyes and ears

Karl Muller puts Colloidal Silver in his ears and cured a long time ear infection in a couple of days

I put it in my eyes ,,and yes it stings but not like Clourine as suggested above, but yes it does sting somewhat

Also I have over dosed by falling asleep and leaving my charger to make too much Silver water and silly really ,,i drank it

Wow great ab pains for one hour ,,Serious belly ache for at least an hour, then a visit to the toilet, and all singing and dancing again but be prepared it hurts like hell.

Namaste Dave

Colloidal Silver : How to make the purest water : Light Worker SXM Colloidal Silver Devices : $15 to 30$ depending on size : Make as much water as you like

Just call 559-2775 if you are on Sint Maarten and you would like one of our devices to make your own Colloidal Silver water

We have now 107 people on this Island using these devices most people use it a couple of times a week for clearing the Pineal (spiritual Gland and enjoy  clearer dreams.

Others like me have had positive results in controlling tooth ache and Abscesses and 3 people now have cures Staphs desease from the dirty water in the Lagoon here.

What ever your need, Colloidal Silver is undoubtedly a parasite killer and kills all known bacteria and acts as a natural anti-Biotic.

No more doctors bills Flu and now you will have no ill effects from Chemicals sprayed on top of us from the Chemtrails.

These machines last upto a year where you can get replacement Silver strips and we recycle cell phone chargers.

I have over 30 machines ready to go for Sint Maarteners please follow the links below for further proof of the benefits to health in drinking purifiied Colloidal Silver Water.




Here are all you need to know about this cover up of the best natural anti-biotic known in the bible as The Fountain of Youth.

heres more links to the benefits of colloidal silver here