Apple : Sony : Subliminal Logo’s ? : Does it work ? A deep spiritual look into the effects on our inner sub-consciousness : The effects of day to day advertisements : = Mind Control :

Some Brain food for you:

I Do hope you are ready for some shocks:

Subliminal advertising was stopped in 1954 : It appears that it has not stopped at all :

Lightworkers be aware how you are controlled : 

To enable us to combat Govern ( Control ) ment ( Mind) One has to be up to speed with the spiritual tools we possess and once we know what we have, we can use them to combat with confidence, all the mind control we are subjected to ‘day to day’ by Subliminal messages:

Here are some of your tools:

Your eye details


So with that repeated : 130M Photo-Receptor cells, each one having how many individual atoms ? 

So a blink of the eye has just effectively taken on board in one cup, all the water falling in the Niagara falls?

Your children no matter at what age DO THE SAME:

It is hardly surprising that armed with this knowledge we can bounce back any subliminal advertising and shrug it off as if it does not have any impact on us what so ever :

So here is a test for you alert types: 

Every day Logo’s  Numbered 1 to 5 Let me know if you spotted the messages as they unfold; 

Below these five will be the correct answer for you to return to the logo’s:

Number 1 FEDEX ( you will want to kill me for this one).FedEx

Number 2 Sony VA10 : ( Pure Brilliance)

Sony VA10


Number 3 Amazon ( AmaZing : no more clues)



Number 4  Dodge ( mmm getting a bit more rude now)

satan_sign-dodgeramand Finally Number 5 ( you should get this one)

Oz Yoga jpg


Answer to number 1) Arrow between E and X, You will never ever be able to look at it again with out seeing it:

Number 2 Sony Know that our brain can read mathematics Especially Binary and analogue:

Have you ever wondered why you liked this so much and never knew why?



Number 3 Amazon has a smiley lips showing that it links a-z ( some say it is phallic like, we will get to that later).

Number 4 :



Number 5 Australia mapped in the form of the Yoga stretched body ( very very beautiful and easy on the eye:

Take a break and look at Young turks in a light hearted look at the Sublime.

Now it gets very worrying as when Kids are involved Just look what they are subjected to : 

I cannot believe that these signs are still here today: 

A style


But it gets worse:

coksubminew1And much worse :

Girl ScoutsNow is the time to take this subject seriously or you could allow your children near some of the most disgusting Subliminal work :

I can only say that it is rather disgusting to think that Child Minding services could come up any of with these :

Look very closely:

logo-fails2It is time to ask those responsible for the approval of the above to be brought to account for allowing this in today’s world:

Changing the subject as there are clever ones : 

images cleverand naughty ones; but where do you draw the line?

imagesPlease be aware and do your own research; but ultimately Be aware of your own capability of the inner self; You are far more alert than you could give credit to: This is why  Sublimation are all  part of the occult program of mass mind control : just be ready for it :

Google Images “Subliminal Disney” or “Subliminal logos”  or Sport or Hollywood or anything you want : it is a worthwhile exercise :

Here is the Masonic Illuminati Game card 2/2:


look closer as I will test you now ;

Once you know your own  capability You can be more thoughtful in what you would like to show your friends and family:

Do you now see this one? I do hope so as I could go on forever on what is on Currency: The dollar is littered with satanic occult symbolism’s  and the Chinese and Ukraine’s have aliens on their notes:

Google it:

queens note


Yes even on a Sovereign Crown Note there is SEX in the palm trees: And the queen objected? or Instigated? 

Be wiser :

Namaste Dave

PS I saved the best to last:

Monster drink 666










more goode dicke. jpg




Oh and I think that this back-worked alien technology is very important:

2 apples

Back-worked Alien Technology?

Back-worked Alien Technology?

In Light Dave:

Contact :









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