New Caribbean Group : Prepare for Change : Barbados : The Event : A positive timeline : Request to join here :

Any one from the Caribbean who has not joined a group to enjoy the great shift which is about to happen,

You can join our Prepare for Change group in Barbados:

Created by our own Holistic Doctor and family:

You will only find good advice a friendly smile and sound updates of what is going on :

Please share amongst friends in the Caribbean  and beyond:

Remember The Caribbean is well connected to the world due to its massive tourist industry and healthy free foods on offer.

The Home of E-Clinic Of Natural Self Healing and Spiritual Self Evaluation.


Mario's Beach bar Cap'n?Frenchies and a little bit of sea side

The Caribbean Knows good health.

You can make the difference:

Now lets take our planet back:

Here is Fernando Vossa with his vision of the future and what you can expect:



9 comments on “New Caribbean Group : Prepare for Change : Barbados : The Event : A positive timeline : Request to join here :

    • Welcome Lou It will be nice to see you in the FB room < We had Cobra here for Portal 2012 conference and time is now on our side for the event as we have some collective information to share. I do have others from St Lucia too so maybe you will have your own group soon. in Light Dave

      • OMG!!! Really! You DO have folks from Saint Lucia?!? I’ve been trying to find them since July to no success. Thank you! Yes yes… PLEASE let me have contact with them! I do want to still be in this Caribbean group… so the more of us supporting each other the better. I do recall reading Cobra mentioning about Saint Maarten and… a lot of things click for me on a personal level. Thanks for having me.♡

      • Lou your welcome : It was me who got Cobra to come to do our Caribbean Portal 2012 conference So we had a great time and are blessed with his presence and knowledge So you are in good hands ,,Bring your friends along ,,we can be one big Caribbean awakened family , In the Barbados Group there are very good people who can answer just about any question on spirtuality, Health cures and science, Free energy , You just be your self and enjoy great awakened company and we will all love you,
        We will be releasing more intelligence as we get it just like Cobra’s group ,,but with a local smaller group you may get personal treatment.
        PS I will be having a new Spiritual lesson theme on Human Design on my site where you can get to know your inner self better this next week and I can do your cosmic charting and tell you how you operate from the inside out ,,you may be very interested, Namaste Dave

  1. O: you have explained on SO many levels! So far things are putting themselves together… FINALLY… after so many months of being in the Void and getting nothing. No signs. No support. No hindsight. Nothing. Even though I know I am here in Saint Lucia to work with the Portal Opening on a Soul Level … I on a human level feel so stuck in this Holding Pattern… knowing so very well how so different and odd I am with the locals. ANY insight is more than welcomed. I am so pleased that you got Cobra here in this region… as I was told during an Akashic Record that Sinte Maarten is linked to Saint Lucia on an energetic level.

    So he’s the real deal?!? I humbly express that… after being lost, dazed and confused while discerning away through all the dis/misinformation out there… I wasn’t 100% certain. Maybe if I’d met him in person then I could feel it for myself. Thanks for your input. It makes me feel I have every right to follow my raw Intuition… in spite of having no proof. It is very challenging being me… as many Starseeds can attest. The more insight/clarity/sharing all the better. Thanks so much for your company. I do hope I get to have a lot more connections as the days to the Event goes by.

    Again thanks so very much and Namaste. Lou Ann (first full name) 😊

  2. Hi Dave,

    Where can I leave my email address to be contacted? I’d love to meet everyone in person on PrepareforchangeCaribbean/Barbados… even on a physical-level if possible, especially with those from Saint Lucia? Otherwise… I’ll continue on my own the Weekly Meditation every Sunday whenever possible. It would be nice to meet… but if it’s not time, let me know. I am one of the Sensitive Ones who can literally feel the CME’s/Solar Flares/etc coming and tiring me out terribly… so I may not respond that much on Facebook as I’d like to… even though I am there online reading/watching/listening whenever I can.

    My email address is

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