The Moon is Out of Whack : Have you noticed Moon Rise and Moon Set ? : Approximately 34 degrees out of whack and tilted : Please do your own study : 2 videos here : Please report your findings :

Please look at the moon a little closer:

I was looking at the difference in moon set about 2 months ago and was astonished that it was a 1/3 of the sky away from where it was a week before or at least 10 days earlier.

I started taking markers that were fixed and I could retrace my dates and locations of moon sets and it was So FAR OUT:

I then started to get people ask me if i had noticed on my site. and Now a few more people notice the same thing have alerted me to this phenomena So please contribute to this article.

Now I find that this is not normal and below are some explanations but we have not bottomed this out yet.

Please help with your sightings observations and photo or video notifications :

Here is one from 2010 and one should ask the question Why is this not discussed? Who will ask our mainstream scientists the Question?

Even  scientists are recording shifts : No wonder it is not on mainstream news :

This is what we DO want our Corporate slander TV’s to report not the nonsense we get fed daily.

Look forward to your comments:

Victory of the light :



10 comments on “The Moon is Out of Whack : Have you noticed Moon Rise and Moon Set ? : Approximately 34 degrees out of whack and tilted : Please do your own study : 2 videos here : Please report your findings :

  1. OMG, my guy did too!! He noticed the moon was not in the position where it was the night before. From our perspective it was further away from his house; it should have been over his house. This was around 10 pm EST last month – Aug. What is going on? We were shocked!

  2. The Moons odd orbit and position is due to the Earths accelerated wobble, because of the influence of the solar system of Nibiru that is passing through our own system. This happens every 3600 years. This time, our personal and the Worlds ascension to a New paradigm, is taking place simultaneously for the first time in history. Be in great Joy. World Peace, Love & Light to All. Namaste.

  3. Well I’m one of those who is deeply suspicious that the Moon is an artificial construct and indeed is perhaps a stealth-craft from the old Annunaki days… perhaps it still has “occupants”… perhaps someone with a L plate LOL or someone who is prep-ing for some “EVENT” … either way, lets hope it is for the ultimate victory of the light and for true change on our beautiful planet… many blessings to you David (and to Ben) and for all your sacrifices to free those of us who desire true freedom… 🙂

    • You are on a par with David icke of course , I leave my mind open and use the fact that many open minded scientists say that it is easier to explain the moons non existence than it is to qualify its existence even though you can see it, So something is not right with it for sure Thank you Truth teller Love and Light and the victory of light to you Namaste Dave

  4. I was noticing something different about the moon, now I know what it is, can only be the influence of a large celestial body to flip the moon so noticeably from it’s fixed position.

    • Sam We are still unsure what the moon is just yet, So one is best keeping an open mind and continuing research until it becomes clear what it is here for, I refer you to good work and recommendations by David Icke in His Saturn/Moon matrix at Wembley last year. For my part The moon which supposed to keep its face to the earth un moved is the only planetary object that does so in the known universe,Plus it appears exact size of sun form earth Coincidence? ,Who planned that? Who needs the back side invisible to earth ? What are they hiding? ,,lots to think about . Thanks for comments Namaste Dave

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