The Philippines Gold : Black Japanese WW2 Gold : Karen Hudes ” These Bankster thugs Have to go” : Neil Keenan Latest in dealing with the Thugs : War in Syria is fogging us from what is really going on behind the scenes:

Do not even look at the Black Gold subject if you would like your personal research reading to be just 5 minutes long, It simply does not work that way:

Neil Keenan’s latest post on the Subject is more revealing than ever :

But nothing can prepare you for the shocks , twists and tales of tyranny uncovered and detailed global efforts going on today unless you decipher the Daily works of Karen Hudes and her damning report below in her interview.

This story appears to demonstrate that Syria and Iran is a panic attack and the biggest distraction smoke screen of all : The global story that we should really be focused on is not about war in Syria at all, there is not a cat in hells chance of WW3 , from a global financial standpoint of what is happening behind the scenes right now: On the other side of the world The Philippines is digging up Black Gold under orders from the Chinese and It is all related to the New Financial System called The Global Financial Reset concerning the Global Collateral accounts:

Philippines Corruption26e

The mainstream media should be pouring hundreds if not thousands of reporters over to the Philippines on this matter but sadly, once again it is left to us truth seekers and lightworkers to bring the information out in trickle feed, so here is the joining of the dots for you.

The Philippines has it’s own Protests going on about a less important but equally damning Pork Barrel protests : Little do they know that on their doorstep is potentially the most comprehensive cover up of an unrivalled global scandal. Details of it’s significance is seen here where money for projects never getting to their destination. Sounds so well Westernized doesn’t it? Just like the red cross and all other major charities like the World Wildlife Fund All the money goes into black budgets exactly the same.

Manila Protests_n

Karen Hudes must be thanked and awarded for her part in exposing this story as it breaks daily. Karen is a  World Bank Lawmaker  & Whistle blower  and to understand what she is exposing on a daily basis and keep up with its fast pace one needs to get some history on ancient uses for gold and modern days Corporatization of gold and the slavery and poverty  attached to the subject.

Here also is James McBride in a rare interview about the Divine Province he acquired from the Vatican: Do you not think it is strange that the Vatican would behave in such a clumsy nature if they were not desperate to stall the new financial system.

The Philippines ( and their people ) have been kept in perpetual poverty if by design : One can see clearly that the people have been usurped by a collaboration of evil in the US, Vatican and the Global financial elite ; Not only did the fortune amassed by Ferdinand Marco, get to the projects for the people it was intended, the truth is more sinister it was locked away from the real recipients which created a total abundant in the  lack of wealth. Suddenly a few families are allowed to build the most advanced city in the world (as in Makati City ) and just around the corner in Manila Bay, Pollution tops the agenda with Oil leaks, man-made Typhoons (which occur sometimes twice weekly) and people starve in a poverty that has some rivaling to do.

The Philippines now is totally dependant on 12% of it’s population are abroad working and 20% of the GDP is in its greatest import, so much so, that it has had to introduce new elaborate laws to contain the cash, a stat that hardly exists in any other country.


Here is a comprehensive round up of events taken place around the world in regards to Black gold A must read for those who wish to get closer to understanding why wars are called and who orders them and why.

If you look around in the Philippines today You see a Law book which is stereotypically US written and you will see poor people spending the last few cents on toxic coca cola, sitting under perfectly natural  fruit bearing coconut trees A Philippines that appears to have run out of reasoning , truth and awareness of  its own natural resources and capabilities.

This Philippines collaboration with the Banking Elite  & The US & Vatican maintains to this day a poverty stricken nation poisoned by modern politics, fake religious promises which was built on a foundation of historic corporate politics and yet another fake US corporate take over after WW2.


Incidentally on a very happy note: The Philippines is one nation which WILL get  all of it’s wealth back to the people in the near future. This can be done by playing the waiting game or it can be speeded up by it’s own nation waking up to it’s true surroundings and oppressive nature it finds itself in.

It is all about Gold and Diamonds and it always has been:

This is a great story about how this is all about to end and there are going to be some major unprecedented surprises on route :

In this next  link we explore the real reason for WW2 and how the Philippines played it’s role linking to comments made by Karen Hudes about Ferdinand Marco’s estate and the Vatican’s  Self confessed rights to this Black Gold : When you put the story together and read Karen Hudes emails you can see a pattern of continued deception : It takes about 5 minutes to read these emails but you may wish for your own research to keep referring back to them, as they start forming a ring of truth about what is goings on behind the scenes.

Here is the very latest on the subject and it makes very interesting reading indeed:

” It’s all about Gold Article” by Brett Sutherland. this adds a more divine nature to the subject and offers a chance for those to do more research with some very choice links attached.

Bringing the gold story up to date here is the link to the modern day history of Gold in a corporate slave trade and why Karen Hudes is doing what she is doing becomes all that more clearer. Once you know who knows about gold one can easily see why it is  subject number one , when it comes to Global Collateral Accounts and the release of funds to the People of Planet Earth.


Phils Pork

I seriously do hope this article reaches at least 100 people who do wish to look deeply into why we have so much global poverty and why we are so deceived by so few and So that we can understand our purpose for being here as cosmic beings and knowing “what it takes by us  to clean up” is well within our grasp.

Just because they hide this stuff Does not mean we cannot unveil the truth. Knowledge is power

Victory of the light:




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