King Obama’s Premature Wargasm: Offloads on Golf Course After binning WW3 : Cameron & Hague tucks Superman tee shirts into Speedo’s sent by Putin : As Syria bathes in Western Chemo mess : There will be no ROTHSCHILD war:

Keith Harcourt : US President Obama announced on Saturday that World War III has been postponed. ( Phewwwwww Oh I am so relieved)

Now for the presidential golf latest :

Rather than unilaterally bombing Syria, and setting off a regional conflagration that could escalate into nuclear confrontation with Russia, Obama has decided to seek Congressional approval before risking blowing up the world. Then goes to play Golf:

BO golf grave

Ron Paul asks :

I thought AL Qaeda were the Baddies Why is Obama sending troops and arms to them?

As if we did not know : These photos are money spinners BBC and others used them in Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

As CNN and Anderson do some more Fake war episodes :

Totally and utterly discredited:

As Even congress sign 116 man petition ot stop the madness :

Even the French now Telling Hollande how it will be :

As Assad tell US ” stick your GMO’s We look after peoples health here is Syria:”

As Brotherhood have enough dirt on Obama to have him Jailed :

And more here from the Morsi camp :

Oh the stress of WW3 Lets play golf and shoot shit : More shit:

Rothschilds Lose a few Trillion : shucks : looks like it is worse than that :

This is a Rothschild War ( who could have guessed)

As Nato says no to War :

I could go on for ever but it is a waste of energy on these idiots:

There will be no war GET IT ?




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