Beppe Grillo : BBC hash reports and fake ‘the fake’ election results : Hack and Hijack Democracy : 1/3 of Parliament is in the hands of Five Star Movemiento: Great News : Opus Dei and P2 Masonic Lodge in the dog house: Going Down: FREE ITALY SOON:

BREAKING NEWS – ITALY: A whole new bunch of ANTI FREEDOM & DISINFORMATION news reports have been hashed-up by the BBC… No surprises there – but what is amazing is that the ultra-right wing and the ultra-left wing parties have GANGED UP in a coalition in an attempt to shut-down any parliamentary power of Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Truth Movement Party! All of a sudden, millions of Italians have realised that there is no ‘left’ and no ‘right’ – all these politicians are controlled from the same HIDDEN HAND…

Beppe Grillo

Basically, the Italian parliament and media owned by Berlusconi are trying to HIJACK AND STOP DEMOCRACY. They don’t like the fact that the 5-star truth movement party of BEPPE GRILLO now controls nearly 1/3rd of the parliament – so their tactic has been to SCRAP DEMOCRACY and have another election! The first step is to try and get BERLUSCONI back in power – well, that didn’t work because he was sentenced to a term in prison! Now what has happened is that the 5-star Truth Movement’s presidential candidate has won a staggering 240 VOTES from the parliament – showing that this cunning plan is hated even by the puppet politicians!!!

The bottom line is this – the BBC are saying the Italian government elections resulted in ‘DEADLOCK’ – they didn’t – there was a very clear mandate from the people of Italy to throw out Berlusiconi which is what has happened.

A majority of Italian MPs are reported to have cast blank ballots in the second round of voting during the recent Presidential ballot! That is a way of saying ‘I WANT MORE MONEY AS A BRIBE’. So lobbyists are running around with bags of cash buying any parliamentary member currently sitting on the fence. Stefano Rodota, the candidate backed by former comic Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star Movement, came in second place with 240 votes on the presidential ballot – well, frankly, the vote counting process is most probably fixed by the Opus Dei and P2 masonic lodge of Berlusconi – its the BBC’s way of letting us know that the Truth Movement candidate actually won – and millions of Euros are now being flushed into the pockets of lobbyists to try and turn this situation round!

Meanwhile Truthers in the Italian police force have BUSTED THE MAFIA who are responsible for dumping ships packed with French nuclear waste in the Mediterranean! Oh dear!!!

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