The Event Update Tomorrow morning : “heads up” Obama and the fairy’s are meeting in a biggy financial bash at the white house : Game changer : Eventometer is on a roll ; Stand By


There is simply too much going on: Max Keiser nailed it this week end :

And now look Our lunatics in suits are having a secret boys room chat.

Lots of toilet and sanitary jokes I am sure. But hey the news : It is all on mainstream now we do not need to shop about for the truth anymore.

Plus Diana’s Murder is on the chopping block again as more celebrity stars go down for Peadophilia:

Much more going on as one man made weather catastrophe after another hits globally as the cabal try in vain to cling on to power:

The eventometer is going mad : Hilary and Bill have days to go before they get the chains on :

POOF says no more camp David for them referring to an Ex President.

The time is near as the false flag gassing in Syria backfires on BO and friends as Russia says No more  False Flag USA:

Britain and Cameron have no way to stop fracking in UK as they are shit scared of the bully banksters and corporations so they have taken to being a laughing stock as the buck really hits in London next week.

Plus Germany wants to see gold and there isn’t any and Hungary pulls out of EU:

And Greece is now asking for what does not exist , the bailout of bail outs:

Egypt too is backfiring on the gangsters and weapon sales reps, as the people KNOW the truth now.

Plus with the embassies shutting down and no more funds for egypt’s zionist war machine : There appears an abundance of NO MONEY:

Soros cannot get his criminal head around the QE5 and WW3 has no chance to start now which was the evil final cabal card.

One more major laughable false flag and we are done from this tyranny and we can be free spirits.

The Pope says ,After he gets  caught on cam picking his nose and eating it, whilst waving to the mass hysteria sheeple. ( go on, Google it for your self).

“We own the lot of you and we make the rules :  We can change them when we want”. Thanks Vatican but ,,so sorry WE DO:

I think this is commonly known as the bit before THE EVENT:

Bernanke can be jailed in just 10 days time and so to the rest of them AND THEY ALL KNOW IT>.


OH please, I could not stand seeing another weeping crisis actor in Egypt  US or UK:

EVENTOMETER update tomorrow I promise and some good reading attached :

As Cobra Fulford Wilcock Montague Keen and many many more all mean the same  : It is TIME THE TICKING STOPPED:

Only you and I can free Bradley Manning now and we will.

Be very very  patient my brothers and sisters and just listen to the birds and watch the skies and you will see the right time.

Consciousness has no problems with the event.



Patient consciousnessn


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