Lowlands Community Gardens : DAY 1 : Work in Progress : Jerome Martin and Will : Start the clearing of the huge Greenhouse : Sweaty work from LightworkersSXM:

Day one : at Lowlands Community Gardens :

Here is the collage of pics from the first days work at our Large Aquaponics Project:

Please go to the official site for contributions and to see what is going on and what we are trying to achieve here on Saint Martin: http://lowlandscommunitygarden.com/


This is the first home grown food farm on SXM:  It is crazy we buy ( and pay way over the top)  suspect GMO food from abroad when the Caribbean offers so much naturally.

Ok here are the LOWLANDS STUDS in action on Day one :

Day 1 montage copy

Here is some running Commentary :

Pic One top left : Jerome supervising  Martin who is digging an iguana out of the guttering.

Pic 2 Top Right : Martin our permaculturist clearing the gutters:


Will Welch, Gardens Supervisor and yes you guessed it ‘Not the fashion supervisor’, with Martin in a threatening position with a hacker saw.

Pic 4 Jerome and Martin with that look ” much sweaty work more to do”.

This Greenhouse is 40 meter long and 10 meters wide. the project period is dependant on funding both local and global. Please help this grat cause.

$150,000 short for full blown funding please get involved by visiting Lowlands Community Gardens.

Contribute_NowThanks from the team at Lowlands and our Building, Aquaponics and Gardening team.

 Dave, Martin, Jerome and Will and Elaine.


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