The Event Update : 9th July 2013 : Wealth and prosperity for all ? Financial Collapse of a wrotten system ? No more war ? Free Energy and Freedom to mankind ?

The Eventometer : What would you predict ? a Rise or a fall? Is the Event that little bit Nearer? END OF JUNE WE REPORTED 25%

Political events this week:

Egypt Gets rid of Morsi!! is this a game changer ? NO IT APPEARS TO BE ALL FABRICATED AND EXPECT A RETURN TO TAHIRI SQ IN A FEW MORE MONTHS TIME. as the US military continue to control behind the scenes.

Canada great un-manned Train Explosion full of fuel  appeared to have separated and ran alone CARS ALL76 OF THEM???? This is in a country that has had unprecidented Man Made weather anomolies in the same week, Plus the fact that Stephen Harper is seen now by more people as being a total zionist puppet:

Obama and Bush and Clinton  visit SA what for ? and why all had secret meetings? One thing for sure : When you see all of these 3 Evil people in the same block you can be sure that death is very near by and in vast quantities, in addition to vast sums of stolen wealth.

Bolivia presidential plane downed by the West in Switzerland as Bolivia end all Macdonalds in that country and also offer Snowdon asylum, Bolivia also announced that the ‘World has rights’ too last month.

Venezuala and Nicaragua also offered Snowdon Asylum too as Putin stuck his fingers up in the air to Obama and Snowden ( great humor that guy)..

Then there is calls that Rothschilds want Iran’s Central Bank this week.

The other strange incident was the San Fran Crash where all the injured passengers had to meet CIA officials and those that got seen speaking live were removed off air rather abruptly plus the incident that an SOS was issued by the captain of the Asiana airlines plane and hushed up in the Airport. Blamed on Human Error ..mmmm. The TV were very quick to point out that it would be 6 months before any details would emerge from the crash site that could be divulged, How convenient.

Gold is $1229 today and silver is less than 19$ very very low.

Does any of this indicate to you that the entire financial system is about to collapse and that BRICS nations are about to release prosperity for all?

Bulgaria for it’s part is also collapsing it’s parliament too so can we see a change in the event or any other indications that The Event is nearer?

POOF : FULFORD and COBRA Montague Keen and Shelden Nidle all have indications that some change is ahead:

The facts remains the same : There is no RV releases There are no Prosperity Fund releases, There is no financial collapse or mass arrests of prominent people as even Tony Blair was drumming up war in Syria on BBC today.

The best that POOF could do is say that it may be 90 days before we see any change. Some thing similar as to what Fulford is saying.

Cobra for his part is and remains as hopeful as us all and continues unabated in opening Portals, but offers no real hope for change in the near future.

ALL WE SEE IS : CABALISTIC REFLEXES and more war story’s and massive cover up’s of Peadophile Britain and Wonderful meaningless  Sports stories. With a Vatican that looks like it is cleaning up it’s act, but we know different.

Major news is needed and unforthcoming, so to that end;








6 comments on “The Event Update : 9th July 2013 : Wealth and prosperity for all ? Financial Collapse of a wrotten system ? No more war ? Free Energy and Freedom to mankind ?

    • Thank you Philavox, I do expect better news soon But I cannot be sending false promises We are all pissed off at that. The moment news is conjucent to lightworkers funds being released being a going concern I hope to be on top of that but just now it is as reported, Sorry to say , Keep up the hope, Victory of the light, Namaste Dave

  1. Storebrand, a Norwegian financial services group, and Dutch bank Rabobank have become the latest companies to announce they will pull out of the investments in the fossil fuel

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