Russian Alien Books released : 58 species discussed and explained : Find out which are the friendly ones and which are not : what space ships they alle frequent And what technology they have:


12 comments on “Russian Alien Books released : 58 species discussed and explained : Find out which are the friendly ones and which are not : what space ships they alle frequent And what technology they have:

  1. Very riveting.

    How do we know that Nibiru shows up every 4000 years instead of 35 or 3600 years? Not that it will make any difference in my life either way; I am curious though.

    I must add that the time elements dealing with the different races’ appearances seem to differ with other so called experts’ dates. But then, perhaps, no one really knows what on earth or heaven is going on… unless someone does, in which case I would sure love to meet them.

    They could all pass for Star Wars characters; it made me wonder if Lucas had any access to the mysterious Russian book. Just wondering.

    Thank you.

    Nick Marini

  2. Thank you for taking your time to write to me, Dave.

    Can you answer this question? Why is it that after all those decades of claims of
    alien – human meetings there is very little data in the form of alien’s photographs? With smart phones you’d expect something in the shape of a photograph, wouldn’t you say? Billy Meier himself claims he has photos of alien ships taken while inside another alien ship but when it came to his alien friends, all he has is just drawings or paintings or what looks like clips from sci-fi movies.

    How important is the knowledge of the number of alien races when their existence is based on drawings only? We don’t want the alien bit to turn into a religion filled with ” take it on faith; these drawings are God’s truth “, do we? And this is coming from someone, me, who believes that there must be other beings out there. Until more valid proofs show up, it is pure fantasy, science fiction in which case I’d rather read Star Wars or Ender’s Game than look at drawings, whether from a Russian Book or Malaysian one for that matter. Sorry if it upsets you, Dave.

    You never did answer my question about Nibiru incidentally.



    • Nick Firstly I am hugly spiritual and Do not get upset : It has no positive purpose: Secondly I am not sure at your level of investigation on this subject but I am inundated of latest photos films of all manner of craft. I suppose The Day Before Disclosure is the best film and you can use my sacrh button to see this movie : Also Crop circles have much technology in their scriptures, A must see : The best TV show on UFO’s is Jaimie Maussen on live Mexican TV peak time Has the best display of the latest videos. The ammount of recent viewings of sightings can be sen on my site : watch for video Alcyon below : Please feel free to browse around : USE the search button on any subject: Namaste Dave PS Nibiru is The Annunaki Space ship. and is mentioned in the Russian video number 3 and is the best discription and even mentions it’s planned return.

  3. I am a believer.. But the annunaki thing cmon, it was severely debunked i an 3 hour long movie with all the annunaki conspiracies – they were debunked with relative evidence? Actually, most of the theories are just crazy?

    Now don’t get me wrong, i certainly believe the fact that we are not alone, and the most promising findings so far are the 6 inches entities found around the world.

    As for sightings, i believe in what i see. Not some bananarecorded videos of lights.
    I really want to see real evidence, but i think we lack of such.

    Also those papyruses was very wrongly translated.

    • The Annunaki theory can be translated in any way you want it to, debunkers off this theory are spot on..BUT, debunkers also have their own agenda’s. Follow your gutt instinct, do not rely on the theorists, nor the debunkers.
      Zeitgeist sounded real good to me at first, David Icke made a lot off scence in explaining the NWO mechanics…Yet, they all have their dirty little secrets and agenda’s. Both involved in the New age religion and believes.
      What makes scence? Ofcourse proof!! But who offers this truth? It is so difficult to trust anyone and their theories. One thing is for certain, WE ARE NOT ALONE! For me this is FACT and not fiction. So i have a created a theses that i…and do note I accept, and from their on…the journey continues.

  4. Please respond to this reply as i forgot to check the email option thingie on the original comment.

      • The Alien Race book is conceived from the mind off a man that clearly has read a lot into these topics, and is a wannabe writer himself..a deliberate hoax…based on his fragments of imagination only…trust me brother this is a desperate man searching for fame and glory.

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