The Event Latest : 25% on the EVENTOMETER : 3 Arrested in Vatican sting : As Bush will be arrested on US soil : All the signs are looking promising as The RV Iraq’s chapter 7 is lifted as POOF said.

Updated 28th June following Benjamin Fulford’s Post and comments from  POOF & Cobra : Plus the latest news : 

It is very difficult not to rate The Eventometer 12% higher and bring it up from 22% to 25% in news from just this week:

Here are some headlines that need digesting  to understand that things are actually happening as Benjamin Fulford said in his final words this week :

Benjamin Fulford”  Let us see if their latest promises for big changes by the Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations actually happen this year. ADDITIONALLY “

The gnostic illuminati have also promised to intensify their campaign to completely overthrow the Western establishment. They have renewed their web-page to indicate this. To this end, big secret moves are being made”.

Is he talking about those who are deliberately trying to stop the Event, like Bush, Obama and Gillard maybe? more on that in a moment.

POOF this week warned us of stupidity on the 4th of July suggesting that gunlaw  lobbyists could incite riots, one to watch for and hope for peace.

So is any of this true? well this is is very interesting.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Lets really hope we have news headlines of Bush (Clintons and Bush already under home restrictions) or someone major next week  like this below : 

Just in : 3 Vatican Officials Arrested in banking scam by Italian Officials:

This is clear antagonism from the fighting Sabbatean factions as Fulford said here last week:  “The Vatican is also now clearly pitted against the Sabbatean cabal and this can be seen in statements by the Pope about financial tyranny. It is also seen in the form of Vatican support for anti-plutocratic riots in Brazil.”


What exactly is going on for real in the financial world ? Karen Hudes tells us clearly :

This has been superbly details for us by Susan Posel here for Occupy Corporatism.

Basel III needs more power to be implemented and action must be taken against the Vatican for breaking that transparency ruling that the Vatican Signed up to when Ratsinger resigned (got sacked) earlier in February this year. Remember:  The Vatcian Bank was allowed to reopen it’s Bank with Basel III transparency laws in place once Ratsinger was removed as Pontiff :

So this is clear that Julia Gillard ( sacked this week in Oz) got her zionist frock ripped off ( metaphor) , She must have been seen as the one who actively purged the release and the progress of  the Bonds and prosperity funding for projects of the future, purely as a puppet for corporation The Commonwealth of Australia ( Royalty)???

Cobra once told me that the Basel III is only a good idea if they have the will to enforce it : 

Also Cobra explained deeply on the Etherical plain, much was in the mix, said this : on Wednesday
Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results and I will have interesting news. 

Now Michael Tellinger and his Lawyers are calling for the arrest of Obama in South Africa with the Ubuntu party, It seems very fitting that Barry Soetoro AKA Obama is in South Africa as Nelson Mandela is close to death.

Just linking that is a mind boggle:

As this is going on, there are massive foreign troops are on training programs on US soil (strange????) : 

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

All in all it means that we have to keep track on the real news as Russia and the non western world seek to exploit SNOWDON as a fugitive on the loose But what exactly are they steering us away from?

Iceland just said this week NO to EURO : wow that is major!! in addition to  also openly offering assistance to Snowdon. 

Weather anomolies:

Expect a run up to 4th July: Some major event or some major weather event ? ( no fear mongering intended) the weather is a real weapon of choice these days and  these events (as man made as they are)  are for real.

Just now I looked on my radar and there is a massive HAARP signiture in between Oklahoma and Wichita : This Giant HAARP ring  appears to be targeting a village called Vining by the airfield ( google it ) and there is a huge dam there too. Please go look for your selves and inform any one in the vicinity to look into the sky for signs.

Also watch out in the sky for tricks like this seen here by DutchSince  and others today : 

Earthquake upticks in US and Philippines and Volcanoes going off in South Central Americas and Kamchatka and Alaska are all signs of an uptick in cabalistic desperation to maintain on to power they simply now do not have.

Calgary has worst weather in any record and sees clouds like this below: 

: Colorado fires have been started : and Tsunami’s in Carolinas all happened this week with another bridge collapse that appears to be a favourite tool for one fighting cabal faction.

What to look out for?

Clear signs of defeat will be from one major Arrest Just one big name will do it and the financial collapse is sure to be the next compromise as the sheeple will go in search for the truth.

Expect more: look up and record the skies the amount of  UFO sightings this year alone exceeds any thing I have been reporting on in 3 years.

Disclosure is very much a part of the event : This ET thing is just a matter of common sense too However when it is supressed just like Cancer cures and free energy You are accused of being dumb if you talk about it : Well that aint so, listen to Paul Hellyer on Full Disclosure here : THIS IS FULL DISCLOSURE:

The EVENT is irreversible. More lies and false flags are fuel de Jour.


Britain Your Next: pedophilia will bring your rulers down next week, the continuous lies coming out of mainstream media and the new police chief  in Yorkshire sent to cover the network up, cannot sustain the bubble it is held in.

Also tomorrow as Benjamin Fulford informed us to watch out for Egypt will be big, as they try to crush Morsi.

Turkey Italy Cyprus again, Portugal Spain Brazil Ireland Now Bosnia Bulgaria Chile & Japan and many more countries are joining in the protesting with revolutions and I think it has just begun as we all awaken to amnesia and robbery of our souls.

The People’s Voice : David Ickes TV station opens this week and promises to be simply THE NEWS:

Get with it and be apart of it all.

The event is happening in your life time, Yes NOW




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