E-Clinic Week 5 : Update : Visitor Testimonial : Brain and Body dead case from malaria : The Awakening of the brain and body is in the NOW:

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It is neither embarrassing nor surprising when the visitor comes to E-Clinic of Natural Self-Healing for desperate advice, then walks away and becomes more familiar with their healing surroundings than the supervisor or Naturo-practor.

In the case of our malaria affected visitors Mother, who is desperately trying to tend to her son who has been out of action in the body and mind for 5 years, you can understand that not only are there physical problems in re-Activating the Brain and body but there maybe spiritual ones too.

Additionally poisoned by modern medicine our visitor has tried for years to bring life to what otherwise would and could be passed for lifelessness.

However : As Dr Jeremy Ayres ( Naturo-practor @ E-Clinic ) said in the beginning ” If we are alive, we can regenerate”.

So not giving up, plus  the team being  far far away from each other, set about a program of rejuvenation of the brain and body. Here is the latest from the mother/ carer of her 32-year-old son who is currently bedridden and has been for 5 years now.

Incidentally, for 4 weeks we have been assisting in this rejuvenation incident and bear in mind this could take a few months more.


Dave, 15th June 2013 an update for you … ANONIMITY OF VISITOR & MOTHER RESPECTED:

After Jeremy took down the history of my sons illness, he took time to understand it and then came up with a detailed plan for an initial 3 month detox, rehydration and high availability of nutrients as well as dealing with the trauma that the disease caused, on a cellular level.  Initially the program seemed simple but turned out to be quite complex to practically execute.  So after the challenges of getting the supplements that we needed as well as a slant board and other basics, we are now proceeding with our 3 month initial program.   Working with Herings Law of Cure, we’ve identified the first ‘healing reactions’ and it seems we are on the right path.   Initially I thought we would be able to identify clearly a trauma, and a healing reaction, but the art of healing does not quite work that way and it is a puzzle that one has to focus on.   

As we put this program together, as usual when one starts doing things right, universe gives one a further nudge or two in the right direction, a small confirmation from the greater whole around us.  For us it was finding an excellent craniosacral therapist in our dusty little desert town.  He is a little fellow and reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi.  He studied with the great John Upledger himself and qualified at the Upledger Institute.  Then, he followed the work of Eugene Gendlin – The ‘Felt’ Sense – which focuses on bodily knowing and direct bodily experience, not in words … how to pause the on-going situation and create space for new possibilities for going forward – the Still Point.   http://www.focusing.org/bios/gendlin_bio.html.   

A major lesson for the past week was that our bodies contain all our secrets.  Every little bit of trauma, every little bit of joy lies in there somewhere. We almost need to develop a different sense to be able to decode every bodily sensation, because this is the road to communication with what is around us. I’m learning a whole bunch of new stuff and again I am almost overcome at the exquisite beauty of being alive in this changing form, in this changing place.  Sensing, knowing and being in tune – even the shape of our specific skulls has influence on the music we like – http://www.insidescience.org/blog/2013/06/14/your-skull-and-your-itunes-mix-how-skull-resonance-influences-musical-preference

It is a joy to see our patient smiling and sighing with relief and release after our ‘light sword wielding Obi-Wan Kenobi’ makes staggering statements like .. we’re working on synchronizing the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain now.   While we are still reeling under the impact of such statements, the patient beams relief and release, so the proof is in front of our faces.

In our situation it will be a longer term healing process.  We are dealing with a person that has had huge trauma.  We’ve been more than adequately supported by the E-Clinic in our combined quest for healing of ourselves, our loved ones and our humanity.  Never underestimate the spirit of our being.

So please understand that your target when visiting E-Clinic initially is to become guided in Self – Healing and then not only become more familiar with your illness and your own spirituality but how your entire body functions.

Your Mind, Soul and Body is a coordinated matrix of intelligent fixes which is greater than our practitioners could ever supervise, their position in life is to stimulate and re-activate those matrices where needed and the rest is up to you when you recognise that for what it is, in your own ( vehicle) reality.

Here is a professional response from Dr Jeremy Ayres : This is a very complex case because of the level of trauma and poisoning by medicine that he has endured. However, we are a few weeks into the foundational part of the treatment plan and he has shown noticeable improvement at all levels and has even tried to talk. He is following the laws if Herring law of cure which in itself means that his healing crisis are traumatic but significant and after each one he has shown over all improvement. I fully expect to talk to him one day and shake his hand. A side note is that his mother is extraordinary and deserves all the credit as does xzx and his incredible will to progress after winning the battle to survive. It is an honor for me to be able to help such deserved spirits.

So you see, You are never more than a visitor to the E-Clinic.

You will also lose any need for future visits to any other clinics, doctors or hospices and your psychological dependence for fake chemicals will be brought to an abrupt end.

This is revolutionary therapy and needs YOU and YOUR understanding and YOUR INNER TRUST that it works :

Please come to us for guidance as the operator of the complex engine room for your own health:




I am nothing more than a Natural Self healer @ E-Clinic. and receptionist.

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