Planetary Motion Explained : Vorticular motion ‘Not As We are Taught at School’ : Two great videos Showing Our motion : Nothing is at it seems : or is it?

The sun travels 11Million Miles per day and we are keeping up with her on Planet Earth  483,000 miles per hour.

Have you ever wondered why everything in Nature is Spiral like Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Plant growth all have the same growth patterns because we are basiically living on a giant vorticular motion.

DNA is the same : Here is why and once you know this and see it you can feel it and get to your spirituality :

Quote: We are all made of star stuff” Carl Sagan.

Quote “Future Persent and the past all simultaeaneously travel in the same space time, So if you wish to know any thing that happened in the future? All you have to do is remember it” Albert Einstein.

Check out this motion and see if it resonates with you :

And once you know this You can add the motion of the sun in a heliocentrical motion to the Galaxy :

But is this so?

Personally I am under the impression that we are a binary planetary system in a smaller Galaxy within the Milky Way Galactic system. Also our Sun is in a heliocentric orbit of Alcyon.

But who cares what I think This is still very beautiful and has a very realistic resonance as computer graphics go.

You be the judge : What feels right invariably is right:

What ever you decide I am sure you will agree that it is not as we are told in school :

I for one would prefer to know what I am sitting on and how it feels to ride the ride and how fast it is going:

This could be the beginning of learning all about your own spirituality:


images (2)


For those of you who wish to know more about how you are a mathematical geological certainty then please proceed to Human Design System and get your Human design chart and look into your Human Cosmic Consciousness and how it can play a role in Knowing.

“Who you think you are” and your inner and outer Authority! 

We are a binary consciousness and we have our fingerprints logged in the stars:

Here :

See you there :

Namaste Dave 


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