London Beheading : Out-Fakes Boston and Sandy hook : Guy with Machetes cleans his hands for (t)fake 2 : Britain You Bloody Losers : No Blood from a Decapitation : Plenty of Actors at the scene : This is the most STUPID FAKE INCIDENT EVER:

BRITAIN BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED Just look at Videos and Pics Below They are SOOOOO BUSTED:


This is probably the most stupid fake I have seen as a woman with her baby in her pram walks by this actor weilding Knives and clevers and then disappares on mainstream news into thin air.

He washes hands for a second take: So the second take he has no Blood on them. 

Now for a load more crap AND IT IS CRAP: FAKED FAKED FAKED : Stop thining we are so stupid please:

You Useless British Authorities : BRITAIN YOU PAY YOUR TAXES FOR THIS :


London Calling – Fake Terror Comes to London Town
The MSM reports another ‘Terror’ attack. This time a beheading in London.

But what is the truth of this incident? What does a critical observer see?

Where is the blood on this man’s light colored jacket?
We are informed by the BBC that he and the other man were hacking at the victim for minutes on end in a visceral bloodbath.  A large pool of blood can be seen in photographs taken looking down at the scene from above.
Other reports clearly state that the victim was beheaded.
Both of the attackers should be covered in blood – not just their hands.

Decapitation – Where is the head in this or any of the other photographs ?!

From Chris Spivey’s Blog

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.
Twenty fucking minutes for the old Bill to turn up.
No one thought to get the Army out?
All the early descriptions given are wrong. Why would they carry all those weapons. You can only use one. Why does the old lady suddenly disappear out of the video.
Where have all the Police cars gone from the shoot out? I thought the whole area had been sealed off?
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6 comments on “London Beheading : Out-Fakes Boston and Sandy hook : Guy with Machetes cleans his hands for (t)fake 2 : Britain You Bloody Losers : No Blood from a Decapitation : Plenty of Actors at the scene : This is the most STUPID FAKE INCIDENT EVER:

    • Tiwana That is the point Why : The NWO is crumbling and the false flags these days have massive broken communications which means that they look more staged than before, The Fact that exposes Rockerfeller Bush Clinton Royalty Vatican and Rothschild Archon Annunaki factions are in house fighting and this will expose them Boston was a clar example of this and so was woolwich they forget to tell the rothschilds TV stations BBC CNN NBC ITV SKYand all the others which is the most important part of their propaganda,Keep reading Benjamin Fulford posts on here every monday it does make the picture come clearer Thanks for your question.

  1. You guys are pretty crazy. No offence intended, naturally. Try to keep in mind that almost every single picture used up there is taken at a different angle by a different person at a slightly different time, so there is obviously going to be a little deviation in the picture in relation to the body, blood etc. I appreciate that there are real scandals to be uncovered, and a level of scepticism is important, but articles like this just make you all look like ‘typical leftie loons,’ devaluing anything important you might have to say. Pick your battles.

      • Sorry, I didn’t see anything to really sway me on the idea of crisis actors. I need more than conjecture and pixelated images to convince me of that, and I still don’t see why people who have met these actors before would not just come forward en masse and out them. I’m impressed you didn’t just delete my comment because I disagreed though, most sites are moderated to the point of reaching an artificial consensus, glad to see someone who is tolerant of contrary opinions and open to debate.

      • Please check eclinic and german new medicine for how we really try to fix ,,Your comments are form and intuitive ooen mind or sceptic ,,that is very welcome here Namaste Dave

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