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Orbs showing up when you least expect it, 5th dimensional lights Orbs connected at the hip with Sylphs

Sending Orbs of Light energy to your son.

To The E-Clinic of Natural Healing (  21st May 2012 ).

There are not sufficient words to describe how it is and what it feels like, to find the next step in a road where spirit is the guide and a strong knowing that we can heal, is the bedrock.  And this is what it feels like to me today – I have found the next step in a process that requires the refinement of spirit to hear the guidance of spirit, and then brings further refinement to understanding our own deep nature as Universal Beings and what we are here for.

Two and a half years ago we lost a son, but we did not lose him.  He decided to live and to continue in his role in the family as teacher.  Just now he is brain-damaged, cannot walk or talk and is a ‘hopeless case’ medically.  Yet, during this time, as the physicians and doctors pronounced this hopelessness over and over again, despite being in full acceptance of his choice to continue in this life or not, we knew: He prefers to live!  And that was that.

From that moment on, we walked with spirit as guide.  Each time we had a need, that need was fulfilled and the process of becoming one with the blueprint of his humanity, has been led by spirit.  The first year we had a hopelessly lame and brain-damaged person that had lost a tremendous amount of bodyweight, with wounds from sub-standard care and with all kinds of oxygen and tubes and things and daily crisis and truly, we had no idea how to deal with this changed person.  Somehow, the guidance came.  The right help appeared every time.  Much ignoring of the medical fraternity had to be done as well, without alienating them.  Because we have alternative treatment and alternative methodology, but we do not have alternative emergency rooms, intensive care units, brain scans and those kinds of things.  It is time that we do!.  It is time that we have alternative crisis units as well.

We were at a stage where we felt spirit needed to reveal ‘the next step’.  I came across the E-Clinic.  Somehow it felt right and I wrote a short description of what we need now.  The answers, the embodiment of the spiritual search is in the process of becoming.  We’ve come a long way with this ‘hopeless case’ who now has no tubes hanging from him, and eats and drinks with a little help, and moves around with a little help, and is beginning to again make talking noises and has a range of facial and hand and arm expressions to communicate with, who has a full range of emotions and displays them.   This ‘hopeless case that should be left to die’, is becoming a person again.

So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. 

A quote from Jeremy:  “If we are alive, we can regenerate!”


This is named  “The message of hope and light”. From Dave, Admin at the E-Clinic.

Within 48 hours of going on Air, Our Spirituality and Aura reaches to those most in need.

The connection described here by the parent of a patient  is quite clearly from a relieved soul and a determined family with a most wanton cause.

We look forward to you joining us in the E-Clinic of Natural Healing :

Remember as one of E-Clinics practitioners Jeremy Ayres says,

” We will do all we can to help you if in return you try everything you can do to help yourselves”.

See you in the E-Clinic.





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