Oklahoma : Manmade Tornado : A False Flag : Politically vetted : As Family Guy airs it’s Fore-Knowledge of it just like Boston

Oklahoma Tornado was Man-Made by a desperate and Violent cabal who are showing signs of losing thier grip on control over YOU:

Point Number 1) Family Guy Aires The Event : Watch as Youtube try to censor the inserts:

Point Number 2 ) HAARP AND SCALAR WAVES SPOTTED BY DUTCHSINCE 24-48 Hours before the event : 

(Before It’s News)

All Light News

Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a devastating series of tornadoes form, and hit the pulsed areas.

Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

 Reblogged from 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?:


A.Prior to 3pm there, millitary and police went door to door in the area that is now completely demolished.  They told all residence to leave the area and head north.

B.  On there way out they saw multiple bulldozers and wrecking ball like machines moving into their neighborhoods.

C.  One of my friends saw  a huge projector/hollogram output device the size of a building.  He said while driving away he saw this projector turn on and it created a hologram tornado in the sky that eventually blocked out the area that was supposedly “hit”.

D.  One of my friends that was nearby, said that while the hollogram tornado passed overhead, all of the bulldozers and equipment began demolishing EVERYTHING!  He said explosions were also heard.  He said that every person driving a bulldozer and demolishing houses was wearing a yamica and have a big nose.  Also the bulldozers had an israeli construction company on the side.  He said it was very hgard to see this activity going on, because the hollogram tornado was blocking the view mostly.

E. All of my friends are now being told to shut up and not to talk about what they seen.  They are saying that if they dont stick to the official “:tornado” story that they will not receive any type of financial support, relief, etc.. to rebuild their homes.

F.  One of my friends heard a self-proclaimed zionist talking to a shapeshifting white guy.   They said that all the earthquake in oklohoma lately are a result of massive underground contruction.  they were talking about how the Jewish race wishes to expand rapidly and that they are building massive Jewish settlements and Palestinian slave labor camps under Oklohoma…the reason… supposedly   ak-la ham aer, which sound like oklohoma, means “Jews are the best, screw the rest” in hebrew.

Point Number 4)  Political News which always leans to the reason : 

Oklahoma joins 21 other states with petition for secession from the Union

Remember this?

If the so-called ‘Union’ can really produce Harpicanes and artificial tornadoes, how will these and other states get loose while needing emergency funds to help repair themselves.

The states that have petitioned the government to secede are as follows: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Nawww, it’s just a coincidence that this horror tornado struck and that Texas is still in the worst drought ever, and that Obombya Regime actually sued Arizona which had horror shooting massacre, and Colorado suffered horrific wildfires and theater shooting, etc., etc., and the list goes on.



3 comments on “Oklahoma : Manmade Tornado : A False Flag : Politically vetted : As Family Guy airs it’s Fore-Knowledge of it just like Boston

    • nearly did HAARP did and Saclar waves have been since 1992 Check out all the HAARP stuff and all the HAARP SBX sa based rigs that steer ed all the last hurricanes on my site under HAARP tab

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