Benjamin Fulford : 20th May 2013 : Mass Truth embargo : IRS & Bengazi makes DC crumble : UK Ditto on Gold and Peadophilia : As sabbatean mafia look to go into Hiding : What we are about to witness is an unravalling of the total system of lies etc:

**New Benjamin Fulford Intel**

One of the most frustrating but necessary things for journalists is to hold information on embargo until a go ahead is given for publishing. This is one of those frustrating times. Embargoes are needed to ensure plans are not sabotaged and lives are not endangered.

However, there are enough hints available in the public domain for us to put some dots together. What is clear is that there is a lot of hysteria in Washington D.C. (IRS, Benghazi etc.) and London, England (pedophilia, gold market). It is also clear that for at least six months public statements by the US State Department repeated in the Zionist media have been regularly contradicted by the Pentagon. There are also proliferating signs of a breakdown in the financial system. All of this points to some sort of dramatic black swan incident soon. We will talk more about this below.

In Asia as well, secret negotiations with North Korea and among Asian powers are clearly preparations for a change in the post-war global power structure. The visit to North Korea last week by Isao Iijima, special envoy of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, was a case in point. We got four different versions of what was talked about, two Japanese, one North Korean and one Chinese. Like the Sufi story of the blind men and the elephant (an elephant is big and flat, it is like a hose, it is like a tree trunk etc.) you need to piece the different versions together to figure out what is really going on. What the stories all agree upon though is that the visit was a best a fishing expedition, at worst a failure.
A source in the Japanese imperial family had the most interesting take

on what Iijima had to say to the North Koreans. According to this source, Iijima asked the North Koreans if they would be willing to host 1 million Sabbatean refugees expected to want to leave Europe and the United States soon and was told no. This story about 1 million refugees looking for a place to go after leaving the United States has propped up repeatedly and from enough different sources that it seems to stem from a genuine belief that 1 million people will be asked to leave the US once the truth about what has been done by them to the American people is made public. My sources say they will not be allowed to leave but will have to face the music (ie be sent to the Fema camps they prepared for others).

The Chinese government source had a different angle on what went on during this visit. According to him, Iijima was told very clearly that North Korea was not willing to negotiate through the Japanese Foreign Ministry because it was staffed with Zionist slaves who have twice sabotaged deals reached between Japan and North Korea to normalize relations. This was in line with what a source in the Japanese public security police heard too.

The North Korean source also said the Japanese Foreign Ministry was not to be trusted. North Korea has made a very friendly and detailed proposal to deal with all outstanding issues preventing resumption of friendly diplomatic relations between North Korea and Japan. We know the details but have been asked to keep them secret for now.

The Japanese official also pointed out that countries like Germany, France and the UK already have extensive relations with North Korea that they were not talking about. British Tobacco, for example, sells North Korean Tobacco labeled as British, he said.

There is also something going on under the surface in South Korea that is related to this issue somehow. South Korean conglomerates are desperate to get their hands on South Korean Won and have been offering to trade them for yen at a two to one rate compared to the official exchange rate. They are also trying to sell old imperial South Korean gold (although they have not yet provided satisfactory proof of its existence).

This is related to a major attack on control of the South Korean banking system by Goldman Sachs, according to an executive at a Japanese securities company. It is also related, as reported in previous issues, to plans to tax the assets of South Korean residents of Japan who wish to take their yen to Korea before tax officials seize them.

The Asians all seem to be waiting for some sort of major event in the United States that will allow the map of North East Asia to be fundamentally redrawn.

The question everybody who is not brain dead or bribed is asking, of course, is when the crooks on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. will finally be rounded up and put in jail where they belong.
Some sources say the takedown has already begun. The firing of 26 generals was a start. Now the Internal Revenue Service is being taken down, they say.

The real question, of course, is when the elders of Zion are rounded up and put in jail. Never mind the debate over whether or not the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a racist forgery. The fact of the matter is that Zionism exists, it is not (but pretends to be) Judaism, and it is guilty of massive crimes against humanity.

Here is a link for those of you who still have heads in the sand over this issue:

The Zionists must have leaders who could be labeled “Elders of Zion.” A senior member of the Italian P2 lodge says two names in particular are now blocking the start of the new financial system: Cohen and Levi. Chinese sources have already identified a Jean Cohen of the Hoche Group in France as having paid Chinese demonstrators 1200 yuan a day to stage anti-Japanese riots. The Levi name is more mysterious but they will be flushed out of the woodwork sooner rather than later.

When this high level crime syndicate is finally brought down, a redistribution of criminally obtained assets (think hedge fund, offshore, 100 times leverage, insider trading etc.) is certain to follow.

That is probably why many of the richest Americans are in a panic to take their fraudulently earned fiat dollars and turn them into hard assets as quickly as possible. That is why there is frantic buying of gold, art, real estate and anything else that actually exists in reality and not just in a bank computer.

What we are about to witness is the unraveling of a giant apparatus of lies, bribery, murder and illusion that has fooled us into wars and out of our money for centuries. The repercussions will be historical. Imagine the fall of the Soviet Union on steroids.


4 comments on “Benjamin Fulford : 20th May 2013 : Mass Truth embargo : IRS & Bengazi makes DC crumble : UK Ditto on Gold and Peadophilia : As sabbatean mafia look to go into Hiding : What we are about to witness is an unravalling of the total system of lies etc:

  1. Ben, It’s hard to continue believing that good powers exists when the fake-Jewish banksters are still there in the lap of luxury, still sucking Us dry, still poisoning Us and their diabolical plan still appears to be on track. Just when it seemed the freedom fight had been sidetracked or lost, you alone provide a convincing, logical account of how things really are and restore my faith in Humanity’s imminent salvation. I love you, man. Please, don’t ever quit.

    • Alan ( I am sure Ben will recive your comment in spirit) Thanks for your comments, I refer you to an article later today called the The Event latest, I am building it now and it will rest your mind that in fact something is in the works and the event is very near now TOOOOO many signs Even with all evil as you say and Man Made tornadoes and much more destruction as it continues, the cabal are demonstrating their demise. Namaste Dave

  2. Maybe a lot of big fish is being caught, and the great white sharks of the human ocean are in a delicate position, but they haven’t lost a teeth as far i understand. Them generals fired were those that won’t shoot om civilians to start with.I must think about the DUMB’s that have been destroyed and all of a sudden the drums of war beat in another rhythm.Maybe their back up agenda is in full preparation now. How long are they going to stretch this horror? Chemtrails are getting worse, GMO’s about to take Europe.Politicians here still marching at the beat of the NWO…Agenda21 is almost on the surface. I am afraid not only them Sabbatean Jews will populate FEMA camps.Among this huge confusion going on there is much more coming soon.I think the only way is to fully eradicate one of them huge globalist corporation so the others will be warned. My fav. to be destroyed is MonSatan.It has his tentacles around many “projects”. The cull is one of them, vaccinations, land grab, crops for poisoned soils, threatening marine life as well..and as they are above laws and humans, they are the hugest danger.Once destroyed the others might start to “think”. Oil should be brought down, and money should be covered by ENERGY, not by gold or other inventions.Energy IS money. Just this small detail. If you have a bad idea, and think some could work it out for you, that person sees the useless idea and says “I am not going to waste my ENERGY on this”. That IS money. Once this “money”is discovered, all sorts of alternative energies will appear. The profits are huge, much more than gold,and the ways to get at much more pacific.

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