Letter To ITCCS – OPPT – Lightworkersxm : UCC Historically is a Jesuit Law : The basis of Maritime Law : The Vatican and Royal connections exposed : Time to find out what is International Common Law: What are they hiding by Law?

Dear Kevin, Obi, KP, Heather, Caleb, Randal and Lightworkersxm.

I have a very important question for you all.
I have posted it on my website without email addresses so that others can be educated about this element of works as it unfolds under new transparency rules, we so advocate.
UCC files appear to date back to the 1300’s and The only thing running the panel then was the Roman Catholic Church ( Bank and Cosmic Science Lab) ) and they were run by The Jesuits, The European Royals infiltratated these realms in both social and Bloodline circles.
Primarily, The OPPT’s great cause was/is to go back to Prime.
Prime in my understanding is at a time when no laws were in place which could have a detrimental effects on the human race in a dark capacity, which could be the entry point for our new golden age to introduce Natures law and Common law..
Please see video : However Alfred Webre has backed this up with encyclopedia after encyclopedia on the subject :
There is only a need to see the first video at this point. https://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/?s=UCC
Whilst I see light in the work of OPPT and it’s current rise in global progress, I seek clarity that Prime means Prime. Natures Law and Common Law appear to be the only way forward.
The video clearly states and has good backing that The UCC files were set up to conquer and promote the Maritime & Commercial Law of the Roman Empirical Ruling at that time with all backing of Royalty and had no backbone to support Common Law. This is classic Conquer by Colonialism in Law.
The Invention of Law in those days ( Maritime Law ) is extremely dubious considering  that English alphabet and words were concocted to suit these very Laws which were so complicated that the average common man would have no understanding of them whatsoever, A form of modern day Bullshit cast on society with a heavy penalty to pay, should ignorance get the better of you..
Going back to Prime, this cannot be 1776 in any case as the law books in those days encouraged the rampaging of civil rights of indigineous lands in the Americas continent, celebrated still to this day by ‘the head in the sand typoes” in thanksgivings day.
This is as good as an indigenous cannibal feast and a celebration of the land grab and genocidal war.
To me it has no other purpose and can be likened to the masses of ignoraneous celebrations globally unwittingly correographed as in  easter and xmas.
Even worse and dating further back would be the rise in Spanish colonialism and the similar distruction of ancient prophetic works and local indigenous folk. I could mention more but feel no need at this juncture.
Can you see a picture emerging that looks very familiar, may I suggest to all that we can see that UCC law could have created the very set of circumstances that promotes supression of our own spiritual intelligence let alone ill health.
All crimes related to it link to the fact that the Vatcian has contrived and held a policy of concealed ancient artifacts and the secrets of life in it’s vaults which are Property of the Common people.
It is a fact that it exposes all so called warriors or conquerers of those days who carried out these rules and promoted the dirty work for their dark rulers and we seek to overturn that element of the rule book and deception.
It is by no means common beleif, but the knowledge that the Vatican owns all predominant and hi tech telescopes of today is related, furthermore their control extends to Mars.
The Vatican have even renamed all areas of Mars (1998 I do believe) to suit their secretive agenda, a manipulation of their own making of ‘off Planetary control’ without consultation ( secret society decisions).
Guess which establishment I would not wish to invite our Anciient Galactic Ancestry should they come knocking on my door.
The work of the ITCCS is making profound inroads to expose this and more and is ensuring that any secret society which wrote the rule book all those years ago must now conform to Natures Law and return it under International Common Law to  those it was drawn up to enslave, impoverish and suppress.
I am poised for your answers and assistance on this most concerning observation, I for one will not be representing or backreferencing any Jesuit law. The very thing that we seek to foreclose on.
In Love and Light and anticipation of your assistance.

10 comments on “Letter To ITCCS – OPPT – Lightworkersxm : UCC Historically is a Jesuit Law : The basis of Maritime Law : The Vatican and Royal connections exposed : Time to find out what is International Common Law: What are they hiding by Law?

  1. Dave:- Thank you for Doing, watching the backs of us all.

    Now my two cents worth on this. By no means do I imply that I am an expert on these matters.
    The way I see and understand is that, all go’s back to prime not 1776 or any previous date but ultimate Prime. Nothing between us and the creator no laws no possible controller. Then from there, from this point, Natural and Common Law will be the avenues used to govern, to judge all legal matters and disputes that could arise between parties. No mention of Maritime Law or any other law.

    I have not watched the video but will do so. I just want to say that, I have seen and heard so much, so called experts gargle absolute Buffalo Shit, that I don’t even want to watch or listen to these so called experts, trying to defunct the OPPT filings. If they can or could do better, why is it that they don’t then rebut OPPT and file fillings that will ensure us the protection we need from ourselves and the PTW. Better yet, why in hell have they not done this ages ago? We could have been so far ahead on this road of liberation if that was done.

    To me it seams that, either they are Cabal employees, or that they want to be in the lime light. even if means only for a second, before their BS is discovered. Or they hope they can sway other people not to search the truth for them selves or sway people to take a different view point before doing due diligence. Lets face it, this is deadly stuff against the PTW, its is hurting them BIG TIME. With all the other shit they have to deal with, they sure would like a breather for the moment so that they can regroup and plan some more false flags to lead the sheeple into disarray.

    Namaste, Johan

    • Thanks Johan ,,let me here your comments when you have seen the movie 25 minutes ,,The problem also is light against light forms ,,we have to learn to respect all workers of the light in which angle they approach ligt and deliver light ,,after all we are not all lawyers of historians ,,But i for one am a light worker star seed and wayshower ,,So those that object should say why and then we can make our own desicions, Comments welcome as always Namaste Dave

  2. Dave”- Sorry I am talking Buffalo Shit. I saw this when you first posted it. This is good to listen too Give us a good history lesson on the UCC and its origin and some other interesting stuff all related to that. This Dude seems to know a lot about that subject and I suspect about a lot of other interesting stuff also. Would love to sit down around a table with a few beers with this Dude.

    I still maintain my opinion in the above posting.

    But on the hand of this, I can say there’s to my mind, no other way Heather and gang could use anything else to stuff up the present system, than using the system to implode on itself. This they to my mind, were used extremely well used to achieve their objective.

    Can just say that I like what Shake Spear said about the corrupt Lawyers and Politicians. Not such a bad idea, that will solve a lot of our problems as far as I am concerned.

  3. I could not agree with you more that we have to respect all light workers. If not for them, then we would be still in the dark ages. I am sure that all will agree, that we owe them big time for what they have done and still do. Risking life and limb for who? We the people, to enlighten us and to get us on the right track and keep us there.

    The problem arise as far as I am concerned, when some light is white and other light is black. We know the ranks of the true light workers has been invaded/infiltrated big time, by the PTW, to spread disinformation on a grand scale. If one light worker say A is green and the other say A is blue, then obvious there is a problem, that can’t be so. Thus, one must be lying or his ears are full of wax or color blind. That however we do not know if indeed one’s ear is full of wax or that he/she is color blind. The other possibility must then be, that one is not telling the truth for various reasons. The most probable is for $.

    How do you decide which one is true, as you are not privy to the correct data/intel like they are suppose to be and you were relying on them to provide that to you..Very few of us are psychic and thus obtain the truth that way. Go with your gut! That’s not so fool prove also in most instances.

    Time will tell? And in the meantime how do we make informed decisions that is suppose to be based on the truth? A tricky one indeed.

    Namaste, Johan

    • Johan ,,That is just is “we DO make informed decisions and yes we do need to respect fellow light workers no matter what ewe believ in ,,We are all in differeent light stages and that is to be respcted ,,I am dealing witha big group who are anti OPPT ,,and i will win them over only if i have the armoury of the light ,in the mean time if any one can inform me of the dangers of being with and working through OPPt then I remain looking for how we mingle better, Thanks for your comments and keep them coming Namaste Dave

  4. That’s excellent Dave, if you have the temperament to work with these naysayers, to try and convince them they are wrong, wonderful.

    But let me warn you not to invest to much of your precious energy, into people who does not want to listen, are not willing to do some homework for them selves and expect you must beak fed them like we did with our baby pigeons,when the mothers could/would not do it.

    I am sure that you have reached the state of enlightenment you are in, not through someone who has taken your hand and dragged you along, kicking and screaming and sometimes maybe against your will. You got there by your own Witt and savvy.

    You must have made mistakes in your live and had the chance, to get back on the right track, by someone who mentioned something that has made you rethink and do some more searching, to uncover the truth in this maze of lies. If not, you are blessed beyond words.

    Some people are just so damn smart that there is nothing on earth you can tell them that they don’t know and know so much better then you. Even if they know Fanny Adams about it.
    I am sure that on the road, you will find these stragglers that will really appreciate, if someone could help and steer them in the right direction, instead of wasting your valuable time and energy, trying to convince these unconvinceables.

    Sorry for the “sermon on the mount of Olives” I mean it well and you know it, because we are all brothers/sisters and should look out for each other.

    Namaste, Johan

  5. Dear Dave,

    I check your blog daily, for many months and hold you in high esteem.

    Prime is prime. That’s for sure.

    I am a lightworker. We are all one.

    It is of no matter what path, our part of this oneness takes. No one of us is wrong as we all follow our heart, within the one heart, ( our mission we choose before we’re born) this is how divine works.
    This way no one can predict what ‘The Event’ will exactly be. We are all creating it with our hearts of the one heart.
    I KNOW without any doubt. ‘The Event’ will happen, and soon, in exact divine time. It will be magnificent beyond all imagining’s. Because we all are creating it and we are all Divine and One.


    Cherie Kennedy. In cold New Zealand

    WordPress.com / Gravatar.com credentials can be used.

    • Thanks Cherie, Brett Sutherland will be going back to NZ very soon in July and maybe you should try to touch base with him ,,He will be sadly missed here in the Caribbean, however I firmly make a point that for some ones loss is someone elses gain ,,You should try raise contact with him and maybe visit each other ,,Brett has been one of the arms legs and brains behind us being front liners here as we lead into The Event ..Your kind words are taken in heart and soul and converted into love back at you, Namaste Dave

  6. Very interesting! UCC as a by product of the law of the see. Has anyone made the connection between Neil Keenan (cake next week!) & the Vatican? Just my 2 bits.

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