THE EVENT 2013 : OK !! Cards on the Table : All we know about the event : UFO Videos : Will It Happen ? When Will it Happen ? What will Happen when it happens?

Most of the questions We get these days are about The Event :

So as always We will come clean and let you know all that we know : 

Excellent UFO latest compilation video at the foot of this article:

Here are the most common Questions received in the last month:

5) How do you feel about all the changes leading up to The Event

4) Does this ( incident) signify the trigger for The Event?

3) When do you expect The Event?

2) What part are you playing in The Event?

1) What is the Event?

Well the answer to the last question is,

 “The Beginning of the arrival of The New Golden Age”.

The event in our eyes is a complete change of the current slave system of supressed technological knowledge and good health and the complete stop of ‘senseless damage for profit’ that is being done to our mother earth.

This is best summed up in The Book “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness”

by Tony Kilvert on the Tab Above this article on the main page or :

Link here :

To counter deception and misinformation the first thing to do in any research is look for an illuminati version of the Event and there are some :

There is a failed TV programme series called The Event which is so bad that we cannot show clips on here.

Then there is this : It is typically eventful and subliminal self made version of a cartoon, which is,well, poor but you decide.

So if The Event is real then it appears that The Illuminati have forgotten to make a film about it, but this is simply not true. There are dozens of previous Hollywood blockbuster films and attempts to display their intentions in your face, more over this calculates to a failure on their part these days, as they become so self-handcuffed in their own chains, so indulgent with in-house battles which is strangling their ability to carry out anymore of  their planned evil and prophetic global upheaval.

Project Blue Beam,

Is the Illuminati version of The Fake Alien Invasion : look it up and Listen to the Zionist stooge Michio Kaku:

One minute he says the are 800 neighbouring planets like jupiter and the next breath he berates that any civilization visiting here would be millions of years in advancement of us which is set and broadcasted in a manner to be understandable. We know the truth and do not need to have his ass covering jargon in it’s place.

Again all videos on these subjects are deemed too embarrassing to show on this site:

Project Bluebeam now looks like an impossible event but as was clearly on display in Boston, these senseless evil thugs that are ruled by our Banksters will do anything in desperation to gain a few dumbed down supporters, if ordered to do so by the insane oligarchs who are losing power by each month, at an alarming rate.

A clear indication that Project Bluebeam will fail can be seen in  the visible reports and sightings of meteors shot down in over 8 countries in the past 6 weeks.

Dont trust anything on TV:

Our 0nly advice here is to expect much more stupidity and strange incidents from outer space as this Fake invasion seeks to get you afraid of Galactic interference. The simple way to diagnose any wierdness is to understand that  the only thing to fear on this planet are those on this planet playing with their toys, Our ‘Team Earth’ is not to be trusted as it is run and organized by the completely insane global governance which pulls the strings today and will be deleted from action this year.

Yes they will try to create some earthquakes and tsunami’s with major weather events and even start WW3 but they will fail just as they are doing so on a daily basis. Just look at what Boston created, Mor fear in the streets and martial law but then again what was it hiding form in th real news. Gold sale slumps and A complete diversion from futile efforts of North Korea’s Missile threats to the US. Even now  in Syria, Russia will not allow an escilation of attempts to create more mayhem as Isreal likewise have been told to cease and desist bombings in the area.

However these thugs are both angry and still in possession of power and can be dangerous, they create exercises like Cyprus to sound the ground, These are tests and there will be plenty more.

We know that Galactics are all around us:

The best way to look at things now is in the truth, Galactic Supression continues despite The Citizen hearings all last week and the release of SIRIUS the documentary last month. Galactic supression is all very much part of Project Bluebeam so whilst they denigh the obvious galactic existance the more lies they will be having to dream up to cover for the facts, the more rediculous they will become to the ever growing awakening citizens here.

The more of us who stand up and be counted that know that we have galactic ancestors kn0cking on the door, the easier it is to see The Event unfold before your very own eyes. The key to all of this is to get to grips with your own spirituality and use the tools you have been provided with spiritually, in order  to defeat the menace of our Global Mind Controllers.

Your mission is clear YOU ARE The Resistance:

Remember ‘You have amnesia and your DNA has been controlled down to 2 strand instead of 12 strand’ You came here from choice, you chose to be the resistance, now take up your positions and lets just get on with our duty and expose the truth and take some care for this planet which has been savagely and brutally rampaged and exploited by the Ruling elite.

Treat your self as a responsible resistance participant to global tyranny and behave like the resistance, inform others of the impending TV live games which are about to be played out on news channels. They are and will continue to be just part of their games albeit more desperate ones as time and the awakening process gets a real hold within communities.

The  EVENT will be less dramatic and painful, more a trickle of news coming from alternative news media like this site, reality  will at first take weeks to become mainstream news.

Incidents to expect leading upto and including The Event:

1) Financial Collapse of the Dollar and Euro; The only reason that this has not already happened and needs to happen is that the Cabal rush through the back door of any new deal and delay progress each time a new manuover is created and exercised. This cannot and will not continue like this for much longer. THIS TRIGGER IS KEY AND IS THE MAIN DOMINO TO FALL.

2) More Royal abdications globally, these will be clear signals and further big sweeps in the Vatican are expected, already efforts by Iceland as a country and the ITCCS and other global action groups (like UBUNTU) are pressuring these cabalists into untold changes and much more is expected. It has been perfectly clear just recently that actions taken by these game players have been influenced by action group initiatives just as in the case of the issuance of Arrest warrants to the Queen and Vatican in Feb/ March by the ITCCS clearly created a sensationally dramatic knee jerk reaction of papal resignation from the Vatican (first in 700 years) and even the Queen cancelled engagements ( seldom ever done previously in history) one of which being coincidentaly to Rome.

3) Most Senior Global Corporation and Governmental Arrests, again these will be only reported from Alternative media at first then filter through Mainstream media, this aspect is ongoing and numbers in the thousands already.

4) Vast changes in local currency and Gold and Silver leading to the New NESARA financial system implementations and global upheaval of financial sectors where the exposure of 180 aligned nations under the B>R>I>C>S nations banner, break away from the G8 thugs. Various attempts  have already taken place this year and had to rapidly cease due to cabalistic interferences. many more attempts will take place as the cabal lose their grip.

5) Major Too Big To Fail Bankster organizations and Corporations collapse and the introduction of Elemental ( gold silver)backed global currency.

6) Street unrest and anger and civil disobedience on unprecedented levels as uprisings turn into giant awakening parties, Just look at Spain.

7) Community Spirit Growth and the introduction of Street Marshalls and local Military and police.

8) Mainstream Media Public Takeover.

9) Global reports of UFO’s

10) Military withdrawals globally return to communities.

11)  Clean up Disclosure and spiritual education and the awakening of the masses.

12) The Event and total disclosure : 10 days of mainstream Televised disclosure.

Conclusions to be drawn :

Current affairs are irreversable:

The Event is no doubt taking place as we speak, however in order for the event to conclude,

all 12 points above must  be brought into a point of full swing globally.

This leads to the question Will it all happen this year? Yes and No

That is upto YOU :

The global awakening is waiting and is the biggest trigger needed and we are encouraged by the progress we see in the streets but by and large the awakening of the average citizen is too low just now to apply pressures needed to certain factions that will use gred and power to force the backward motion of the event. We all have our part to play and we should remain focussed on just that.

The real answer is It could happen this year but is increasingly unlikely. Help by getting in touch with your own spirituality here :

If we were able to guide all of our spirits in increasing the frequency for the event to take place then that would be one way to better each and everyone of our chances to make at least one or 2 of those points mentioned above to take place this year.

Best of luck to you all and with the highest inner and outer intentions for all of you.



PS Here is a compilation of UFO’s in Video Format:

PPS Any one wishing for a complete spiritual guide of THE EVENT please go here :


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