Lightworkers : You Are Light : Our True Identity : Our Cosmic Consciousness on display : Lighting up the world as we go : Which type are you ? Lightworkers or Starseeds?

Dedicated to my father, so that he can best understand my work and future prosperity without objects, belongings and money which means no more global war, poverty and corruption :

Love your self at the same time as you love your living planet : 

We are all lightworkers and starseeds :

Which on are you? You know who you are:

Take inspiration and answer some of the questions as you go in this most dedicated arrangement of light :




2 comments on “Lightworkers : You Are Light : Our True Identity : Our Cosmic Consciousness on display : Lighting up the world as we go : Which type are you ? Lightworkers or Starseeds?

  1. Interesting but I’ve no idea why you should dedicate it to me, if that’s what you’ve done.
    It’s a form of personal belief, that’s all. Just like any form of religion, this is made up of seemingly attractive ideas but, when studied carefully and intelligently, there’s no substance to it. All examples of this kind of belief are escapisms for those people who are unable to accept that this life we live is all there is. People can tweak here or improve a little bit there but we humans continue to be uncontrollable and we will eventually destroy ourselves and take a large portion of this beautiful planet with us.
    The biggest question is “What do we do with our lives whilst we are here?” You say you don’t need money,etc., but the people who put their trust in you would like to have theirs back. It is difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile your “doing good” intentions with the fact that you can walk away from these innocent people who put their trust and faith in you and came to your rescue when you, allegedly, needed their help most.
    There is a huge cultural gap between us. We differ greatly in education, experiences, opinions, etc., and I will never recognise any importance in your stuff just as you will never be able to understand why I always insist on proof; that’s why I consider all religions to be dangerous rubbish, those so-called believers are grasping at straws and denying any real evidence that they find challenges their blind faith. That also applies to you.
    Once you have paid back the money you owe to our family, plus interest, you can contact me again. I’m not the slightest bit interested in all the other “business” debts you have accrued.

    • Thanks Dad : Nice to have you on board visiting this site, As you may know ALL Religion is all faked to supress the masses , luckily I knew this from an early age probably thanks to you and your opinions as stated above. Proof of consciousness as you requested is here: Please download and read “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness” on Tab at top of page. This explains and proves our educated history and sciences and cultures are totally Mindcontrolled and tought with an ageing agenda in place, We are about to bring change to all of that in a positive light, The Vatican Bank appears to be the starting blocks. The New Global Colateral accounts ( 180 aligned countries) will have more meaning than the fake system in place right now, hope you can enjoy benefiting from real silver backed funding which I will ensure you will be beneficiary of upon it’s release 2013. Love is key and one hell of a weapon against the Illuminati .Namaste Dave.

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