The sanitising of space : 1950’s Was the stage set for Galactic activity cover ups and Governmental galactic contracts : Venus Population covered up with years of lies : Moon has 7 miles workshop structures and more : Phil Schneider and David Adair Tell it as it is :

This confirms many more out-there tales and whistleblowers stories:

The more you listen the more normal it does sound :

The more you listen the more the mainstream line does not add up.

Kennedy had to be killed as he was passing on what little intel he had :

No other president since Kennedy has been told of the Galactic beings on planet Earth:

This statement alone explains how mis-dis-information is common place today:

The more covering up that goes on The deeper we dig and expose their lies:

Now for more Phil Schneider

Take a good look at Phil Schniegers hands, Laser shot by an alien grey :

And more from David Adair as he is asked aged 14 to go inspect an alien craft and finds it to be alive : Yes Aged 14 ( no mistake)

So you see They are not disclosing So WE HAVE TO :

IT is our plant not for any oligarch : Lets get rid of them now by disclosing there lies:

Pass this amongst friends :




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