Erin Rothschild : How deep does the Rabbit hole go? : Kerry Cassidy Interview with Rothschild family defector Erin tells us : Rothschild family Into Torture : Alien control : Globall control : Mind Control : If you want freedom?: Extinguish The Rothschild Legacy of Mind Control :

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Seat belts on please!!!

This post shows you quite clearly The Rothschilds are disconnected with global people and have been for hundreds of years, It also shows just how deeply controlled by Galactics they really are:

This is not as deep as it gets but certainly opens up  what to expect from the deep deep truth of who we are?and why we are controlled? and why we are kept in 3rd dimensional realms? by The Rothschilds.

It is time to break free from this life : Owning your own spirituality will set you free:


Planetary Motion Explained : Vorticular motion ‘Not As We are Taught at School’ : Two great videos Showing Our motion : Nothing is at it seems : or is it?

The sun travels 11Million Miles per day and we are keeping up with her on Planet Earth  483,000 miles per hour.

Have you ever wondered why everything in Nature is Spiral like Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Plant growth all have the same growth patterns because we are basiically living on a giant vorticular motion.

DNA is the same : Here is why and once you know this and see it you can feel it and get to your spirituality :

Quote: We are all made of star stuff” Carl Sagan.

Quote “Future Persent and the past all simultaeaneously travel in the same space time, So if you wish to know any thing that happened in the future? All you have to do is remember it” Albert Einstein.

Check out this motion and see if it resonates with you :

And once you know this You can add the motion of the sun in a heliocentrical motion to the Galaxy :

But is this so?

Personally I am under the impression that we are a binary planetary system in a smaller Galaxy within the Milky Way Galactic system. Also our Sun is in a heliocentric orbit of Alcyon.

But who cares what I think This is still very beautiful and has a very realistic resonance as computer graphics go.

You be the judge : What feels right invariably is right:

What ever you decide I am sure you will agree that it is not as we are told in school :

I for one would prefer to know what I am sitting on and how it feels to ride the ride and how fast it is going:

This could be the beginning of learning all about your own spirituality:


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For those of you who wish to know more about how you are a mathematical geological certainty then please proceed to Human Design System and get your Human design chart and look into your Human Cosmic Consciousness and how it can play a role in Knowing.

“Who you think you are” and your inner and outer Authority! 

We are a binary consciousness and we have our fingerprints logged in the stars:

Here :

See you there :

Namaste Dave 


Benjamin Fulford : 28th May 2013 : The Tide is now turning : As Japan rule is under the spotlight : However expect more False flags: Just like Woolwich Fake Beheading and others in Sweden and France : BRICS aligned nations step up with new financial plans :

(Before It’s News)

There are indications everywhere now that the tide has turned decisively against the Satanic Sabbatean cabal and its plans for a family controlled fascist New World Order global dictatorship. For example, Pope Francis is expected to make a speech on the subject of financial tyranny and the global collateral accounts when he visits South America in June, according to a senior P2 Freemason Lodge member.
President Obama, meanwhile, made a speech last weekend where he basically admitted the US government had gone rogue and was getting ready to mend its ways.
However, the Sabbateans have still not given up and may pull off a few more nasty tricks before their final defeat. The recent mass burning of cars in Sweden, the “beheading” in the UK, the stabbing in France etc. all seem part of a desperate cabal effort to somehow provoke their long planned Muslim/Christian war. There is also the matter of Israel that still needs to be settled.
In Japan, too, cabal “economic hitmen” have been on the rampage causing volatility in markets in an attempt to derail Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Abenomics. This is part of a still unfinished battle for control of Japan. There are also indications that the recent Japanese election was stolen for Abe by the Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Council on Foreign Relations faction of the cabal. The vote counting in the recent Japanese general election that gave Abe a dictatorial 2/3rds control of parliament was all done by machines created by a company called Musashi. According to research by a Japanese right wing activist that we have only been partially able to confirm, the ownership of Musashi has been traced through a bunch of shell companies to an outfit called “Forrest Asset Management” run by a former Goldman Sachs employee and CFR member by the name of Peter Greiger. What we can confirm though from multiple sources is that the last election was stolen in favour of Abe by a coalition including young officers of the Japanese Defense Ministry.
What all this means is not certain but it is clear from other sources that Japan is split right down the middle between two factions. One faction is linked to the Rockefellers, Goldman Sachs and CFR and wants the Crown Prince Naruhito and Rockefeller Trilateral Commission member Hisashi Owada’s daughter Princess Masako to take over the role of Emperor and thus control over Japan. The other faction wants younger brother Prince Akishino (who has a male heir) to take over and keep the throne purely Japanese.
The Rockefeller faction does not want a normalization of relations with North Korea and reunification of the Korean peninsula because that would eliminate the cabal’s secret financial control. That is why the cabal has been trying so desperately to provoke war in East Asia.
Despite this, the push for reunification of the Korean peninsula and peace in North East Asia is going ahead. The North Korean generals and Japanese right wingers bribed by the cabal into staging provocations have been removed.
Nonetheless, the battle to free Japan is far from over and the effects of 67 years of brutal military occupation are still being felt. The quislings who benefited from this occupation are understandably very reluctant to lose their power and allow the Japanese people to learn the truth.
What is still not clear in Japan is if Abenomics is about saving the Japanese economy or saving Goldman Sachs interests in East Asia. The recent market turbulence featuring a plunging Nikkei Index, rising interest rates and a strong yen appears to be orchestrated by the Bush faction of the cabal and features Texas based hedge fund manager Kyle Bass as a kind of anti-Abenomics cheerleader. His logic is that if the Bank of Japan buys all the more than 1 quadrillion yens worth of Japanese government bonds in the market the result would be “financial tyranny.” It is true that if this happened the Bank of Japan would take over much of the control of the financial markets from private financial institutions (other than the BOJ) but it is also true that doing so would eliminate Japanese government debt. The question at the end of such a scenario would be of course if the BOJ was then a transparently run public utility or a private monopoly. That outcome depends on the ongoing factional war in Japan.
In any case, changes in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world make the ultimate defeat of the Japanese quislings a matter of time.
As mentioned above there are obvious signs the US military is no longer following cabal orders. The speech over the weekend by Obama
admitting US war crimes, and promising to stop such crimes, is a clear example. The fact the pentagon refused to send troops or weapons to help Israel overthrow the Syrian government, despite being ordered to do so by the State Department and Senate, is another clear sign. Instead Russia sent its Pacific fleet towards Israel and made it clear to the Israeli government they would find themselves in a war with Russia (and no US help) if they did not back down.
Then we have reports that the King of Saudi Arabia, a secret Israeli ally, is dead.
This is a clear sign the cabal that forced the world to buy oil from Sabbatean kingdoms and deposit the money in cabal controlled banks, is on the ropes.
Also last week, China’s number 2, Li Keqiang, went to India, Switzerland and Germany in what appears to be a move to formalize relations between the 180 nations BRICS alliance and the European Union using the Swiss as intermediaries.
China and Switzerland signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start a free trade agreement, the first between China and a Western country. In addition, both countries agreed to “a bid to jointly promote the establishment of a new international financial order featuring fairness, justice, inclusiveness and orderliness” according to Xinhua News.
By contrast with this sort of productive and friendly diplomacy, the cabalists were busy doing things like burning cars in Sweden in an attempt to start a race war. In England, the beheading of a soldier was real, according to MI5 and it was part of a plan to start a race war in the UK too. However, the operation is not producing the expected tumult and instead the high level planners are being rounded up. “Prime Minister Cameron’s response was to go on a holiday to Ibiza, his days as Tory leader are numbered,” is how MI5 summed up the situation.
One last note, a colleague of ours has just endured a month of incarceration in a Japanese mental hospital where he was forcibly drugged. He is now free again.

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E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 1

Had a WONDERFUL feedback from a client’s wife today aged 48 and he 54…24th May 2013:

 Dr Michelle J0hnson report : E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing. Las Vegas.

I had worked with her several years ago for ‘chronic constricted airway disease…’ What a label…Her hubby said I had saved her life, and that he hoped I could do the same for him…no pressure. He has a pancreatic tumor which is secreting insulin making him very dizzy, headachey, blood sugar crashing at the drop of a hat…He also has several painful results of injuries from falling and MVA’s. A major issue is that he has multiple personalities, all with their own chemistry signatures. He has them pretty well ‘controlled’ by will, and they came about as they typically would…terrible abusive father.

So, I dropped off some support for his pancreas (homeopathic and glandular) to his wife who works downstairs from me, and she wanted to share what he told her. I had treated him with Thuja…as it tested very strong and was pretty much a perfect fit. He told her he is ‘happy for the first time in his life.’ He’s not on guard against these other aspects of his personality, he’s not dizzy, he feels stable. I also did some emotion code and body code on him at that visit to release the stuck trapped energies, so I’m sure that helped too….Just wanted to share.
E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 2
Here is “quote of the week” received by one of the visitors to the E-Clinic Tuesday 21st MAY 2013 “
Her child is totally paralyzed and brain dead and needs our imput to revive the brain and body in a fixed and settled program of recuperation techniques.
anonymity  requested from Central Americas: So, with help from the E-Clinic, we found our next step in our role this Tuesday to bring about the complete healing of a person, a beloved son in our care.  This process has also brought us personally, parents, family and friends, a great healing.  Because we understand now the nature of living in service to others.  We understand now how to walk in spirit without being victims of circumstance or having to give away our own power as independent and beautiful human beings. A quote from Jeremy Ayres, Naturopractor at the E-Clinic:  ”If we are alive, we can regenerate!”E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 3Received Karl Muller :General Overall Lethargy and Poor dental health Abscesses and cronic joint pains: Friday 24th May 2013

My Aches and Pains through out body joints and fat : To change just a few diet and habit routines and plug into the Robert Beck  pulsar for 2 months has been an experience of a lifetime ” this is gorgeous” Darko showed me in 2 consultations and I did it all myself.

I needed to learn quickly to lose my old learning. Sea salt water sounded ridiculous at first but it is now every day in me.

“My life no does not need cigarettes and beer it has good food and water, I appreciate my life now Thanks to Dr Darko Velcek” with

E-Clinic ” I do not complain of body pains and tired all the time I thinks my brain is clear now too”. Sorry spelling.

Karl Muller: German in Caribbean:

E-Clinic Week 1 Testimonial 4

Hi Jeremy
I do apologise for being so late in replying but I was in Germany with no Internet access. 
 Having been personally recommended to contact Jeremy I did so by Skype from England. After three one hour consultations and following his suggested regime I feel like a new person and am confidant that the changes I made to my life will bring the desired result. His methodology has been a real eye opener and a blessing and I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Kathrin Walsh (Germany) 

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Royal Familiy links to Boston Bombing : Oh it just gets better : Uncle of Supposed Bomber buys palaces off Queenie : Andrew is friends of them ; MP Ian Davidson asks if Royals and their assetts are for sale?

May 9, 2013 –

The plot thickens! The criminal cabal associated with the Boston Bombings have links to Buckingham Palace.

Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the accused Boston bombers, is under an international criminal investigation for his links to Russian billionaire Timur Kulibayev who has links to Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew and to other members of the British royal family!

Russian Mob

Timur Kulibayev is one of the richest and most powerful mobsters in mineral-rich, oil-rich, gas-rich Kazakhstan. He is married to Dinara, the daughter of Kazakhstan’s President who has been accused of stealing $6 billion from the Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank.

Kulibayev is being investigated by the country’s financial police for a series of corruption allegations in which he is accused of garnering hundreds of millions of dollars with a group of exiled opponents in Britain.

Kulibayev’s family have also been investigated in Liechtenstein for money laundering.

Buying Royal Favors

Prince Andrew’s 12-bedroom Ascot mansion was a wedding present from the Queen but he sold it to Kulibayev, who paid 5 million dollars above the asking price even though there were no other bidders. What?

Insiders say Kulibayev’s decision to grossly overpay for the mansion was an attempt to buy royal favors.

“The purchase of Prince Andrew’s mansion was put together, according to prosecutors in Italy and Switzerland, by a group of oil executives who comprise “a network of personal and business relationships” allegedly used for “international corruption,” according to The London Telegraph.”

In 2007, Kulibayev paid a total of $96 million for four adjoining British houses in Upper Grosvenor Street and Reeves Mews in Mayfair. They were bought in the names of Merix, Vitala and Lynn – all Kulibayev companies.

Three years of secrecy was finally broken over who owned the properties after The Sunday Times painstakingly unravelled the chain of offshore companies that Kulibayev had used to hide the shady “royal” real estate deal in 2007.


Accused Bombers’ Uncle Blows The Whistle

“The Sunday Times reported, “A statement by Ruslan Tsarni was given in the High Court in December, claiming that Kulibayev bought Sunninghill and properties in Mayfair with $96 million derived from a complex series of deals intended to disguise money laundering.””

Uncle Ruslan’s High Court statement incriminated and exposed the money laundering schemes of the second richest and most powerful man in the mineral-rich, oil-rich, gas-rich Kazakhstan.

Uncle Ruslan’s High Court statement damaged Kulibayev’s political aspirations as the main candidate for the post of Kazakh President.

Uncle Ruslan’s High Court statement exposed the royal family’s shady real estate dealing and connections to the corrupt billionaire mobster.

Does this explain why Uncle Ruslan’s nephews were picked as patsies in the Boston Marathon Bombings? Are Uncle Ruslan’s days numbered?

Empty Royal Mansions

Kulibayev has never lived in his UK homes that are now empty. His 12-bedroom Ascot mansion has fallen into decay. The 5-storey houses in Upper Grosvenor Street with Edwardian facades, have boarded-up basement windows and metal grills over the doors.

Clearly, Kulibayev’s $96 million purchase of royal real estate had nothing to do with accomodation and everything to do with buying royal favors.

Buckingham Palace refuses to discuss the shady Russian real estate deal describing it as “private” and insisting there had been “no impropriety” involved.

A spokeswoman has confirmed that Prince Andrew visited Kazakhstan officially in 2003, 2006 and October 2007. However, it is unknown how many “private” trips he took to Kazakhstan in the past few years. Kulibayev admits that he met Andrew “several times” since the Sunninghill purchase.

Prince Andrew has also been linked to Kulibayev’s circle through Goga Ashkenazi, a Kazakh-born businesswoman based in London. She is the former mistress of Kulibayev and she played a key role in the shady royal real estate deal.

In June 2007, Andrew presented Kulibayev’s mistress to the Queen at Royal Ascot, barely a mile from Sunninghill, days after the exchange of contracts for the property. Six months later, the mistress gave birth to Kulibayev’s son at the Portland hospital, London.

Questions have been raised over Prince Andrew’s judgment in accepting money from a Russian criminal tycoon. Ian Davidson, a Labour member of the Commons public accounts committee, questioned whether the prince was “blinded by the opportunity to make a windfall profit.” Davidson said, “He has got to avoid giving the impression that he (the Royal Family) is for sale or at least for rent.”

Royal family friendships with peadophiles and money launderers is no secret.

Who’s Who

Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan

Timur Kulibayev, billionaire son-in-law of Nazarbayev and friend of Prince Andrew

Dinara Kulibayeva, daughter of Nazarbayev, wife of Kulibayev and friend of Prince Andrew

Goga Ashkenazi, friend of Prince Andrew and ex-mistress of Kulibayev

Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the accused Boston bombers and Kulibayev’s back stabber

Woolwich Beheading Fake latest : Local Police do not know any one on the scene : Police or Locals : Marks put out for the actors : More blood issues or lack off : How to fake one of these in a studio :

Here is how they did it and much much more below skip video if alrady seen :

They screwed up big time and they have been caught now.


In Woolwich:

“I asked the on-site police officer in our school:

“I bet your briefing this morning at the station was an intense one.

Officer: I was expecting exactly that, but it was just too odd. I asked why there’s no briefing, believing we’d be told which streets to be in and what to look out for, but no. Nothing. It was as if it hadn’t happened.

“‘In fact, the skipper said ‘it didn’t happen.’

“He told me he didn’t recognise any of the officers on his own patch at the scene either nor any of the members of the public, despite always seeing the same people.”

Woolwich ‘Terror Attack’ – SE London, 22.5.13 •…

London Beheading Hoax Confirmed?

Anonymous writes:

“I know the busker who watched it all.

“He said they put chalk marks on the ground where the actors, sorry terrorists,  involved had to stand.

“He said it was so obviously fake; the police threatened to beat him up unless he moved and kept his mouth shut.”

Lee and Rebecca, who have split.

Lee Rigby, allegedly killed in the Woolwich incident in London, has a girlfriend who has been serving in Afghanistan.

Lee Rigby has a two-year-old son, Jack, but Lee has split from the boy’s mother Rebecca, 30.


On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby is allegedly killed in Woolwich in London.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby’s battalion is training in Cyprus.

Woolwich: Lee Rigby Named As Soldier Victim – Sky News

Michael Adebolajo

Michael Adebolajo, 28, is the man videoed by witnesses with his hands coloured red.

“Virtually all the friends on his Facebook page have traditional British names such as Louise, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Gemma, Lauren and Paul, to name a few. Among them is Matthew Selt, now a professional snooker player.”

‘He was a Christian. A nice, normal guy. All his friends were white and used to go round to each other’s houses all the time,’ a former friend said.

Six years ago Adebolajo was arrested after being involved in protests outside the court known as the Old Bailey.

Did the security services subject Michael Adebolajo to mind control while he was in prison?

Michael Adebowale
Michael Adebowale is the other attacker.

“The 2nd attacker is shown wearing the beige/brown jacket talking to Ingrid Loyau-Kennett but minutes later is on the ground apparently wearing a black jacket. How does that work?

“The ‘pool of blood’ does not trail over to where the body was left in the road. Tap is saying the blood on the ground by the car only appeared after the body was moved.”

Carol A. Valentine

Above: Ingrid Loyau-Kennett talks to one alleged murderer (left).
Gemini Donnelly-Martin, 20, and her mother Amanda, talk to the second alleged murderer (right)

The attackers seem to be mind controlled – to not harm women (no male is allowed near the body only women).

Loyau-Kennett who talked to the murderer face to face was far too confident that he would not harm a woman.

She looks to me to be security service…
Kal Dani

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, from Helston in Cornwall, had been visiting London to see her children, Basil and Pawony Baradaran, when the drama unfolded.

Helston woman confronts machete w

Strangely, no sign of blood

Adebolajo home.

The alleged killer comes from a wealthy Christian family.
“Louise, 26, from Romford, knew Michael Adebolajo and his brother from Marshalls Park school.

“She described him as clever… and ‘such a nice person; everyone got along with him…

“‘Everyone knew him. He was funny, hilarious. He was a down to earth, nice guy, there was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you would have thought obviously this would have happened.’

“She said that Adebolajo’s mother was strict and a regular churchgoer.”

London attack: Police make two further arrests after Woolwich killing

No blood on his jacket.

The two ‘terrorists’ in Woolwich, on 22 May 2013, were known to Britain’s security services before the attack.

The MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies had collected data on the suspected attackers before the incident.

In other words the ‘terrorists’ were being used by the security services.

The terror event in Woolwich in London may seem a little fishy?

One of the alleged ‘Moslem terrorists’ can be heard saying:

“You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns; you think politicians are going to die?


“It’s going to be the average guy, like you, and your children….”

It may seem strange that the ‘terrorists’ never seem to attack the top people.

This ‘spook’ is seen here apparently rehearsing his lines. 

So, those who gain from the latest incident are:
1. Israel, which wants to paint Moslems as the enemy.
2. David Cameron, who can now ‘do a Thatcher’ and appear to stand up for Britain.
3. The military, which gains in sympathy.

You can tell a lot from photos


“The political statements made by the suspect … will provide the state and the media all the cannon fodder it needs to link anti-government rhetoric with violent terrorism.” 

London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment

“Lord Carlile, a former independent (he’s a Jew) reviewer of terror laws, has said the killing should cause the Government to rethink the decision to drop the planned Communications Data Bill from the Queen’s Speech, which would have extended email and internet monitoring to the security services.”

The Telegraph

London Beheading : Out-Fakes Boston and Sandy hook : Guy with Machetes cleans his hands for (t)fake 2 : Britain You Bloody Losers : No Blood from a Decapitation : Plenty of Actors at the scene : This is the most STUPID FAKE INCIDENT EVER:

BRITAIN BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED Just look at Videos and Pics Below They are SOOOOO BUSTED:


This is probably the most stupid fake I have seen as a woman with her baby in her pram walks by this actor weilding Knives and clevers and then disappares on mainstream news into thin air.

He washes hands for a second take: So the second take he has no Blood on them. 

Now for a load more crap AND IT IS CRAP: FAKED FAKED FAKED : Stop thining we are so stupid please:

You Useless British Authorities : BRITAIN YOU PAY YOUR TAXES FOR THIS :


London Calling – Fake Terror Comes to London Town
The MSM reports another ‘Terror’ attack. This time a beheading in London.

But what is the truth of this incident? What does a critical observer see?

Where is the blood on this man’s light colored jacket?
We are informed by the BBC that he and the other man were hacking at the victim for minutes on end in a visceral bloodbath.  A large pool of blood can be seen in photographs taken looking down at the scene from above.
Other reports clearly state that the victim was beheaded.
Both of the attackers should be covered in blood – not just their hands.

Decapitation – Where is the head in this or any of the other photographs ?!

From Chris Spivey’s Blog

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.
Twenty fucking minutes for the old Bill to turn up.
No one thought to get the Army out?
All the early descriptions given are wrong. Why would they carry all those weapons. You can only use one. Why does the old lady suddenly disappear out of the video.
Where have all the Police cars gone from the shoot out? I thought the whole area had been sealed off?
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