The OPPT : New Series : PART 5 : The Sectional Beginners Guide to OPPT : Courtesy Notices : Approx 5-7 minutes reading and some links :

Understanding the OPPT
PART 5 Courtesy Notices

A) Short Summary:

This section is a short summary of Courtesy Notices – what they are, what they are intended for, and some guidelines for using them. The reference at the bottom gives all the details for those who choose to use them.

B) Restricted Freedom

Every day, people encounter situations where their freedoms are restricted. We hardly notice, because that is what we are used to, “that is just the way it is.” As we start to awaken, and pay attention, we become more aware of how often our freedoms are restricted.

C) Bailiffs and Debt Collectors

Many are also hounded by bill collectors. That is all old paradigm. Most bills that are supposedly owed are fraudulent bills. All taxes are fraudulent. Under the New Paradigm, there will be plenty of money available to run any new system of “government” without taxes. (covered in the “CVAC” section of this writing)

D) Corporations No longer have power over any on of us anymore:

Even though all corporations have been foreclosed, very few people working for those corporations know this and what it means to them. For them it means that they are no longer backed by their corporate structure, because their corporation no longer exists, even if they do not know that. For We the People, it means that no corporation (government, banks, corporations we supposedly owe money to) has power over us any more. Most supposed loans from banks are fraudulent.

E) Free Sovereign Beings Rights

The courtesy notices were not written by the trustees, but are a good example of “DO”ing that helps humanity. Courtesy Notices come into play whenever a person, believing he/she is representing a corporation, attempts to collect a supposed debt, levy a fine, refuse a service that we are entitled to as a “free sovereign being”, or hinders our freedom in any way.

F) Courtesy Notices and what they do

Then the courtesy notice is used to do three things:

1). inform the person as an individual of the filings of the OPPT, which foreclosed all corporations.

2). inform the person courteously that he/she is acting now as an individual with individual liability for any harmful action against another, in this case the person sending the courtesy notice.

3). inform the person of his/her options and possible consequences.

G) Lower level employees do not even know what a CN is

It is called a Courtesy Notice because it is assumed that for a while, most lower level employees will not have been told about OPPT by upper management, who are still in denial about what has happened. The courtesy notice warns them, courteously, that they are now liable as an individual for their own actions. Under the New Paradigm, free system, we all are free, but we also all have to learn to use that freedom responsibly.

H)  Issue CN’s and get the word out

If a courtesy notice is sent out, it may solve the problem immediately, but more likely, it will take several notices, probably to different people, and possibly a contest of wills to get satisfaction. The more time that goes by, and the more courtesy notices that are sent out though, the sooner everyone will “get the word,” and the old system will dissolve to be replaced by a new one.

I) Further brief notes will be added under revisions here  as to the effect and intentions that Courtesy Notices have on corporations and their staff and how they pave the way for you to claim your rights from a slave system. It will also include how you fill them in and how to back them up with legal charges against the system as they attempt ( withouit any success any more ) to strip you of your rights. This new paradigm and how to use them will clearly demonstrate how your new upper hand as a person in the One  People’s Public Trust is unrebuttable. 

For PART 6  here : CVAC’s :

Reference for more information: The material on this page contains everything you could ever want to know about Courtesy Notices. It has all the forms, downloadable in several formats, written guidelines and instructions on how to use them, and several training videos for those that prefer an AV format.


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