Crisis Actors : Yes they really exist : What exactly do they do : They even have famous ones : and very very bad ones too : Who is your favourite Bomb actor ?????

Well they do exist go here you can even apply for a job as a Crisis Actor:

Let’s look where exactly crisis actors have been used Just on Obama patch:

Here is what you get if you look it up  a wide selection of types and reasons :
Lets take a closer look then:

Well nothing too wierd there huh:

I am terribly sorry for this as this gets embarrassing :

But it gets worse: Gene Rosen Is notoriously the worse actor alive today : He should be jailed for his performances:

More embarassmment The Medical Examiner and forgets he is being filmed and makes planty of mistakes ,They are all worthy of jail, at a time of suposed  suspence and mystery.

Now here is a busy girl with 3 actors jobs, see if you can spot them ?





Crisis actors no blood


We will let you decide if this girl was blown up in Boston and all that blood geez!!! Her face is pure horror of course:



Bur here we save the best  to last:

Here is undoubtedly the best Crisis Actor on the Planet :

Chemtrails with Al Gore


3 comments on “Crisis Actors : Yes they really exist : What exactly do they do : They even have famous ones : and very very bad ones too : Who is your favourite Bomb actor ?????

  1. Crisis actors do exsist, But the question is why,what motives are at play.The above artical and post is exact proof of their exsistance, the motive is obvious in the 2nd to the last frame the portrait of Al Gore, this post is a deliberate spin one that wants you to reconsider the evidence of Global Warming, why and whom are responcible for this then become a greater priority. Two schools of thought are,the industries that profit from a continuation of the same types of energy that have brought you into a situation of survivial of the species is being threatened, and secondly while the blatant attempts to nullify concerns are even more obvious. The why of these attempts are even more sinister, as it is known that the wealthy may be in a position of greater information and when one is blessed with accurate information one may see that this planet is indeed in dire condition, a condition that many may think that it is appropriote to consider a lessening of the populations. If the latter is true than it would be best if the greater population marked for extinction be rendered into a confused state that deliberate misinformationis well known to produce,Confusion.of entire population is the tool of conquest

    • I respect your comments and although I find strange that you would accept that there is too many people here on this planet ( when 7 billion people can fit in Australia and have 1/3rd acre each ) As I only put Al Gore on the end of the article because most awakened people know that Al Gore is a highly paid shill who is disinformation and owns all the tax collection companies who are in on Global warming scam and aim to get maximum profit form the scams ,,I have done so many articles proving Al Gore as no more than an actor for Gloabl Warming ,,He is Totally sick Like Bill Gates is on Over population, However These actors are only noticed by people who are awake ,,The awake may save there own lives from this evil, the Dumb people who do not see this Bomb Scam and False flag ,,may be killed by there own stupidity, IS just my guess,, Knowledge is power ,ignorance is ignorance, Thanks for your comments ,Namaste Dave

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