Boston Marathon Bombs : Massive False Flag operations : Gold drops 10.43% on the day : Obama ( Barry Soetoro ) signs 23 anti gun laws while bombs go off : Newtown families as VIP’s right by Bomb site and finish line : Building 666 by Library

Here is a massive false flag to keep us from the real news : take a look how thick our rulers are and why they stoop so low :

And it is not on Family Guy either is it ?????? Oh for sure it is : 

BBC CNN FOX and CBS all look like Propaganda idiots as the False Flag unfolds as the fastest false flag exposure  of all time as the public wakes from the deep sleep:

UPDATED : Tuesday 16th April : 

Bombs going off under manholes : eye witness report :

Now people are removing things ( seen dragged away in this video) from a crime scene ???

See more updates below : 

Gold drops 10.43 % today & Bitcoin goes tits up/down:

The Boston Marathon dedicated to Newtown victims were all on finish line by bombs as VIP’s

Web site made saturday to honour victims of Boston Bomb :

Obama signs 23 anti guns law execs as bombs go off in Boston

Illuminati game card is Joggers :

As fires in JFK library right by finish line is not associated???

Oh and what about the military bomb drill one hour before :

Not to mention the Bomb sniffing dogs on roofs on start and finish line :

Now we see that predominant Ex Vets are now ushered into place to the bomb scene :

Boston legs_n

See the link and what it is all about here :

North Korea were laying flowers for a birthday celebration too ,

Now on 16th April the following day let us just look at a very good review of all events :

Remember it is not the news in mainstream media ,It is what is not on the news:



8 comments on “Boston Marathon Bombs : Massive False Flag operations : Gold drops 10.43% on the day : Obama ( Barry Soetoro ) signs 23 anti gun laws while bombs go off : Newtown families as VIP’s right by Bomb site and finish line : Building 666 by Library

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  2. Hello Lightworker,
    thank you for the Post.
    A lot of german Blogs share youre information.
    The False Flag is easy to see.
    Oure Media is also propaganda.
    Now what will be the Outcome?
    FEMAcamps… Guantannamo for everyone?

    100 people killed in an bombattak in irak, drones kill people in Pakistan, hundrets of people get killed every day in Syria an nobody cares???

    I want to know who they will suit for the Bostonbombing?
    North Korea, Syrien or Iran?? Or the American people???

    A nother earthquake just hit Iran…. was that the answer?

    Regards from a german,

    PS: youre Blog will be listet in my Blogroll

    • Hi Outside Job Yes i se Germany is coming up good ,,many hits now form germany Thank you ans your welcome, Please follow OPPT Germany and you will see that you can do much to help the outcome and get these nazi people in Jail ,,We are winning with your help Namaste Dave

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  4. Please note that the date of those Exec Orders by Obama were in JANUARY, right when he was announcing his push for gun legislation, and he didn’t want to wait until Congress got in gear, so he passed the EO’s. Several states have worked on nullification legislation for those EO’s, since many are unconstitutional.

    You are so very right…I didn’t censor myself when I saw this post because I can only suffer FOOLS just so much before I want to beat some sense into their heads.
    I only stopped venting because I knew it was a waste of time.
    Your excuses and rationalizations are idiotic!
    This is NOT a case of poor ignorant ppl who have never seen anything like this before….it’s a case twisted sick individuals trying to spin a terrible incident into their own special revelation.
    Just exactly what level of stupid does one have to be to conceive of the idea that an event with about a million people attending, and ZERO controls over who was were, could put on a plot that deceived the whole world. This alone it a plainly retarded idea. BUT WAIT!!!!
    Let’s add to this the HUNDREDS of folks there with cameras and video phones.
    There there are all those “actors” (yuk yuk) , who fell down and who’s body parts were flying all over!

    THOUSANDS of eye witnesses, dozens of hospitals and their thousands of staff and EMT’s and COPS involved. AND All coordinated to fool we poor chumps into believing a false flag operation.

    I could go on and on about all the levels of stupid that it must take to even imagine such an absurdity…but what the use? Anyone brain damaged enough to suggest this as even the most remote possibility has an agenda that is contrary to truth and light.
    I absolutely guarantee that those who actually believe this stuff will be targeted by the authorities to remove their right to own guns…because they are giving incontrovertible proof they are mentally deficient. THIS IS NOT AN INSULT…IT THE FACTS.

    I was a psyc major for a while and have been in professional counseling for about 40 yrs. This is textbook paranoia. It’s off the charts narcissism. These loon actually crave the idea that they know things and everyone else is being tricked. They are seldom well educated, and they NEVER EVER investigate the facts that would burst their bubble of delusion. They want to be deceived and they take pride in dragging others in after them. They are VERY often on anti-depressants etc.

    I started dealing with their ilk after the WTC came down. THis same type started with the controlled det insanity. When I could get one of them to listen to the facts I’d explain the actual details of how a controlled det is done. It would take MONTHS to prepare the WTC,, It would entail massive destruction, drilling thousands of holes, tons of explosives HARD WIRED with miles and lies of wires strung everywhere…THERE IS NOT OTHER WAY IT COULD BE DONE…PERIOD.
    And still most of them refused to believe. They claimed the plane in the field disappeared then I showed them proof 97% of it was recovered.
    On and on they claimed and I proved they were wrong…THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THE LIES.

    Liberalism is based on two (2) main things:
    1) – The denial or ignorance of history, and
    2) – The denial of human nature. (no adult is ignorant of this)

    So called libs accept socialism because they are too ignorant to accept the realities of human nature and history. Soc has failed 100% of the time and it ALWAYS makes things worse. Yet the left just thinks they’ll get it right the next time. They refuse to face the truth.
    These conspiracy loons are exactly the same.

    They actually imagine that some folks could fake this and it could fool the whole world for even an hour?
    No onw will have a pang of conscience? No one will want to get famous by going to the media?
    not one will text or tweet any proof they caught on tape? This only flies in the face of the whole of human history! That;s all. Because as we have seen for the last 100 yrs the top ppl in our gov’t can’t keep even the most personal things secret. Even with BO spending millions to hide his doc’s we know the broad details don’t we? And he had only a few folks to quiet…not thousands!
    Look, You have the right to believe whatever insanity you choose, and if it appears on my page I have the right to ridicule every stupid bit of it…and when anyone starts spreading lies in my view I will confront those lies.
    If you want to spread lies and are too lazy or full of deception to check your bullcrap before you spread it then I’ll make you look stupid when I drag out the rational facts.

    But it’d do you all “believers” no end of good to try on some true intellectualism without the “pseudo” prefix. Stop being so quick to believe the absurd and look for the rational scientific explanation. Occam’s Razor would be a great place to begin as it is almost always proved true in science, IE: THE SIMPLEST EXPLANATION IS ALMOST ALWAYS THE CORRECT EXPLANATION”

    So let’s see which is simpler:
    (Jeopardy music plays )

    Since the REAL (non-imaginary) big gov’t agenda is to steal our assault weapons right now why didn’t the evil powers have some guy use a AK to shoot a bunch of folks from the rooftop!?!? He would have killed far more ppl and it would help remove our 2nd Amend rights. This incident may hurt that anti-gun effort!
    SEE? layer after layer of senselessness when you actually take a second to use reason.

    Our world is GOING TO HELL, because of evil men and the PRIMARY tool of evil is LIES!
    GOD’s word makes this VERY VERY CLEAR!
    Lies and liars are the bane of the world.
    And you might imagine that if you hate what Obama does that makes you a good guy…it’s not true if you too are spreading LIES! GOD HATES LIES!
    He warns us in REV that ALL LIARS GO TO HELL. It does not say “except the ones who actually believed their lies”. satan is real, demons are real, and they are now putting lies into the world at an unprecedented rate. WHY?
    Because it creates CONFUSION. The devil loves confusion because it creates fear and desperation and ppl tend to turn more animalistic. All these IDIOTIC conspiracies do is stir up and frighten the gullible, the ill educated, the unstable, and it makes them more afraid and more hopeless, and MUCH more likely to make bad choices. Choices like taking more drugs, or acting out in ways that hurts themselves and others around them.

    Have the PERSONAL INTEGRITY to check out BOTH SIDES of a story before you indulge your base desire to spread gossip and lies. Prov 6 says “There are 6 things GOD hates, Yes 7 which are abominations” (nothing is worse than an abomination BTW) and if you look this up and study the meaning of the words you will find that 4 of then relate to spreading lies.

    The simple fact is that when you spread lies, fear, and paranoia, you are serving satan and the men who desire to destroy America. This is an unarguable point. But all, (100%) of these silly conspiracies are built on speculation, what if, and personal interpretations of a teeny tiny few things that don’t seem exactly the way these idiots imagine they should look or be. They find one duck out of line and all the sudden there are no real ducks in the whole lake!

    It’s pathetic and reprehensible and I’ll never ever stop calling out the liars who do this to others.

    I serve TRUTH! My GOD is a GOD of TRUTH! ALL liars are serving satan and enemies of mankind.

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