Caribbean and Americas : Oceans Clean Up of Plastics : GOOD 2 GO have an insentive for you : ” If Its Not Plastic It’s Fantastic ” Get your Party packs here : Help our team Clean up the environment and Throw an Earth Friendly Party : Clean Consciousness needed:

Two of the 4 Founders of Lightworkersxm  Elaine Christopher and Will Welch;
Are going International in  a drive to promote Earth friendly Party packs and offer a chance  for all of us to to sieze on the opportunity to contribute to a clean up of plastics around the  oceans and rolling hillsides.
So Do your bit and contribute for a good cause, and Show that YOU 2 are Earth user friendly:
Here is how to contribute and what you get in return:

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Here for the live site and make your contribution and pick up your Party pack.




Our beautiful blue planet needs our help!

If you take a walk along any beach in the world you will find plastic amongst the sand or stones.  This is because 10% of all plastic trash ends up in the sea.  It was this terrible plastic tide that inspired me to do something to help reduce the use of plastic.  I’m Elaine, an environmental entrepreneur.  My partner, Will, is a designer.  Together we’re GOOD2GO! 

We believe it’s insane to make products like party plates and cups that will be used only once from plastic, a material that lasts for centuries and can’t be recycled.  All GOOD2GO products are made from plants and return to nature within just a few months of being thrown away.  Every ton of GOOD2GO products used replaces a ton of plastic and, therefore, a ton of plastic trash.

We’ve noticed that people often get very serious when it comes to environmental protection but we’re fun kind of people and we think doing good things for the planet should be fun too.  Everybody likes to throw a party but have you ever noticed just how much plastic waste is generated at even a small gathering?  We do and so we developed a range of planet-friendly GOOD2GO ‘Party Time’ Packs and an innovative marketing plan to get them into every home in The American Continent.
Happy Party-goers!

With your support we’ll reduce plastic pollution, one party at a time!

We need $250,000 to make our project a reality and we’re focused on raising 50% of that through investment and 50% from this campaign.  We have factories ready to manufacture the products that must then be shipped to our warehouse ready to be dispatched to our supporters and customers.  We have a website to build and a mobile application to design.  This all takes time, energy and money.  This is where you come in and this is how we make a real difference together.  Our time and energy and your financial contribution will make our dream of plastic free parties a reality.

We’re offering you the opportunity to be the first in your neighborhood to throw a party using a GOOD2GO ‘Party Time’ pack for just $25.  We have a wide range of options and so we’re offering a wide range of perks.  Whether you’re planning a kid’s party, a tailgate party or a family get together, there’s a GOOD2GO ‘Party Time’ pack designed especially for the occasion.  Every pack contains printed cups, plates, bowls, knives, forks and spoons that are all made from plants and all 100% compostable.  We’ll also throw in some party favors and biodegradable trash bags, and we’ll even ship your pack for FREE if you live in the mainland USA.  Everyone who funds our campaign will also receive a 10% discount voucher, even if you only fund $1.

Plastic Beach

Plastic pollution is a huge, and growing, problem.  There are an estimated 46,000 pieces in every square mile of ocean.   Every year plastic kills more than 100,000 marine mammals like seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales, and a million seabirds like the Laysan Albatross (  Plastic particles attract toxins and enter the food chain and finally, us.  Babies are now born with chemicals in their bodies that are only used in the manufacture of plastic.  The good news is that we have a solution.

GOOD2GO products contain NO toxins and naturally break down into compost when disposed of responsibly.  We’ve been working together for four years bringing planet-friendly disposables to business customers and consumers in the Caribbean, where the beaches are impacted every day.  We’ve organized beach clean ups and seen hundreds of people turn out early in the morning to remove many tons of plastic trash washed in from the sea.  We believe that, given the opportunity, most people want to do their bit to help protect our planet for future generations and we want to help people to have fun as they reduce their plastic footprint.  Your support for this campaign is critical to help us to reduce the amount of plastic trash in our environment, ultimately our oceans, by thousands of tons every year.

If you’re not planning any parties there are other ways you can help us to reduce plastic pollution.  Share our IndieGoGo campaign on your favorite Social Media site and ‘Like’ our Facebook page:

Look out for the weekly ‘Like, Share and Win’ promotions we’ll be running on Facebook.

Party Products

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Help make it happen for the team! Contribute to It’s Party Time!.


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