Britain is awake : ‘Thatcher’s dead’ parties : Spring up all over Britain : The stale stench of her Pedophilia and policies Linger : They are now getting recognised for what they are : Lasting disgust :


UK public jubilant at Thatcher’s death

The death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has unleashed a hail of street parties, and other joyful reactions across Britain.

In a show of the depth of public hatred against the former Conservative leader, hundreds of protesters gathered in Brixton, London and Glasgow to hold “Thatcher death parties” while similar parties were also planned in Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester.

The public rejoicing was also clearly seen on the internet and elsewhere including among the members of the National Union of Students who cheered and applauded in their conference in Sheffield when they received the news of the former PM’s death.

On the streets, protesters held banners reading “Rejoice Thatcher is dead” while others said they are “here to celebrate the death of a woman with blood on her hands”.

Thatcher was never popular even when in power and she never won the votes of more than a third of the electorate because of her domestic policy of cuts and privatization leading to massive unemployment of up to three million people, which was unseen since the great depression of the 1930’s.


Thatcher the pro-apartheid warmonger

The controversial former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was influential in a set of major political upheavals at the time of her premiership in the 1980’s, which openly contradict the image of a reformist neoliberal political leader the current British government is trumpeting.

Thatcher was one of the main supporters of toppled Iraqi dictator Saddam during the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran in the 1980’s.

Despite her government being officially neutral in the Iran-Iraq war, and having voted for a UN Security Council resolution calling on all countries not to further escalate the conflict, she was hungry for selling arms to Saddam’s government.

Secret files made public in December 2011 unveiled an exhaustive list of equipment from Hawk fighter jets to military air and naval bases that London was attempting to sell the Iraqi regime as early as 1981 under the pretext that they were “non-lethal”.

Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait almost certainly never would have happened without American and British support for Iraq during the 1980’s.



Londoners Celebrate the Passing of the Iron Lady


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