Ecuador : Yuchay : The New Intelligence City : The City of knowledge : First Totally Self-Sustainable city for the people by the people : For the extensive teaching of our reality:

Spanish and English transcript :

President Rafael Correa Delgado Constitutional President of the Republic of Ecuador and the Citizen Revolution built Yachay The City of Knowledge, a Mega Construction, the first planned city hundred percent of Ecuador, which will create the best universities in our country and in Latin America, which will develop new technologies, and science such as medicine, telecommunications, cybernetics, nanotechnology, botany, etc..

Yachay is the most ambitious project of the Citizen Revolution, that will promote the development of Ecuador and aim to frontier technologies of XXI century, which will serve as a hub for the development of human talent, and we will become the new economy in Latin America.

El presidente Rafel Correa Delgado Presidente constitucional de La República del Ecuador y La Revolución ciudadana construyen Yachay La Ciudad del Conocimiento,una Mega Construcción, la primera ciudad cien por ciento planificada del Ecuador,en la cual se van a crear las mejores universidades de nuestro país,y de latinoamerica,en la cual se va a desarrollar las nuevas tecnologias,y la ciencia tales como,la medicina,las telecomunicaciones,la cybernetica,la nanotecnología,la botanica,etc.

Yachay constituye el proyecto mas ambicioso de La Revolucion ciudadana,por que va a impulsar el desarrollo del Ecuador y lo encaminará a las tecnologías de vanguardia del siglo XXI,lo que servirá de eje importante para el desarrollo del talento humano,y nos convertiremos en la nueva economia de Latinoamerica .

Jacques & Roxanne Fresno :


Here is The Venus Project Full Documentary:

It would be interesting to see if they are using aquaponics Permaculture and compost toilets and us our human waste to cultivate rich soils for self-sustainability:

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3 comments on “Ecuador : Yuchay : The New Intelligence City : The City of knowledge : First Totally Self-Sustainable city for the people by the people : For the extensive teaching of our reality:

  1. From what I know, the project : the city of knowledge ” Yachay,” still does not has a real perspective for sustainable living or research on appropiate technoly, permaculture or agroecology,,is more oriented towards, biotechnology, and agribusines, this is clear because our president is going to open the country to monsanto and also he is completly oriented towards mining, oil driling and agribussines, he is an economist, thats why he only thinks in money, Its a shame that our beatifull constitution is gonna be changed, so Gmo can be planted in ecuador,
    I think that if Yachay would be a project for sustainabilty would be wonderfull but economical interst are stronger than other orientations
    , Lets see

    • That is a disgrace When 30 countries have now banned it because of ill health and negative results and toxins, Just today New York Times has announced they see nothing good but only tokins and poisin in Monsanto rubbish products. It appears Ecuador needs to get to grips , this is outrageaous to hear that Morales has a gun to his head ,,he was the first to charge banksters tax ,,it appears the Yanks have gone in there with guns ,,I hope you can get people to see sense, and stop Gates and his FDA minions from mascerading toxic time wasting propaganda for profit ,It is about time Exxon paid the 19Billion fine and all the other crookUSA giants got thrown out of these poor countries ,,as it is because of these corporations that these countries are not only poor ,,but Actually corporations them selves ,,Is there any chance you can advise peoplpe they are born into a corporation and not a country??. Dave

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