Final Donation Request : To Prevent Impending Hardship : New Details : Easier method to contribute : : I am Nearly saved from Eviction: This is my Final Push to help : Please contribute just that little more :

Thank you all for your contributions so far .

I cannot stress How relieved to see you responding to my serious situation and I am not done yet.

I am half way there thanks to your contributions.

Please I request one final push that may lead me to tell my land lord Tomorrow,

that next week I can stave off being throw out.

I have a better system of payment too.


34A Airport Road,

Simpson Bay

Sint Maarten

Send All donations to David M Stewart here : Many Thanks Elaine for your Help.

Confirmations can be sent to

Please Please One final push to help me over just 2 months

I do have work after that.


I love all of you Who have already donated and also those who can help and those who cannot help due to thier own situations.

This is not normal times.

We are one

Love and light : Help me keep spreading the light.


Special Thanks to

Gib In USA

Jurgen In Germany 

Josh In Australia

Pitti in Italy

Cobra From Somewhere on this Planet.


12 comments on “Final Donation Request : To Prevent Impending Hardship : New Details : Easier method to contribute : : I am Nearly saved from Eviction: This is my Final Push to help : Please contribute just that little more :

  1. I am happy some people helped you. May I ask how much rent you pay each month? And how is it possible that you are in such dark times? Don’t you have a job? In these times the island boat yards are full of boats that need workers. Just yesterday I gave a lift to a guy who came 2 weeks ago on SXM and found work right away on a boat yard at the airport road. I myself live on $600 pension and $250 Social assistance a month. I pay $350 rent and $100 utilities, and $65 Internet. That leaves me $7,80 a day for telephone, transport and food. And my girl friend with 2 kids, one boy of 8 and a girl of 2 year old. She has a problem that her mother never registered her and she has no papers and can not get legal work. She never went to school and is 50% illiterate We are working on that.
    If you have legal status on the island go to the Labor and Social Department office and register yourself looking for work. If they do not have work for you apply for financial help. If approved you get at least $250/m and health insurance free.
    If your “Light Work” does not pay, go do something else.
    Good luck.

  2. wow!! insensitive of you Alex you should get in touch a bit more in making a bit more effort to read what’s on this webpage a little more then may be you will have a better understanding of what’s going on dude. all your life of working that is all you end up having?….and you want this guy to go through the same thing you went through?….there are a lot of people that are becoming rich making money on the stock market using your Birth certificate number, did you know that? well if you did not know all of that let me tell you dude you worth much much more than $600 mount dude this gentle man David is on the front line doing what he can to make a change, for humanity,,,so we all would be more aware of what’s going on behind the scene in the world so we make better choices so we do not have to end up like you working all your life and having to retire on $600 a month. I ask the great giver to bless him and provide all and more that he will need to pay rent and to keep doing what he is doing…God Bless you David,,,,,keep doing what you’re doing…money will come.

    • Excuse me, but I have never ever worked in my life. I traveled throughout the world and set foot in over 70 countries, always wondering, amazing, taking in all different people and cultures. The short time In Holland I was with the small group who made marijuana legal. I inherited a small thing and bought a sailing yacht. I was free lance captain on other peoples yachts for 3 years in the Greek Aegean sea before I got my own 36 ‘ ketch. I was ocean yacht sailing instructor between the Canary islands for a German sailing school. I have been riding horses in Tunisia, Egypt and Holland. I was flying small airplanes over Holland, England, and France. I sailed the Red sea, the Mediterranean from East to West, crossed the Atlantic and did 3 years Caribbean islands from Las Roques Venezuela to St. John and every island in between before I settled down in Marigot St. Martin in 1989. I have had many beautiful women, and 2 gave me a son each. I became gold smith in Marigot and still do silver and gold lost wax casting for gold smiths in Philipsburg. [also did some for Brett and Scrimm] I found a secluded small house in the bush 3 KM from Ph-burg town after hurricane LUIS. I never worked for money in my life, when I got paid it was for things I liked to do. You do not have to like how I lived my life, and that I ended up with very little [just enough]. All the riches I had I gave back to the world. I have no regrets. In 1999 december I got hit by a drunk after driving my Rebel 450 motor bike for ten years without a glitch. That crippled me and prevented and still prevents me from going out to have much fun. I have a beautiful young [27] woman who pleasures me according to my capability and I swim several times a week in Orient Bay. I never had to beg for money and I have no debts. I think I am richer than most who stack money away and work for it. (even with my birth certificate!? you make me laugh) So keep your fire and do what you like but do not sink so low as to become a beggar. By the way you can donate to me if you think I should have more to live more luxurious and give my very poor girl friend to on paypal. Tell me how you live and let’s compare if it is any better than I did. Next december I’ll be 70.
      Have a nice day without worries,

    • I have spread light in this lovely island by writing hundreds of letters on a mechanical and later electrical type writer and fax them by land line that got printed in the 3 news papers, the Chronicle is gone now only Herald and Today left. . I used various names, mostly Chamba Chada and “Concerned Citizen” . When I stopped people were disappointed and asked me to continue. Bu t I had may say and that is it.
      Why don’t you write to the opinion pages for those who have no computer, but need to get information too!? You have been forwarding good news, it is time you write yourself something for the people that read the papers. I have most all clippings of those times. I was like Beppe Grillo, satirically telling dirty truths.
      I have no respect for poverty. It is a choice.
      I hope to see some Light Workers info in the local news media.
      Contact Julian Rolloks on facebook, and my friend the courageous Judith Roumou, a political reporter..
      Tighten your belt Dave,
      find a cheaper lodging, Mostly on boatyards are people needed.
      Charity begins at home. meaning to give yourself first.
      The Indian guru who stopped me from giving money to the poor. I would be sitting with them very soon said he if I continued so. From then I gave only 10% of my daily allowance. Now I give 90% of my allowance to a young abandoned mother without legal papers.
      Find a job man, or are you like me, close to 70?
      Captain retired,

  3. Alex note: you “… doth protest too much, me thinks.” ~ Shakespeare.
    You’re losing all credibility with your babble.

    This is not the 1950’s or the 1970’s any longer. Are you asleep? Things have changed Pedro. And life now is not “one size fit’s all.” I would like to see where your you would be now if you didn’t have so much as a $600. monthly allowance – especially now since you are 70.

    With regard to your abandoned mother story… may I assume that is the 27 year old woman who pleases you sexually, is the abandoned mother that you give 90% of your allowance?

  4. You may assume what you want. Assumptions are just that. And to start pulling my sex life into my disgust for Light Workers poverty you show where you are coming from. You assume that a 70 year old still goes to the whores then?
    You did not counter me by telling how much of your money YOU give to the really poor?
    As I paid my respects to the original inhabitants of the Caribbean islands, Chief Williams of the Kalinago in the Carib Territories in Dominica in 2004, I was told that I would never need to pay for my stay there and that if I ever needed shelter and food I was welcome to come and live with them. So that is where you would find me in case I would not have my $600.
    I have been invited to come live with a millionaire Jew in Boulder near Las Vegas where I was invited in 2008. The only thing I accepted from him was the wheelchair I still have,
    You poor freaks make me laugh to think I would ever be in need of anything. Although I will accept a sesame oil massage from my female cohort any time.
    Go forward in the good and look not back.
    I am still waiting to see all your information come to the readers of the local papers instead of just forwarding stories you get from others.
    Your friends make good money from their conferences and speeches. Ask them for some for forwarding their stuff.
    Have a nice day and wear shoes that fit you, Now it seems they are too big for your feet.
    Retired captain
    hobby gold and silver smith
    You should get yourself an Atlantis ring, see my website. I’ll cast you a silver one at any time during the waxing of the moon for $50, instead of the price on my website.
    Born to be wild.

  5. Sooooo much text above here about what?? Be nice to eachother ok!

    I know Dave sinds 2008 and pleased to do so. He was the first to shake me awake witch made me look at the world a lot clearer. I when straight down the rabbit hole after that and it has been a ride and is still flowing wildly and I awesome!

    Since i know Dave he never had much money on him and manages to survive living on very little.
    It’s the %&* rent that hurts people the most, because it takes away the biggest tjunk of what one does labor for.
    So if one gets money from the system, wither it be some unemployment /pension, so he/she can pay for these necessity of having a food and a roof, I think i would be respectful to hush it, because no matter how old you are ,you are getting money while others or not and you are profiting (even if it it’s just a little) from this sick system. Be grateful!

    The moment Dave does have some money he is (most a bit too) generous and shares what he has. That’s his character.

    Even now when I drop by and his fridge is pretty much empty he shares what he has and cooks up a meal of rice beans and some awesome spices better than any restaurant.

    He is a master carpenter who is getting older physically and dealing with assholes he end up NOT paying him for jobs he has done, and this has happened more than once in the past.

    I had some opinions i wanted to write down on Dave asking money, only I am not in his situation, so is it really my place??

    If you have money to spare please share some with this good old lad, even 11 dollars will help him. or 13, 54, 108, 111.. Gotta love numbers! 🙂
    If you don’t, just let it be, leave this page clear of verbal vomit and carry on.

    No, i did not take the time to read all this above, too much ego at first smell and I don’t really care about lifes stories. No disrespect to anyone’s hardships in life, we all have them, so I embrace them as my own. We are one remember….


    • I was warned about being too generous by my Indian guru. And see, it happened to Dave. With all your info about the biggest gangsters of the world, it did you no good, I have many peple who never paid me for what I did , just like every crafts man has. Anyway when I make something it is for the fun of it not for any profit. All you who have, ggive. And those who have not, learn to receive with grace. Just believe the universe takes care of its own. A

    • By the way, if you can give up your luxurious dwelling that cost so much rent, I advice you to find a dwelling for $100 a month @ Fox or Cowboy, land lords at Suckergarden road. I started there after hurricane Luis in a shack of $50 high up a steep mountain, no water inside just a light bulb and a bed. Then halfway the mountain for $100 a month , fridge and light, water outside, then a few month later a real place with toilet and everything for $150/m. Later I found my present place for $350, with a dirt road surrounded by wild bush Still these days there are good SXMmers who rent out cheap dwellings to poor [even undocumented] people. That is if you have the courage to step down and adjust your spending to your income. Go for it! Alex

      • Alex,
        i read your last messages.. true on my friend. you done good.. I am thining the same.. Way let rent take away such a tjunk of my pay. Suckergarden is where i used to play.. one they I’ll find a sjak to stay.
        Peace brother

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