Lightworkersxm : I regret to inform you : I am Homeless on Friday : Request for help from the Light :

Dear all

I have fallen on stiff times financially and I seek your aid :

I will be homeless and Off air Friday And I Look to workers of the light who could offer Financial contributions,

As a donation to my work :

This will help me find a new low rent accommodation with internet or negotiate my stay here and at least have food:

I have had to close all bank acounts So Western Union and my passport number is the only way I can receive cash:

Please if you can and are willing to contribute send an email to,

leaving your electronic chat  contact details as I will be unable to contact you any other way.

This is where I can send you my cell number and passport details  for confirmation notes.

I am so sorry to have to do this as I do not even like sponteaneous ads on my site:

The Western Union Branch of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean,  is in Airport Road, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten, Nederlands Antilles.

Please try to find Kindness of heart and help me out in pressing times.





3 comments on “Lightworkersxm : I regret to inform you : I am Homeless on Friday : Request for help from the Light :

  1. Dave,
    you disappoint me badly.
    All the mudraking and revealing secrets of popes and monarchs have now brought you to the staus of a beggar.
    The Light you work for does not seem to shine on you, how funny!
    I always asked you where goes all that money that you said went into the hands of the “we the people”? To close bank acccounts does not help you a bit. I have three accounts with about $5 on each. These accounts are doors through which money can come in. Also my Paypal account holds $4. But it stays open for help from Mammon, the god of money.
    Say the mantra MONEY IS COMING TO ME, EASILY AND ABUNDANTLY once every hour, and sure it will come. I have right now $8 in my possession and get some unemployment money monthly from the SXM government on March 20. That is for my GEBE bill and food.
    I hate poverty, been there done that. If my legs were not so bad I would go along the water side and find a job on a yacht or boat for sure. There is always work on boats.
    Your Light work has brought you to poverty, then stop it.
    Ssay the mantra I gave you and good luck.
    Retired captain

    • Alex, where is your humanity? Who are you to say Dave is a beggar and the work that he has done does not reflect the light from which it came? If the mantra you claim is effective then why dear brother, are you with only $4. in each account? Have hard times hardened your heart? We are here to assist and love one another. My prayer is that we all pull through this difficult time unscathed. – peace –

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