Kevin Annett : ITCCs : GUILTY : Pope Ratzinger and The Vatican : Stephen Harper : Queen Elizabeth the 2nd : A Public People’s Jury Has Found them Guilty of Gnocide :March The 4th : Closing down churchs and Stripping assetts : If no response : get ready every one :

GUILTY! – Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide – please post and broadcast globally

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Breaking Historic News: Monday, February 25, 2013  


Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide 

Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms – 

 Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens’ Arrests


Pope Benedict will go to jail for twenty five years for his role in Crimes against Humanity, and Vatican wealth and property is to be seized, according to today’s historic verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

The Brussels-based Court handed down a unanimous guilty verdict from its Citizen Jurors and ordered thecitizens‘ arrest of thirty Defendants commencing March 4 in a Court Order issued to them today.

The verdict read in part,

“We the Citizen Jury find that the Defendants in this case are guilty of the two indictments, that is, they are guilty of committing or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, and of being part of an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy”

The Jury ruled that each Defendant receive a mandatory twenty five year prison sentence without parole, and have all their personal assets seized.

The Court went on to declare in its Order No. 022513-001,

“The Defendants are ordered to surrender themselves voluntarily to Peace Officers and Agents authorized by this COURT, having been found Guilty as charged.

“The Defendants have seven days from the issuing of this ORDER, until March 4, 2103, to comply. After March 4, 2013, an International Arrest Warrant will be issued against these Defendants”.

The guilty parties include Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and the head officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. (A complete copy of the Verdict, the Court Order and a list of the Defendants is enclosed on the accompanying you tube link).

The guilty verdict followed nearly a month of deliberations by more than thirty sworn Citizen Jurors of the 150 case exhibits produced by Court Prosecutors.

These exhibits detailed irrefutable proof of a massive criminal conspiracy by the Defendants’ institutions to commit and conceal Genocide on generations of children in so-called Indian residential schools across Canada.

None of the Defendants challenged or disputed a Public Summons issued to them last September; nor did they deny the charges made against them, or offer counter evidence to the Court.

“Their silence told me a lot. Why wouldn’t innocent people defend their own reputation when accused of such horrible things?” commented one Juror, based in England.

“These crimes were aimed at children, and were a cold and calculated plan to wipe out Indians who weren’t Christians. And the defendants clearly are still covering up this crime. So we felt we had to do more than slap their wrist. The whole reign of terror by state-backed churches that are above the law has to end, because children still suffer from it”.

The Court’s judgement declares the wealth and property of the churches responsible for the Canadian genocide to be forfeited and placed under public ownership, as reparations for the families of the more than 50,000 children who died in the residential schools.

To enforce its sentence, the Court has empowered citizens in Canada, the United States, England, Italy and a dozen other nations to act as its legal agents armed with warrants, and peacefully occupy and seize properties of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, which are the main agents in the deaths of these children.

“This sentence gives a legal foundation and legitimacy to the church occupations that have already begun by victims of church torture around the world” commented Kevin Annett, the chief adviser to the Prosecutor’s Office, who presented its case to the world. (see, November 6 and January 30 postings)

“The verdict of the Court is clearly that these criminal church bodies are to be legally and practically disestablished, and their stolen wealth reclaimed by the people. Justice has finally begun to be be served. The dead can now rest more easily.”

Court officers are delivering the Order to all the Defendants this week, including to the Canadian Prime Minister, the Queen of England and to Joseph Ratzinger, the retiring Pope Benedict who is avoiding arrest within the Vatican after suddenly resigning two weeks ago.

The citizens’ arrests of these and other Defendants will commence on March 4 if they do not surrender themselves and their assets, as per the Court Order.

These actions will be filmed and posted at in the coming week, along with further updates from the Court and its Citizen Agents.

Please see the accompanying you tube video.

Issued by the Central Office,
The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

25 February, 2013


The Voice of Redemption calling to all of us today:

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at .

Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Watch Kevin’s award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website .


8 comments on “Kevin Annett : ITCCs : GUILTY : Pope Ratzinger and The Vatican : Stephen Harper : Queen Elizabeth the 2nd : A Public People’s Jury Has Found them Guilty of Gnocide :March The 4th : Closing down churchs and Stripping assetts : If no response : get ready every one :

    • I agree 100%. My mother had to endure this atrocity at Chapleau, Ont. She told me that
      the education she received was training to be a maid.
      Basically no education. Part of the ‘plan’ was to churn out domestics for the white population. Indians were never meant to be educated, just lab rats for experimentation and
      other heinous crimes too numerous to be mentioned here. We give thanks to K Annett for
      exposing evil whereever it lies, as the Bible says to do.
      June simon
      Mohawk Nation

      • Yes, many were and are slaves today,but in foreign countries. The queen and her pedophiling husband phillip are charged because they themselves took 10 native children out of a school in Kamloops B.C Canada back with them ages 3-5, and you can bet that they were slaves and raped repeatedly and then eventually murdered, and i would not be surprised that their are many children buried on her property beneath her bedroom window, or any other property she owns! But we’ll never know, unless we do away with ancient, evil, so-called royalty in todays day and age, see it for what it really is and abolish it and the royal family, and sentence the whole psychotic, theiving, murdering criminal family to death!

  1. It would seem that this really doesn’t mean much. I went to the source and it would appear to be a blog run by Kevin Annett. If this were true why would it not be all over the news?

    • Go back to bed sheeple! Richard do you really have no brain cells??? The LAME STREAM MEDIA is BOUGHT and always has been, are you serious?? The LYING LAME STREAM MEdia has never told the people the truth when it comes to what matters…NEVER, they are bought and owned, do you not know that all news stories are to be approved by govn’t, basically scripts for actors and actresses to read like the dummies they are! Oh my, you have sooooooooo much research to do….WOW, or maybe you should just go back to sleep! So you actaully think the news is telling all, is telling the truth…….WOW, you must be American, stupidity is so abundant there! Do you know hte lies the media told about 9/11/01 & 9/11/11, do you think that the “official story” told by the govn’t and the lying lame stream media told us was true….hahahahahahahaha…of course you do, you know what, you really have way too much reserach and you are so behind many os us, it’s proabably best you go back to sleep sheeple! Oh and it is not a BLOG, dummy, it is a court, a real court specifically designed for this issue……again go back to sleep sheeple, your kind is what is wrong with this world! Oh and you went to the source did ya, do you kow how to research richard, apparently not, you can’t even read if you went to th source!!

  2. dah ! what you still believe mainstream media tells people the truth when it comes to the real people that run the world, you are in the minority, man you need to be educated, mainstream media is their propaganda machine. watch all the retirements in the next twelve months now the people in the world are waking up to the slavery system that is been brought undone right now.

    • I was not refering to the Mainstream Media I do not need reducation and I am not in a minority I am a worker of the light bringing the news to the people as fast and trustworthy as we as a group see fit ,,The TV station Napa TV will be broadcast to over 1 million US viewers and will be posted very soon, Namaste Dave

      • Hey Dave aka light work, he wasn’t referring to you, he was referring to Richard’s comment, pay attention, Richard talks about not hearing it in the news………

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