OPPT and ITCCS must combine : Too many world truths are hidden By the Vatican Mafia Bankster machine : Join forces Please and force the vaults open of hidden Alien treasures and technologies of the past

‘Sleepless in the Vatican’ by Dave Stewart: 14th Feb 2013.

Happy Valentines Vatican We love all your secrets>

Nassim Haramein once said ” All telescopes are owned by the Vatican ” It does not even need to be wholly true to raise eye brows that the Arizona, Puerto Rican and Peruvian Telescopes are in fact owned by The Vatican with one which is even called Lucifer:

The fact that the Vatican placed in charge one of thier prdominat astronomers who had changed all the names on Mars is a very worrying story ,,Why does it think it may have a hold as a right over mars? and Who wants them to have that right?

These points are staggering in the cover up of what the Vatican is all about:

The world was flat : The Planets and sun  was heiliocentric to the Earth : all these important issues and much more from way back have all been kept locked away from the 2 billion beleivers  or so sheeple and so many more non worshippers of the most corrupt bankster religion of all time.

For all of this backwardness that the Vatican stands for today and  delays in our progrss as  human spiritual cosmic beings as it has always been, all I can add is that they have been consistent in their lies and inaccuracies and dumbing down of the masses, but worse , what physical ancient secrets do they have and we should be demanding to see them Right Now.

The only pople who own the Vatican are those that the Vatican have pillaged from , the people themselves.

Should the OPPT link hands with the ITCCZ and demand to open the vaults of the Vatican and release past records then we will see clearly that not only should they have arrested the biggest pedophile in living memory Ratslinger, the second pedophile to( Pope Knighted) Jimmy Saville and all their Cohorts in The British Royal Crown and UK Government and Social Services.

It is hardly surprising only 2% of the populace or there or there abouts, have found their spiritual soul, the Vatican with it’s secret masonic and Royal secret societies have maintained records from us for years and pillaged all poor souls money and continued secretly to preverse our minds with satanic rituals and laws that have no place in modern day, as more of us realize what we are really here for.

The truth is far worse than one can see at first glance too, The 30 foot Pineal gland statue in St Peters Square is testimony to the Vatican having great knowledge of our spirituality and holds secrets of this knowledge to 33 rd degree masons only.

Views for the air  layout of the Vatican grounds sybmbolizes is a giant Key, What is this? the Key to the Vaults ???

It does not stop there, Washington DC ( The third bankster owned country in the world), The White house is a model of The Vatican and it even includes ascending expresidents all bloodlined related to Royalty and the Vatican, how cynical and in your face can you get?

These same people are spiritually sterile as they too cannot get their own heads around what we are all here for, as they too are confused by their own jesuit rules of engagement and the law of the gun.

Inside the vaults of the Vatican and Buckingham Palace and The square mile of the City of London Corporation plus many many more satanic secret centers, contains our future written in stone and must be exposed to Joe public.

I mean how many more bodies buried in Sandringham lodge do we have to find before it tops 50,000?

The sinister truth is that this corrupt organization has just had the first crack of it’s lid and the wheel is now turning into the tin lid ‘of it’s can of worms’ and inside there is a real real dark secrets that we all should know, Why? because they are our secrets.

Just because they cover it up does not mean we can get right to the truth unhindered.

Here is what you will find when you open those vaults:

Life on other planetary systems.

Outer life in all forms of existance on this planet for millions of years ( Adams Calander S/A 280,000 year old Annunaki strong hold)

Mass Corporation tax dodging secrets.

Mafia Links, Royal Links and Bloodline links.

All listed satanic pedophile centers in the world and how the operate stealthily.

Banking secrets of the global corruption and Country by country oppression.

Land grabs and wars for profit.

Arrests and jailing of  inmates and potential informers of the truth.

Biblical truths in documents stemming back thousands upon thousands of years.

Alien artifacts that reveal sacred technologies used to build Pyramids and free energy devices

Teleportation of space craft documentation and knowledge.

Modern day depopulation secrets and special agendas run by their secret in bred family lodges.

The secrets of the golden new age of our purpose to be here in spiritual mind and souls.

End of global poverty and corruption.

Ancient health and wealth issues for all mankind.

And finally the names and addresses of every one needing to be arrested in the New World Order cover up, ( but I think we know who they all are now and where they reside). It would be nice to have that print out.

If we just leave it that the biggest pedophile known to man has just left office and show some disgusting filthy pictures of that rancid mans face, then we are losers.

The very day after the pope resigned The banks were opened up in the Vatican and they could now cash cheques, This means business as usual and they are in for a shock.

We have to get the vaults open to the people and free all of us from this vice grip of death, distruction and mind manipluation of the masses.

In the Philippines for example Catholicism and westernization together have corrupted the place so much that the local people are so dumbed down that they are the biggest drinkers of The poison Coka Cola whilst they bathe under perfect Coconut trees harvesting one of the best natural cures known to man.

Please make sure Kevin Annett and all his colleagues see this notice coupled with the uptick in OPPT, this needs to happen and happen with boots on the ground in Italy, Rome.

It needs to happen now with the pressure cooker on full steam ahead, sleepless nights will open Vatican treasure troves : So lets all make them sleepless in the Vatican, The pressure must be maintained.

Remember The Vatican is nothing more than one of many keys to your existance and reality and we should use it to find all other keys.



6 comments on “OPPT and ITCCS must combine : Too many world truths are hidden By the Vatican Mafia Bankster machine : Join forces Please and force the vaults open of hidden Alien treasures and technologies of the past

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  2. The ITCCS is a big scam run by none other than that con artist Kevin Annett. If the OPPT decides to merge with him without investigating him thoroughly, or at the very least talk to those who have investigated him, then that would be enough to convince many that the OPPT is not what it appears to be. As it is, there is already a division between those who believe the OPPT is real and those who believe it’s nothing more than a distraction or disinformation. The OPPT cannot afford to play alongside a shady fake organization as the ITCCS and its unethical director Annett. Doing so, in my opinion, would be the sure demise of the OPPT.

    • ,tony you have it back wards brother,,,,oppt have given the vatican an exemption,,thats whats been reported ,,,,the itccs are the real deal,,trust me ,,,but why oh why would oppt give an exemption to the whore of babylon,,,,hang in there brother,,soon the scammers will be exposed,,whoever they are..

      light and love

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