Welcome to the New Golden Age ; Poof interaction : and some truth : RV is about to happen : David Wilcock On the Power failure at Superdome : Alliance strikes back:

Germany asking for it’s gold Back as covered on Divine Cosmos : Also Mali and North Africa intervention and War is a Gold and land Grab : Also Covered in David Wilcock article on Divine Cosmos>

Divine Cosmos Super Bowl Power outage could not have been Cabal controlled It was a strike againt Capitiolism and the Elite,


Here is the latest from Poof with bags of intel Prior to Benjamin Fulford post expected in the next few hours:

Poof tells us tha BASEL III Faniancial Compatable system is in the mix and in the works as we speak:


Poof, in a private interview meeting this morning, gives details of the pending Basel 3 Global Settlement activation.

They just sent a letter from the dragons on the 30th to disconnect from the old/current system and activate global settlements in accordance with Basel 3.

Delay: they wanted it all in place with central banks…they did a come to Jesus meeting in congress in the US and threatened them. They can’t do banking without the new system. Everyone is now in line with the new system.

Drake doesn’t have the whole picture about Madame Wu and should shut up. She is not cabal.
Obama is with the plan. He will continue as president.

Ron Paul/Bohener was just internet rumours. That is not how it works. Bohener is just speaker of the house. He has heard nothing about Ron Paul being interim VP.

Obama has details of announcements and got them from the Dragons.

82nd and 101st [airborne rangers] will keep the peace when the announcements start. Interpol will help the arrests.

The RV’s are being seen go live already. There will be no more FIAT system. There will be NO MORE FED.

Parts of NESARA will be announced/implemented. They will reduce debt but different than what people think.

The announcements appear to be this week. They have set up everything, but the date is a state secret and not something that will appear on the web.

The meeting at Camp David was with the us marshals and they received instructions how to handle this change. The US became a republic again on Jan 31st 12:01 2013. The Dragons insisted that the US move back to the true constitution. The corporation of 1871 is now dead.

The cabal will be arrested or left powerless. Many are going to jail.

The new UST will be out VERY soon. He was not sure what the 3rd currency that popped on the tv on the weather channel was.

He was not sure how the ZIM will RV as its too high. He has no intel and does his best to stay away from the RV intel.

George Bush had nothing to do with setting up the RV. They couldn’t set it up so bought currency and stole it, but were never in control of when it would RV. China and US have debt issues resolved behind the scenes. Announcement by Aisacell is a sign of the RV. The Iraqis know!

Iraq set up business with Jordan which is another big sign it has or is about to RV. He cannot confirm on Ban KI Moon has signed off on Chapter 7 but thinks he has. He HAS signed up on the global settlements.

There will be new technology to clear the air of chemtrails. More oxygen for people to grow.

The announcements will be so big they will have to be done gradually. There is an irony to the fact that a black man has freed America from being slaves since 1871. Haha. Obama is a good guy and is not a muslim but does believe in Jesus. He goes to a church near Camp David. It is dangerous for him to go to other churches. Obama will NOT step down. There is no reason why he should. He is the one man in the US that knows WHAT is happening.

He heard Obama is the interim president and interim prez/vp is bullshit….according to his sources. No knowledge on Genstudley.

90 day NDA…for peoples protection. They will be handled in any bank that trades foreign currencies.

The Bush’s have no more money for psy-ops. Everything is being activated now. No year long delays.

He heard the UST went through some changes this weekend.

Dick Cheney and Paulson (ex Goldman Sachs former treasury secretary) are clones. Paulson was killed as he kept stealing.

Baskets are decided by ‘someone’…could be done by region but not sure…someone set it up but no intel. It is not as sophisticated as it seems.

He is not sure how fast they will get the new energy tech out. It will be done in and orderly fashion as to not create chaos. There will be training for the new tech. We are moving from the Flintstones to the Jetsons.

The PP’s themselves have not been delivered. They are connected to the global settlements. The OPPT is a knock off of the ST Germaine. . .  not much intel on it. St Germaine is the only person that will authorize the fund.

Steve Jobs was an Andromedan. The transition to 5D is in OUR LIFETIME. 12-12-12 the earth went through a portal and the door closed on 12-21–2012 so there is no turning back. The golden age is upon us.

Here is the follow up with the evening interview.

Here is the latest POOf post : on Fre at last Blog Site and the OPPT:


HAVE YOU “OPPT”ED IN YET ? On Peoples Public Trust :


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