Out with the Old and In with the new : Dutch Royal Family Exchange : Out goes The Bildeburg’s : Royal Dutch Shell : Depolpulation agenda : and In Comes ??

“Out with the Old and In with the new”  By Dave Stewart.

Having to control my elation on hearing the The abdication of Queen Builderberg #1 and 2 in Beatrix and Bernard, I could only look forward to who the throne would got to. King Willem-alexander, Oh Great I thought, There is a big change going on!

It took just 20 minutes to find that we are  sadly lacking and here is why.

The Royal paedophile network in Holland is managed by Joris Demmink (arrestdemmink.com) and others in his network. Demmink is the head of the Dutch judicial System and has received  a ribbon from the Dutch Queen for service to the state. The head of all the judges and prosecution services connected directly to the Queen of The Netherlands…! Demmink’s speciality was child cases. Think about it, how better to cover up and deflect the reality of this horror but in Amsterdam, (Mecca of Child trafficking) by having a paedophile in charge.

You See DEMMINK is the highest level ever profile to have been caught ‘Jimmy Saville style’ Murder Torture and rape of Children in Dutch History in Holland and Turkey and Belgium and still is free on the streets and well covered up by the Dutch Media, Government and Royal Family . Sounds Familiar??

Does this cover up look Familiar too?

Builderberg attendee Prince Willem-alexander has been well groomed to take over with his adoring wife Maxima From Argentina ( OH YEAH?):


Here is a quote from Micha Kat (RIP) and Juriaan Mausseun: 

Willem-Alexander of Oranje-Nassau, (seen here meeting Barry Soetoro) is the future King of the Netherlands and Bilderberg Member knows the Globalist Agenda very well. He was introduced to the Bilderberg meetings by his mother, Queen Beatrix who has been grooming him for a future role, controlling European interests as the global plan of eugenics, world domination, tyranny and corruption continues. Bilderberg 2011 has just wrapped up, earlier than planned and the markets are going haywire. The Dutch Queen looked like she had seen a ghost as she rushed out to her limousine. Perhaps the truth has caught up with the Bilderberg Queen and her Nazi comrade relations.The Dutch Royals have quite a dark history, of which they struggle to keep out of the public eye, but with direct connections to criminal gangs, Nazis, Goldman Sachs, drug trafficking operations, satanic rituals involving child-abuse and child executions, illegal wars and of course hands on the strings of the inner circle of European Union politicians, it’s a constant challenge to keep their pedophile affairs out of the press. We expose the truth about this royal family and their corrupt connections and tyrannical organization, the fascist goal of the European Union and the Nazi post-war growth and fraudulent prosperity within these royal houses of occult activities. Human rights abuse, ethnic cleansing, pedophilia, collusion, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, people trafficking, fraud and deception is only the start of their Bilderberg portfolio of tyranny. Europe’s Dirty Secret: Financial Elite Looting Public Treasuries

But you do not have to look far to see That “Out with the old and in with the new ” Also means Controversy with the Lady of the house too : She is an Argentine Bankster of the highest order, whose father was in control of the military junta killed 30,000 and all accomplices have since been detained, except for his Royal pardon here :


Looking at it in reality: Máxima Zorreguieta was fostered by a ‘maximum’ war criminal father, who at that time was an influential minister in the genocidal Videla junta. Under the auspices of this dictatorial pro-US regime, they murdered at least 30.000 human beings. Máxima knew in those horrible years – and knows now – about all the atrocities and war crimes. But, like 99% of the spineless propaganda media, she keeps silent as much as she can.

The creatures that have done and do this, are all like the murderous multinationals and their media-minions : they have no shame and lack all human decency. Zorreguieta’s boss Videla and others were arrested for this. Zorreguieta himself not yet, but his parliamentarian immunity was lifted in 2006, and juridically he can be prosecuted.

That Zorreguieta is not in jail yet, wonders many. Already in December 2001, Jorge Zorreguieta acknowledged the disappearances during the Videla regime in Argentina. That could be concluded from a book of Latin America-correspondent Jan Thielen: ‘Zorreguieta. A biographical Sketch’. The Dutch info and propaganda-paper NRC-Handelsblad, published some extracts of the book.

Thielen had spoken with Jorge Zorreguieta regularly over the past 1,5 years. In the book itself, Jorge Zorreguieta is quoted as saying concerning the killings, rapes, kidnappings and other atrocities:

“I am not crazy. If I now would admit I knew about it, I would make myself an accomplice.”

The book further tells that the Prince of Orange, Willem Alexander, understands the past of his future father-in-law.* Well, it’s inhuman but in this case understandable: he is just too stupid to be true.

So basically If we are STUPID enough, ‘we can forget and forgive the old’ so lets move on heh, lets  expect that ‘the new coming in’ is going to improve each and every one of us and everyone one lived happily ever after.

Ok Folks Wake up !! “Out with the Old and In with much worse ” Means More murder, Corruption, Pedophilia, Child Genocide and Totalitarianism on The global Fossil Fuels with Royal Dutch Shell full control and depopulation weapons in space. 


That is about as much research that is needed on this tyrranical satanic lowest of the lowlife  bunch or genocidal maniacs we need to know.

No more negative energy needed to find out that ‘worse is to come and more of the same shite is on offer to Joe Public’ and we must not let this happen on the 30th April or we will be the biggest fools on the block, tantamount to the Plonkers who we allow to resume “Business as normal”.

“Out with the old and in with much more historical shisters”

Credits: http://unitednationsoffilm.com/?p=2022




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