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PLEASE Before reading on, Save this Blog site and ensure you visit every day from now on It is the best INTEL From all The Power Houses MI5/6,CIA, KGB, DVD Dachau ( Nazi’s) Mossad and All the truthful facts Since Chris Story left us, this joins all the dots on How a Child murder in The World of a shooting is done to steer the TV away from Massive new Troop Movements or land Grabs. Clearly after being here for a few days, You will see how Every WAR is started for Opposite reasons than we think. Accidents do Happen But All of these so called accidents were preplanned, They stick to the facts Here! You can contribute But my advice is make sure you have double checked your facts first ,Pick a blog at the right hand side and go into to see it grow with a wealth of Intel and real Police responses etc, Then Send Tap an email at the top of his blog, ENJOY the REAL TRUTH.

Namaste Dave.

Now here is the News from the Past 100 years: Over to you TAP:

Ten Thought-Provoking Facts….

Prepare for your head to be spinning, and your mind to be swimming –

1912. The Titanic Was swapped With Sister Ship ‘The Olympic’ And Was Sunk Deliberately. All the key opponents of the Federal Reserve were on board as invited guests of J.P.Morgan, and perished. The Carpathia?Californian was placed ahead to act as rescue ship, but was given a wrong position for the ‘Titanic’ by radio before the ship was crashed sideways into an iceberg, which was visible for miles.

Winston Churchill Was Queen Victoria’s Grandson, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s Great Grandson.

Hitler Was Trained By The British At The Tavistock Institute In 1912.

Stalin Was The Illegitimate Son Of A French Rothschild, Edmond James, And was also trained By The British In 1907 at Tavistock.

Operation Market Garden 1944 Was Betrayed To Prolong WW2. British tanks were ordered to halt after Nijmegen Bridge was taken by the Americans.

General George C Patton Was Halted At The Rhine in 1944 To Prolong WW2. He earlier believed he had been prevented from clossing the Falaise Gap by Eisenhower allowing 250,000 Germans to escape capture.

General Guderian’s Tanks Were halted in sight Of Dunkirk in 1940, to keep WW2 Going.

Churchill knew Hitler wanted peace With Britain, but ensured WW2 continued.

In 1941 Crete fell to an attack by German paratroopers. They were decimated as they landed. The British and Commonwealth soldiers were ordered to vacate the island. Many soldiers felt they had won the battle and couldn’t understand the order to retreat, but an allied victory so early on didn’t fit with the overall plan of the ‘higher echelons’ for the war. Hitler was allowed to celebrate yet another ‘victory’.

The Japanese Were ‘Informed’ by the British that no fight would be made for her Far Eastern colonies in 1940 including Hong Kong and Singapore. See ‘The Automedon’.

The Bush family funded and armed Hitler in the 1930s.

The Standard Bank funded the militarization Of Japan, owned by the Levita family. David Cameron is Jewish, a Levita on his mother’s side. His leadership campaign was funded by the armaments industry. He supports all the wars, and has committed Britain to fight everywhere.

Wall St funded the creation of The Soviet Union, supplied its needs throughout its existence.

Winston Churchill said there was a ‘higher cabal’ that was running the war – above national level.

At the end of the war, 1.5 million German soldiers were starved to death in American captivity at the order of General Eisenhower.

Hitler was got out of Berlin with the cooperation of the British. He and Martin Borman lived in South America for another seventeen years. It is said by the Russians that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. (See recommended books on The Tap Blog)

Wall St funded the Vietcong throughout the Vietnamese War.

The 1973 Oil Crisis was orchestrated not by the Arabs but by Wall St. The Arabs were told to raise the oil price five times, as long as they invested all the money into US Treasuries.

This was then used to fund the expansion of Third World debt, and the corruption of Third World countries, creating today’s HIPCs – highly indebted poor countries. The Arabs lost all their money in the Third World ‘debt crisis’. The resources of the Third World were taken as collateral for the debts.

Mrs Thatcher agreed that the US President could order Britain’s Armed Forces to war as part of the Trident Nuclear Submarine deal.

David Cameron attends meetings of Common Purpose in secret, as does Nick Clegg. Their mission is to destroy their parties, leaving British politics rudderless, and in the hands of Communists who will remove all property rights, and remove children from their families for political indoctrination.

Religious symbols like the crucifix will not be permitted under the United Nations’ Agenda 21, and all religions will be merged into one.

NATO countries are all being chemtrailed with waste products from the nuclear industry – including aluminum, barium, uranium and strontium, as part of the world depopulation program.

The western United States is being targeted with nuclear fall-out from Fukushima as is Japan.

Weather is controlled across many continents by the use of HAARP, creating droughts and floods. These are coordinated with the chemtrailing program to provide ideal conditions for poisoning as many people as possible.

The UN Codex Alimentarius ensures that all the nutrition is progressively removed from foods.

Medicines, GM foods and vaccines are all being used to make more people sterile, and reduce their IQ levels. Key medicines in these programs are anti-depressants. Fluoride is a component of addictive anti-depressant ‘medicines’. Fluoride is also added to many water supplies, to table salt and toothpastes. It accumulates over life and causes bone wastage, reduced IQ, reduced energy and sterilizes people.

To research any of these topics, search The Tap Blog. Or work from Google.

If you have any other interesting stories to tell, contact me at the email in the blog profile.

Oh yes, in case you didn’t know. President Kennedy was assassinated by Mossad/CIA, Jackie firing the fatal shot911 was an inside job, as was 7/7 the London Bombing. The War On Terror is a fabrication. Osama Bin laden was a friend of George Bush. He died in 2001. Reagan was shot by a friend of the Bush family, not acting alone (count the bangs!).

Many top politicians have been implicated in paedophile sex, torture and killing scandals, as have members of the British and other royal families. The gunman at the Dunblane Massacre, Thomas Hamilton, was alleged to be providing children to senior Labour Party politicians, and was a personal friend of Robinson who later became the Chairman of NATO. Blair rushed through a D Notice in 2003 to prevent any reporting of the details, which he admitted threatened the survival of his government.



5 comments on “Chris Story Lives on : The Tap Blog : At Last : We Found It : More of the Highest Intel On : Government Crimes : False Flags : Pedophilia : Royalty : Rigged Sports : and Rigged Druggings and Killings:

  1. This was quite informative, though not altogether surprising. Worth to know in any case.
    The Jackie one I must confess took me by surprise, knocked me for a six. Hell, how low can people go, Killing your own hubby. She most probably had a thing going on with Onassis and was looking for a way out. I mean that dude had much ,much more boodle than what poor Kennedy could ever have. The alternative is that she knew about Hubby and Marlin Monroe, so she thought, well she will show him, stuffing around with another floozy. Cant blame Him though, If you compare the two, it is like chalk and cheese. For the live of me I can’t work out what Onassis saw in her, I think there is a stink story here also to uncover. Well I suppose we will never know. But again, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so who am I to shoot of my big mouth. We don’t know how good or bad things got in private behind close doors in the bedroom, follow my drift. lol

    • Haha good ending , But yes som good points there ,,The Footballer gary Speed shocked me As he played for my football Team Everton ,,The shocking thing unciveres here is his pedophile abuse he suffered as a child and also match fixing in top flight sports ,,got him killed as he was about to release a book ,,It also Sounds that The Cabal got her to kill him too like for liek kennedy, How truly apaulling is that? But I think this and many othr sites wil bring doen the british Gov and the Royal Families and the Vatican I really hope so Namaste Dave

      • Dave, I personally had my reservations about OPPT, but listened to an Aussie blokes radio broadcast with some dudes and dames as guests, that is knowledgeable about the OPPT story. D:- was all so on. Now there they explained the thing much better, even I could follow what was going on.
        The point of all this is, I think they have already brought down the whole house off cards to tell you the truth. All that is required is for those wankers to come clean and admit that the curtain is down, the show is over for them. A glorious event to look forward to.
        I actually did an “Afrikaans” rendering on my blog to inform my own people about OPPT. Most probably going to get a hell of a lot of flack as I know them.
        It is surely a very interesting time we live in, wouldn’t miss it for the world as they say in the Chinese classics.
        With more than one disclosure, (OPPT, our star family) coming, man, what a lot of sports and fun we are going to have, I already sort of feel it in my bones.

        Namaste, Johan.

      • Johan best thing to do is to go into their facebook site at free at last ,and you can talk to them all which is very comforting ,,i Think the link is on my older posting as the cabal have just opened 15 to 20 free at last facbook sites to try to smother the real one ,Put TOPPT in my search on my site for the link to join see if the link is there or try this
        I think your right to b sceptical as always at first but I am living proof this is the real deal. Keep up your research Namaste Dave

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