The White Hats Society : AT LAST :Some of the best Disclosure: Part 1 of 4 : We will Release One per day : For the rest of this week : Make sure you follow the progress :

Dislosure : It is happening : Take a look at this and take your time to read it more than once:

The following was sent to me by my dear friend, Mark Huber, who has been my greatest source of information on the coming age. Written by a mutual friend, this series of articles, broken down into parts, shares exciting news, as unveils some of the White Knights who will be stepping forward with specific information. Coming 30 hours worth of Movie quality informationdisclosing the truth here on our planet…Please read and understand that what you are seeing here is truly the beginning of what we have been waiting for…THANK GOD!! –Debbie


Greetings Everybody,

I want to begin with a story. Back in September 2010 a friend had tried to call KOS on his encrypted phone. An Assistant took the call and said that KOS was unavailable at the moment and two MPs were guarding the oval office door. I thought that was curious so I went into meditation then. I asked why this would be the case. Ashtar heard me then and invited me in to the Oval Office so I could see. He was sitting there, hovering in his command chair, sitting across from the desk and having a meeting with President Obama about he details of Disclosure. I was to go back and tell everyone what I had seen. I did. Next day a call was placed to KOS who confirmed the meeting took place. Nothing more was ever said. This was the moment when my affiliation on the radio ended with my other partners. There were too many cooks in the kitchen and it was time I did my work alone. I wanted to share that I know these things are true because I have seen them.

I talked to Mark Huber recently for the first time in three years and it helped me understand all that had evolved until now. He is doing well and living in his old place. Years ago the first place I ever posted a channel was on a Yahoo Group owned by Steve Beckow. I posted there with Mark. Steve cancelled the Group with no notice in August of 2009. Mark and I then established and there was more growth.  There are factions out there who did not appreciate us sharing the information we had. Many have criticized me along the way and it has not been easy dealing with continued threats today. The White Knights still live with the threat they could be killed and that is the reason I am writing. I would like to have your help with this. A lot of misinformation and disinformation is put out there attempting to keep everyone away from Announcements and Disclosure. When these two things happen all the criminals will be indicted, lose their jobs and their wealth and sends them to court for sentencing. They are trying to avoid this. We could have long discussions about who did what and what is true in the news, but that is just our ego mind panicking because it feels more calm with some kind of a rational explanation. Going over the news and scouring websites is a sure way to spend all our time with ego.

We have had much discussion about a government in the United States working with a suspended Constitution and as a foreign corporation. This is what lead up to the World Funds by St. Germain and the need to write a law regarding the cure called NESARA. We have long anticipated these things and prepared ourselves for New Earth with a Spiritual Government. These are exciting times. St. Germain is one of the Holy Kumaras and this change goes hand in hand with Full Galactic Disclosure. In an attempt for self-preservation most of Congress with most of the Pentagon and our Chief Justices and Intelligence Community have stolen your Birth Right which is Knowledge. This is how they control us and our lives literally look as if we are their slaves. Without the knowledge we are unable to exercise choices with our own free will. We have no Free Will. Or do we? We do! We can Unify together and become smart with the knowledge hidden from us regarding shadow government and the Secret Space Program. This is a spiritual exercise which leads to the next step.

I would like to introduce you to many of the researchers and witnesses who have first hand knowledge that our government and other governments have engaged with extraterrestrials and they are hiding the knowledge from us.

A wonderful thing has happened. After 16 or more years of work the Executive Director at Paradigm Research Group. Stephen Bassett, received funding to go ahead with a project of having a Citizensʻ Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. There will be 30 hours of testimony from White Knights with the Governmentsʻ Knowledge of and contact with extraterrestrials. It will be filmed and made into a major motion picture. The Ones I will introduce to you come form a pool of White Knights who are like the Ones who will testify to end the Truth Embargo for all of us. Some of these have been holding on to their testimony since before I was born. Many were threatened with their own lives and the lives of their entire families and so they kept quiet until now. Now they will all be together for five days of testimony that will be documented for us all to see. The movie will be released nationwide and beyond.

Try to understand what this means for your own life and how you will be effected. Spiritual Government and Disclosure go hand and hand and they are not separate.

We cannot have one without the other. Hear that!

It is time we joined together our message and share it far and wide. It is time we took action in our hands, like signing the White House Petition to show the fake media that this issue is just as important to us as NESARA. Also, we should be blogging this list of heros to remind ourselves of the battles they have fought out of our sight protecting our free will choices for our future. The time to act is now. I will be doing my part by posting my entire book, StarGate Earth (2011) online so everyone can have more knowledge about the issues of Exopolitics and our friends at the Galactic Federation who include Sananda, Ashtar and St. Germain. Keep in your prayers these Ones at the Pentagon and NASA and the researchers who brought forward secret documents as well as those who have campaigned for change and the Ones who brought forward the funding to make it all happen. Hold them in your thoughts. Beam love to them. Envision their success. We could have Disclosure tomorrow. It is not dependent upon this project by any means. That does not diminish the importance of spreading the knowledge because when we do this we free our hearts and our souls to be ready for the changes. This is just another exercise along the way preparing us for healing that which had been taken from us. It is like paying our respects to what has died. We must go through the process. This is important. Please help me now. Share the knowledge widely. Doing this silences all the disinformation out there. You cannot be fooled. You know by knowing.

I will follow this with a new message from St. Germain. I will continue to bring frequent messages and all I ask in return is that you continue to be supportive to Earth changes by explaining to others why all of these issues are so important. Thank you for this. Namaste!

Please see more information on my website dedicated to Full Galactic Disclosure and Secret Space Program


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  1. Thank you! This has inspired me to take action even more action. If the governments of the world will not disclose, WE THE PEOPLE will!

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