It’s All About Gold : Now Germany Reacts to Public and MSM pressure and asks for Gold to be Returned : Also No Gold at Fort Knox: And China receives fake Gold from the West: The New War in Mali : GOLD ” THERE IS A NEW WAR IN MALI FOR GOLD “: TO PAY BACK GERMANY : ROB PETE TO PAY PAUL

The Keiser report: Germany Want their Gold back :

There is more to this than meets the eye:

This could blow the whole thing wide open As Max Kieser and Stacey Herbert says.

Also To know where the gold is stashed in the World can be useful here:

 The Queens Gold and US Treasury definately Turned Gold bars into fake gold plated Gold Tungsten Bars here:

It even forced Queen Buzzy Lizzie to go and take a peek at her fake Gold bars juts 3 weeks ago here:

China were the first to Receive 6 shipments of these fake bars and That gold from Fort Knox was used to create these bars in 2009:

And Has the Gold Gone from Fort Knox ? here :

Basel III and Gold backed Currency not recognized by US Treasury ( Maybe because it is the Europeans that own ( steal) US gold?) here:

How does it all link to Gold at Fort Knox? Well it does The Gold They used from Fort Knox maybe the gold they used to make The Fake Gold Covered Tungsten Bars here:

And there is mounting evidence that The Gold is not at Fort Knox : 

So is there any suspicious circumstances? Yes there is Secretary to Nelson Rockerfeller Reported There was NO GOLD at Fort Knox:

She died 3 days later From a Violent  incident and suspicious circumstances: Here is a Transcript from David Icke Blog :

One of the first written accounts questioning the amount of gold really stored in Fort Knox appeared in 1974 in a tabloid, the National Tattler. Anunnamed informant claimed that there was no gold left in Fort Knox. The sensational nature of the story, and of the newspaper, didn’t contribute to the credibility of the account but it was later revealed that the informant, Louise Auchincloss Boyer, secretary to Nelson Rockefeller, had fallen out of the window of her New York apartment and died three days after the publication in the Tattler. The tragic incident resulted in controversies over the possibility that the U.S. Bullion Depository may have misstated the actual amount of gold held in Fort Knox.” You don’t need a tin-foil hat to see the conspiracy theory in that story. A secretary to Nelson Rockefeller reports that there’s no gold in Ft. Knox, and three days later she dies under violent and mysterious circumstances. Assuming these two events (the report and the death) are linked rather than coincidental, they imply that the secretary was murdered for telling the truth—the gold was already gone from in Ft. Knox all the way back in the early 1970s.

So as per usual , do your own research But hey Look for something Iffy : That normaly is the way to the route of the issue : The Cabal are so predictable and they are SO blatently Stupid , 9/11 and the Sandy Hook School False flags Written in Maps in Batman Movie are testimony to that.

For me when investigating any thing Looking for the suspicious cabal fingerprint buries anything, To think that killing some one silences them is complete arrogance , Just like the UFO Saga “Just because some thing has Been Covered Up , It does not mean You cannot get to the truth”.

So we ask the question Is there any more baloney going on in the world ??? and there is Mali.

French Uk and US goes storming into Mali this week Why ??? They are Gold producers , they fabricate a story and then go and raid there gold.

here :

And More here with The Money Masters :




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