All you need To Know About the Royal Family and Governments: How bad they really are : and How big they are now being exposed at Last : Pure Evil

There so too much evidence here emanating about our sick society That I cannot even shake a stick at all , the articles on top Government officials and Royal Families running sick societies, all the people who have been arrested over the years who are in positions of authority, and the crimes of all the royal families in the world, So I will go through this laboriously and post just all the links from just today.

Please Copy and Paste The links to new tabs, there are so many, It is a little embarrassing for them:

The BBC Building itself was Architecturally Designed by A self Confessed Pedophile: See here: PLEASE : PRE WARNING OF FOUL LANGUAGE HERE: But Chris Spivvy Is an Illuminati abused child defector himself, So He does not mince his words.

In this article he names all the Government agencies and Direct Houses of Parliament Pedos still walking the halls of shame today.

David Icke Who reported All this 24 years ago Reports daily on this, But Today David Icke reported That Main stream Journalists covered a Front page special That Jimmy SoVile was part of a Satanic Ring, Here In the Daily Express :

And again Today The Royal Family Interference with the Goverment and Veto’s Etc On Main Stream news at last:

Via Steve Cook found this in The Gardian news paper today:

Back to Chris Spivey again and he lists The Royal Family Crimes and connections to Peado Ring here :

He also goes back in History to state that our Society Is Bent and designed around supplying the Satanists and Royal Families with Kids Even from Portugal,

Jersey, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Birkenhead, Wales. Gwynedd, Clwyd, Scotland, Ireland, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester ,,You name it they are all there and active today and in positions of Power.

Indianinthemachine covers the Queen’s Trip with Pervy Phil to Canada When the Queen ran off with 10 kids in 1964 and Show the Papers Served on the Queen and The Pope here With Kevin Annett :

These 10 Children where never seen ever again and they have now signed a document asking for their bodies to be exhumed and returned from  the Queen herself.

And then there was the Pope saying Xmas day was not Jesus birthday but then said Pedophilia is quite normal in society.

It is Clear That Zionist Rothschild Linked Cameron and with the BBC and the Royal Family is On the most massive Cover ups and massive Timeline list of events,

Here is another article in which links the Rothschild’s to Pedo’s and Cameron and the BBC.

We are used to it here on Lightworkersxm, we have been reporting all the crimes committed by the Royal Family’s of UK and Holland for years, The jack the Ripper story in 1898 which was a Royal Scam about an inbred Royal who was mentally deranged who had four prostitutes bribe him after sex because they found him to be a Royal, And Winston Churchill’s ( a freemason ) father ( another Freemason) did the digging out of hearts Surgically it turns out to be , a Masonic Ritual and the tossing of the heart over the left shoulder. Then we find Peter Sutcliffe in the 80,s Ripper saga was  Jimmy Savile’s  mate, who was Prince Charles mate, who was The Popes mate who was mates with the Isreali Government who got knighted for and By not only our Queen but the Vatican too. The greatest pedophile that lived we are talking about here gets Knighted as a well known Provider of pedophilia. We also report on How Diane’s car was rigged to be ‘James Bond’ style Remotely Controlled, By direct written orders From Prince Philip, Even Diana wrote a note stating that her car was being Rigged for a terrible accident to kill her.

And as The Corbett report earlier last week on this site, Shows How to legally not Pay your TV license and  a Brilliant Show of Corrupt reporting by the BBC , It clearly shows House Hold owners Filming citations of Failure to Pay TV licenses is A complete scam and the people who had been conned into delivering these citations ( warrants) , ran away like children, when confronted with Cameras and the question “Show your Identity” here if you missed it : If You are British and reading this go to the Corbett Report now.

But there is more and being light workers we have to go deeper and deeper to get to the real truth  : Over the last 40 or so years, over 50 Labour Ministers have actually been jailed for Pedophilia crimes and these people were in charge of schools and welfare societies ,,Your society is Run by these insane Satanic reptilians,  Here : Right at the bottom of this long article is a time line of events.

This  is a comprehensive list of all Parliamentary Pedophiles Past and they are very active and currently in office :

Rolf Harris has now been brought in and Arrested, More damage to the BBC, Dave Lee Travis too and Freddie Star and Jim Davidson.

I mean it is in every parish Deep rooted in our Society to feed sicko’s as this article says :

This is just one day of research How many more will I find?

As Benjamin Fulford said to day “Do you realy want these people in charge of us?” and he TOO could not mention all of this with out mentioning Pedo’s from Both Sides of the Atlantic here :

In a new release on Divine Cosmos Even David Wilcock covers the story :

Just too much of it is in our society; Lets all just wake up and get shut of these Tyrannical thugs.

If you pay your TV license or Pay tax Or give money to Charities, You are Guilty of  funding  Wars and Pedophiles.

The CEO of the Red Cross in USA gets $485,800 a year and that is just how it is all done, Would you now give money to a supposed charity Whose CEO gets Half a Million a year? Really?.

If you do not believe this, then just go back in History , The Catholic Church held  Galileo in house custody,  from telling us that we are central to the sun and even more 100 years earlier in Capernicus held back in house arrest for the fact  that the Earth not helio Centric. Now move to modern day, Royal Rife cured cancer in 100% of his cases and was punished and Nikola Tesla could Power the whole earth of electricity and even Mars for free was robbed of all of his patents and had his Laboritory Rensacked by J P Morgan.

The people who made these decisions are still in power and embodiment of this Sick society today,

This is not who we want running our lives.

You are funding the depopulation Program ‘Agenda 21’ and all it’s Charities Money go into that same Agenda.

Research this yourself Don’t listen to me , Just like the Red Cross and WWF Follow the money it goes back to the Royal Charter who funds the BBC and is a state controlled body that is run by the Rothschild’s at the Corporation of London.

Time for Change Britain and the World, The One Peoples Public Trust ( TOPPT) have the answer here :


They have now Foreclosed on The Rothschild’s so called ‘Corporation of London’ Scam, IMF, BIS and Federal Reserve and handed the money back to the peoples people, that is You incidentally.

This now needs to be served on all Corrupt Corporations of the world.

Kevin Annett has the right Idea , Make your Own People’s Courts up Under the guise of The Common Law as even the Judges of the Bar Association have been corrupted By Satanic Masonic Reptilian Pedophiles.

Whether you like it or not , the truth is a far greater reality than the lies , You are run by a bunch of Mercenaries &  Thugs in suites, top hats and tails, and Masonic satanic dress. Anyone with memorabilia, medallions or regalia on them, is a state robbing thug , especially those who are Knighted by these state thugs.

The Common Law states ‘Do unto others as you wish Done unto yourself ‘ ,and People and Their possessions  are key , That is the only crime today , against You or Your Possessions, and THAT MEANS YOUR  KIDS.

This organization TOPPT states clearly that any one of you with mortgages or Loans, No money actually left office, it is all a con, your were given money on paper and no actual transaction of giving you the money, ever can be proven, That is why the queen cannot ask for her TV license fee, It is illegal to do so.

What are you waiting for, go claim it all back, it is yours to claim , These pedophiles need stopping.

They are in charge and you do not need them?

Remember, We said before, any one paying tax or paying The TV licenses or Paying into Royal Societies or Charities is supporting War and Pedophilia. Cancel your tax and refuse to pay back your loans, immediately and use TOPPT documents to prove it.

They never gave the money in the first instance and they cannot prove the lawful fact that they did.

ask them to show you where the money came from and they cannot show you, the proof of the act of giving you the money.




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